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June 28, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Here is an unfamiliar, but unveiling view, (if you care to use it):
you feel that you live in your body, but that your mind lives in you —
both cannot be correct, but they damn sure seem to be —
(except when the proper person takes a closer look).

What confuses is that while man is the only creature who has a view —
his view is skewed — regarding his mind,
for of it, he has no outside perspective;
mind is like a man living in a castle who can examine all of its interior,
and even look out an upper window and see its exterior,
but when it comes to seeing itself, mind is like the window itself –
a hole in a castle wall — something not there;
a thing which, in comparison to the rest of the structure, is a non thing.
Mind is unlike any other thing in the universe,
all of which are distinguished by the fact that they exist;
mind is distinguished by the fact that, comparably speaking — it does not exist.

All of the various tricks touted throughout the ages as methods to expand,
intensify and epiphanized the mind are in truth nothing other than
unrealized attempts to just make it seem as though it does exist.

The sensation described in the opening of this story is one with which
all normal men live, yet none notice sufficiently to thereupon wonder:
even if it is plainly pointed out that a person’s consciousness gives the
on going impression that the person is living inside of their body,
but that their mind (the thing reading & reflecting on these very words) lives inside of them;
a standard consciousness will disinterestedly shrug —
but for a man with the exotic desire to go around shrugs,
and avoid the place where guesses pass for knowing,
this should be of extreme interest — once you recognize its validity & ramifications.

The arrangement, being natural to man, is almost as difficult to realize as is
the flowing of blood through your veins, and volts through your brain.
Mind is given a most useful view of the body in which it operates,
which accounts entirely for man’s increasing life span and success over illnesses,
but mind comes with no natural perspective of itself;
for as long as he has kept notes man has been struggling for such,
via philosophy, myth-&-religion, and now cognitive neurology,
and for just as long has he failed to notice his lack of any success.
Mind’s operation however is arranged so that this detail does not interfere with
its continual attempts, (any more than men being unable to change what they are
is not permitted to stop them from believing that they can and from talking about so trying), in fact,
quite sane, normal men — men indeed of some repute – refute this failure,
and say with scientific certainty (which is accepted as such by sane, normal audiences)
that they do have a solid, even if incipient view of — what mind is —
but no ordinary mind, regardless of education, experimentation,
or recognized expertise ever sees the hole in the castle wall;
the ordinary mind is incapable of realizing that it is the hole;
there is simply nothing there to tell it that it is;
an empty space has no way of identifying itself:
in attempting to investigate-itself,
something that does not, in a quite real sense — exist — has nothing to go on.

This is the heart of the difficulty — no it is not — it is the difficulty,
but notice (another hint) it only makes any sense at all to phrase it as
this sentence opened;
mind cannot see that it is the problem, challenge, difficulty,
it can only think in terms of there being some problem in it — about it.
Ordinary, otherwise intelligent minds never are able to realize what is
herein being pointed to (as best an empty space floating in space can be),
and no argument exists between this reality of the mind — and normal minds;
they are as they are –
and they will stay as they are –
and that is that.
Such minds, sincerely (whatever you think that means) believe that they can and do
study themselves and have to some degree, a reliable view of themselves —
but this is something far beyond what humans mean by the word — illusion –
what is going on is completely beyond any word or description,
for when you attempt to give such, the words trigger pictures in the hearer’s mind
that causes them to mistake the images their mind is conjuring up
for there being something actually there on the castle wall, whereas
it is just a hole — an empty space.

Every time your ordinary mind thinks about itself, it (to itself) — invents itself,
and is thus able to brush aside the reality of its non existence.
This is how imaginary friends and playmates exist;
all the way from god, to santa claus, to the you, this instant thinking about this.


* At the nitty gritty grunt level, you have to actively participate in choosing yourself.