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June 7, 2002

A father said to a son:
“I am going to tell you of some historic events
which were quickly turned into myths,
and soon following that — forgotten, (for reasons obvious),”
so down they settled.

“Before written accounts were kept, a group of early humans,
playin’ around with their new toy, consciousness-&-thought,
stumbled on a way to make the brain go into a weird gear,
which was not only extremely pleasant,
but also expanded the range of its perception.
Shortly, life showed up (God speaking to Adam legend, inter alia),
and told them to stop it.

Earth was first populated by creatures much smaller in stature than man,
and it was they who altered the planet’s original conditions to make it the
comfortably habitable place it is now.
To maintain their accomplishments they enslaved an entire other species — man, and for maximum efficiency has kept him unaware of his status.

A long ago galactic disturbance so changed the tilt of Earth’s axis in relationship to the sun that man’s sight of visible light was shifted,
and what had once been seen as red became blue,
and once everyone sees Milwaukee, then Milwaukee it is,
regardless of what it used to be.

After large numbers of humans had established the first city of civilization,
and men had become settled and secure,
a small band set off in search of fresh adventure;
they discovered such a place, but no one back home would believe them,
…..(the truth was that everyone in the city pretended not to….
[apparently Adam got the word around]).”

When the elder paused, the younger spoke:
“As always, I assume that all you are telling me
took/takes place inside of one man’s head, and that all of the
material occurrences are really features of consciousness?!” —
and the father continued.

“Back when all of existence was nothing but shuckin’ & jivin’ —
shittin’ & grinnin ’ — fuckin’ & funnin’
a world wide famine engulfed Earth, and no matter what men tried,
food would not grow;
they finally realized the remedy — they become serious about nourishment,
and all was well.
(This marked the downfall of tap dancers and the rise of educators & martinets.)

Originally the atmosphere here was a unity, but as humans developed different breathing patterns, it’s structure changed to meet their diverse needs, and each man came to believe, not without reason,
that what filled his lungs and sustained his life was the, Right air.

An early man whose obvious brilliance initially inspired them,
became to his contemporaries, a disappointment when it was clear that his interest was only in himself, and not in them,
and in retaliation they each and every entered into a revengeful conspiracy against him which they, with their own genius, executed by endlessly pretending to be such blockheads that it near drove the man to
mad distraction.”

As the father stood to leave, the son asked:
“Where do you get all of the information you tell me about?”
“I make it up.”
“But it seems so factual.”
“Weird, huh.”

Second Edition:
As the father stood to leave, the son asked:
“Where do you get all of the information you tell me about?”
“I make it up.”
“But it seems so factual.”
“Yeah, the mind can’t normally tell the difference.”

…….”Oh! — that’s the point of it all — now I get it. Oh.”