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May 31, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Just as it takes two to fight, fuck, and do the fandango, likewise are two required to be distracted and uncertain, (asleep & unenlightened);
one to offer the distraction and another to follow it; one to speak the confusing words, another to take heed of them. (While the idea that man could be divinely/demonically possessed was life’s first hint, the introduction of ventriloquism may be it’s most revealing statement regarding that unique feature of man: the one that provokes his distraction and uncertainty, and which also makes possible his awareness of being so; the source of man’s singular talents — as well as his one-of-a-kind frustration.)

From its earliest days, human history tells tales of men hearing voices: Sisyphus, Zeus’; Adam, God’s; Lao, The Tao’s; Muhammad, Gabriel’s, and Socrates, what he described only as, “a voice,” and in more recent times, the discovery/presentation/creation of the sub conscious mind whose non supernatural voice men subliminally hear, and in more everyday terms, all men believe that they think,
and that they have day dreams. All in all: an unrecognized continuing chronicle of two entities, indeed the very recording of man’s existence only became possible with the appearance of the voice, (and of course, someone there to hear it).

As short be we into today’s topic, a place is already reached where even neurologists and psychiatrists fear to tread — not fear actually: a place where neither they nor anyone else even notices.
Every human knows, (if asked), that there is constantly in their head,
what is most accurately described as a voice, and if queried further, ordinary men will say it is the sound of them thinking, and when not purposefully so engaged, they would say that the voice then drifts into day dreaming and fanciful speculations. Indeed the operational definition of being conscious is in being aware that you are conscious, which is to say that you are both having thoughts & aware that you are; that the voice is not only speaking, but you are hearing it;
anything less than such a state in your head is something less than
human consciousness.

All of this, any expert or intelligent man knows or would agree with,
but neither medical professional, priest, philosopher, (nor usually,
person with a private desire to get to the bottom of things), ever admits notice is a fact which, in any other circumstance would be a
jarring anomaly: two must be engaged in any non physical activity about which one of them makes record.

If a solitary man discovers a stream, he is aware of doing so, and can remember its location unaided, but a man alone cannot discover god, honor, pride and patriotism; someone must tell him of such matters, (among the many others that make up a civilized life), or some voice must — a voice within him. To be acceptable, the voice must be speaking directly and privately to his mind, for if a man says that he hears a voice(s) coming distinctly from — out there — some where outside of him, the majority will deem him insane.

As regards the outer reality, a solitary man can make record of his
physical existence, an autobiography, the direct observation of where he went; what mountains he climbed; which people he met,
but with man’s inner reality, there is no parallel; no such solo awareness of one’s own actions is possible; with no company, your mind can see your feet and hands ascend a peak, but your mind cannot see itself think, it must have someone besides itself to be aware of what it is doing. Ventriloquism may be either life’s biggest hint as to what is going on, or else its most perverse laugh at man’s expense, (though who does life have to be aware of its joke and join in the fun.)

Those few walking-anomalies, born with the off the books hunger to know what is really going on in this place men call, life, are the only ones on the planet with a need to notice and then investigate
what has supra been outlined roughly, for they, (once they get past the adolescent stage of thinking that anything physically outside of themselves is in any way interfering with their goal), are faced internally with what appears to be their actual obstacle: their self: their own undisciplined, distracting, and downright dumb, mental state; of this they are certain — but how do they know that?
Ahh – no one wants to know.
Yes, a voice told them they were: that came either from another living human being, or a book written by one, but it had to be capped off and validated by the voice in their own head which agreed with what they heard.

A man seeking the far wall has made no step in that direction be he not presently of mind that all that can possibly be standing between him and the clear sight he desires is the useless, distracting, and ignorant voice he hears normally and constantly in his consciousness; a person having achieved at least this stage, (and currently employing any of the several major and meaningless descriptions),
perceives this blundering, near blind state of routine mind to: be asleep — living in a dream: existing in a world of shadows — held captive by illusions, and feel their struggle to wake-up, be enlightened and liberated as an effort to overcome, remodel, banish or replace this unacceptable voice in their head which so consistently leads them astray, keeps them clumsy, forgetful and stupid.

The notion of a man’s mind, under extraordinary conditions, of course, being taken over by demonic, or even divine force is truly a mental tour de force of universal brilliance, (it’s a damn shame so few homo suspectables enjoy it.)

What the would be homo exceptionals who want to arouse themselves
from mankind’s harmless, though less than maximally activated, dreamy state of mind fail to note and act on is that: it takes two to sleep; one voice, (entity?!) to say things which cause you to do sleeping things, and think dream thought, and another to act on what it hears, (when appropriate), and all other times to take seriously what it hears and adopt same as its own.

Naw – demonic possession of the mind is way crude –
that was merely life warming up; ventriloquism is when it got to speed; men setting with a lifeless figure next to them, pretending it talks to them, and that they can hear it and respond.

Only a wastrel (or the ill informed)
would study the words & life of an Awakened Master;
an alert seeker would study a ventriloquist’s act;
it contains every bit of info you need to know to finally catch on.