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June 24, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Mind lives in special time — wherein anything seems possible,
and little is of ultimate consequence.
If men meant and acted on even a small per cent of what they think and say –
we would be in a world of trouble, but mind is a momentary story teller;
an ad hoc outlet for ephemeral dreams and passing nightmares.
Everyone tacitly knows that most of what people say is just meaningless noise,
only to be taken pretend-seriously at the instant it is spoken —
if such be the speaker’s desire, or in the alternative —
if it pleases the listener (even by infuriating him) to take it so.
No other part of man’s anatomy so moves;
stomach does not think of food before actual hunger –
nor threaten future drinking when agua sated — only mind does thus.
Every section of the body, save the consciousness of the brain,
simply lives while it lives — and lives not in time, indeed,
the life of the body = man’s sense of time.
Mind is what looks at things in the material world outside of itself
and imagines that if the body began today to rearrange them in a certain way,
the result, at some future time, will be beneficial to his survival or comfort;
mind also, and most of the time, looks at the non tangible world
floating around in itself (which is not really a cohesive world,
but a moment to moment fractured, and commonly unrelated pronouncing of specific geographical limbic spots [Cincinnati, my childhood church, my cold front,
the place where I am about to have a volcanic eruption]), about which it also pictures —
just for that instant while it is thinking about it — changes.
It imagines the changes only as it proclaims them,
and the next second they are as forgotten as is whatever the subject was.

Survival lasts forever; entertainment is momentary.

When thirst is present — it is significant;
when dreams of fame are — they never are.
When hungry — stomach growls;
when doing nothing of consequence and hungry for stimuli, mind swears, whines,
and threatens, and never about the instant moment, but rather one past,
or one surmised coming up.
Mind is outside this special time only under two conditions:
when it is working on a specific task that physically exists outside itself — or,
if it turns its attention on itself — not on the ever shifting words & pictures that
flow through it — but on it —
a distinction which few minds can make,
but one critical to ever realizing what is going on.
From an out of town view, mind can be serious and significant —
but also, frivolous and inane;
the former, when it counts — the latter, the rest of the time — most of the time.
Few of you must consciously and willfully apply your thinking to specific problems
in the environment necessary for your survival (you simply show up for work,
and do what you have been trained to do) –
the rest of your life (most of your life) your mind spends playing with itself,
which quickly becomes boring and extrinsic stimuli is sought and found –
the mental eroticism of politics, movies, literature, religion, philosophy, art,
and other people’s lives and words;
just as the heart must have blood to pump, mind must have thoughts to think,
and what it normally thinks about is what other people have already thought about
(the real, but never recognized: perpetual motion machine).
Simply and accurately stated: mind is either involved in something that is
deadly serious, or in something that is totally silly, and has no native interest in marking any meaningful distinction between de two.
The only thing serious to the body is survival (and the subordinates of comfort & physical pleasure),

and the only thing serious to the mind when it is not assisting the body in the above is – — nothing —
and in ordinary men it lacks recognitory ability thereof.

What mind does for the most, most part is non serious and non permanent,
in fact man has leaders to be responsible therefore;
they expect their political and religious chiefs to be in charge of having serious
thoughts on matters of concern to them and of being able to stick with them beyond the mere moment, and able to prosecute them over a long range of time.
Men demand that their leaders be consistent — at least in their words,
which gives to the situation the aura of stability (the attraction of royal lineage,
and permanent bureaucracies, both secular and clerical).
With others in charge of seriously thinking about certain matters over an extended period time, men’s minds are free to do what they are inclined to do — goof off,
but life’s present arrangement with man’s brain is that he should not think of his goofing off as mere, goofing off, but rather as always involving thoughts that
could be of actual importance, and no one can know that they may not some day be, but the few can recognize that they are not now, that is:
while their being taken as significant by the many is obviously an integral segment of man’s standard existence, they are from one view, Daffy Duck in a Dante costume.

If men tried to follow up on the promises they publicly make and privately think –

— they would go mad,
and if they acted on their threats and denunciations —
they would swim in blood.
The saving grace is that few of the things that pass through a man’s mind,
or roll from his tongue have  said; any significance whatsoever –
they come and go too quickly to even be truly tasted (considered extremely dangerous,
and grotesque by the majority are those who do seem locked into
something they have said, some fear or anger, and are deemed obsessively paranoid,
or criminally deranged; normal men do not suffer from any idée fixe,
indeed to be sane and safe is to be, in your inner life – flighty and inconsistent
[mind created gods to take care of omnipresence since
99% of its thoughts are never there when the rest of them are]).
The few people born with an outside interest of figuring out what is actually
going on with human life that is obviously not ordinarily realized,
and which would account for its several highly curious features of which
everyone else seems oblivious,
need to develop the ability and habit of forcing the thoughts automatically passing through their mind to linger a second longer than is their natural wont —
— so as to get a better look — not at the thought itself (which by age 30 they should know is moot)

but at the thing having the thought.
You make the thought stay longer than normal to facilitate a scrutiny of its medium — like in chewing your food slower, not to study the food, but the process of swallowing.
If mind has sad thoughts — body is ill;
angry thoughts — body is hungry or tired;
thoughts mean nothing — thoughts mean everything — to ordinary minds.
If mind lives in a dream — thoughts put it there;
if mind can awaken from the dream — thoughts are what will do it;
did not mind have thoughts, no man would ever imagine himself in a dream,
and without thoughts,
no one would have ever conceived of awakening from a dream.
If not concerned with planting, shelter or sickness —
— thoughts are meaningless frivolities,
words, trifling pieces of board game to hold at bay the boredom that befalls the mind when it has nothing worthwhile to do.
Life presently has man housed internally where even mind’s flummery is taken seriously, and the instantly ignored, transient thoughts which pass through it
given, if later discussed, a patina of permanency (an ordinary man’s sense of having
somewhere inside of him a personal “I” or self is tied directly thereto),
and only one engaged in his own off-the-books, private inquiry into the case of:
Having Thoughts, has any need, or ability to ever see this situation as it is.
For him, it is not only that almost everything that everyone else ever says
is meaningless, but also the exact same situation regarding most every thought
life gives his mind to say to him.
What men normally hear in their mind — no matter the words –
is the sound of illness, indigestion, fear or boredom,
which are the bricks and mortar for man’s inner reality — his spiritual world –
his philosophical realm, his league of mental sports, puzzles and other miscellaneous diversions — including (for the few) the granddaddy of ‘em all –

developing the ability to recognize a football when it is tossed to you.