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June 14, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

There is stuff that courses through the body with the blood
that makes you do the things you do;
science has yet to spot it — psychology knows nothing about it,
but it is there, and its presence explains everything….(that is of course,
to those who want everything explained).

Forever have individual men been trying to figure out why they are like they are,
and have pictured possibilities ranging from: unseen, supernatural creatures
directing their actions, to political conditions, to unconscious memories,
to uncontrollable economic cycles — none offering conclusive satisfaction;
as common in the early stages of any search — they look in the wrong direction.
Men by nature feel that causes are always external to the effect,
and thus in this instance are instinctively wont to look for the motivating factor
in their behavior to the world outside themselves:
predictable — but unproductive.

Man has severally been distinguished by his cerebral cortex;
his ability for language; his opposable thumb, but none are it;
one thing alone makes man the species what he is: the stuff in his blood,
and natural variations in its chemical composition from person to person
(as biologically would be expected) accounts for the singular diversity among individuals.

At its most basic operative level, the stuff is responsible for what men call
their personality;
the particular combination of elements in this stuff in your blood dictates whether
for instance, you are aggressive, or shy (unknowingly has man reflected this fact in such figurative terms as referring to certain people as being, “hot, or cold blooded” [life apparently enjoys hearing men,
quite beyond their own knowledge, speak more precisely of a subject than they are ever aware of]),
but beyond a seeming finite variety of general, personality types,
is the matter of how the stuff in the blood affects more specifically what individuals do.

The stuff in some people’s blood is poor in a particular mineral which causes them to create and sustain an activity which they have labeled: religion,
and since the motivation for this behavior does not lie outside of them (in contradiction to the common story that it comes from a deity/force extrinsic to man who wants man to think about and pay homage to him)
nothing they can do in that realm will ever reveal what is really behind their actions,
and bring the results desired.

Some people’s blood stuff is deficient in certain elements which causes them to consume drugs/alcohol, and though they find momentary satisfaction in their consumption, again, since the cause is not outside of them (as opposed to the routine stories that people drink because their mother mistreated them, or that they do drugs because of the oppressiveness of life)
such activity will not produce the end it seeks.

In the blood of other people, the stuff’s composition is so that it causes them to
seek advice — directions from other humans who unknowingly are as controlled by their blood stuff as is the seeker;
advice is sought — advice is given: a figurative — swapping-of-blood-stuff –
but just because the blood stuff of someone else is different than yours
does not mean that the addition of theirs would be useful to you;
it may feel as invigorating as the day’s first drink to a drinker,
but is as short lived.

There are many other examples in this vein that could be noted:
all manner of physical activities from gardening to running;
artistic endeavors from painting to playing music,
and intellectual ones: chess to crossword puzzles,
each and all being the participant’s attempt to alter the composition of the stuff
in his blood that normally makes him do what he does (be a nerd, a rube, a dope),
but (not to beat a dead vial)
nothing a person can do will affect what he is wont to do
if what he does is not caused by anything ever done to him.
(Only humans will change newspapers to improve the state of the world, that is, their perception thereof
[again, life apparently having a bit of harmless sport at man’s expense]).

The most extreme and obscure effort to alter the stuff in the blood has no example that can be spoken of without its reality become in part an illusion;
it is a human’s direct, all-personal & private attempt to take in and comprehend
the entirety of what is going on with being a human,
and doing the things you are given to do.

From the commonly accepted scientific view, such is futile since
a thing itself cannot change what it is, be it man, magnolia or magnesium —
any alteration must come as the result of some cause outside of itself being applied to
its present state: the hewing of a magnolia; the heating of magnesium —
the doing of anything, man to himself, as has supra been shown has no lasting affect on the stuff in a person’s blood that makes them the thing they are trying to change —

— and yet: to say that it is impossible is not correct.

There is a fairy tale missing from common anthologies of a man who could
feel the stuff in his blood, an ability which (after a long series of various adventures)
resulted in him being able to alter the composition of the stuff in his blood;
the only hint of how he did it seems to be that he: Never took, No for an answer! —
— nor, Yes — nor anything else.
Maintaining the inherent make up of the determinative stuff in a man’s blood
appears to depend on the consistency of the activity in his frontal lobe,
which the story suggests is the ultimate transitional point in the brain wherein the composition of the stuff in the blood can be affected,
and the man’s willful attention thereto seems to have been the key to his success.

(‘Course it is just a yarn.)