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May 27, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

At any given time a sizable portion of the world’s prison population is made up of people whose only crime was physically having too much fun,
(violators usually of drug, sex and alcohol laws);
so too are there unrealized injunctions against having too much mental fun.

Men who begin to consistently live as a group soon establish prohibitions regarding certain behaviors which they call crimes which are detrimental to collective living;
crimes always involve damage to one’s person or property;
after that activities which are also potentially disruptive, but not actually damaging to anyone are put on a list labeled, sins;
concerning certain physical activities, such prohibitions are clearly necessary, rational, and are accepted world wide,
but when restrictions are applied to man’s mental activity
an unrecognized whirlwind is wrought, which does no direct harm to
collective man’s physical life and is thus generally ignored.
A few people are born noticing it,
and it is they who may find themselves an audience for these daily writings.

Men living in groups, from forestal tribes to urban nations,
to maintain conditions whereby the natural instincts of the individual
will not destroy the peace of the collective,
must establish rules/laws whereby certain quite natural, desirable,
and instinctive behavior is not permitted;
you cannot take your neighbor’s corn just because you are hungry;
or his mate because she arouses you,
or strike him because you are angry at him;
such physical behavior cannot be allowed and are everywhere considered crimes
with group supported, punitive consequences.
As you move further from the forests & the feral, and to the cities & the more civilized, men began to also put restrictions against behavior in which one man’s actions
does no harm to anyone else, yet the group’s mind tells them to disapprove thereof;
after the fact, their intellectuals attempt to justify these decisions,
but no matter the language, and spiritual-come-psychological explanations proffered,
it amounts to this: you are not allowed to have too much fun.
Ergo, in civilized groups it is against the law to be high or crazy;
both seem to cause those involved to have way too much fun;
to enjoy themselves far beyond the collective community norm.
In some less developed and sophisticated groups it is still permissible
for an individual to overindulge in their local brew and his own private day dreams;
you can be drunk or crazy without being punished,
indeed, you might be made tribe shaman,
but the more packed and regimented is the society,
the greater are the restrictions of such individual, over funning.
(You might consider on your own the fact that in these latter circumstances
the accepted view is that men partake of drugs and alcohol in an attempt to alleviate their misery,
whereas they clearly do so because it pleases them, and that some men speak, and thus apparently, think irrationally
as a defensive mechanism to a personal tragedy rather than because the mental life they are individually
creating for themselves gives them more pleasure than the routine one the group collectively embraces.)

The more civilized, (that is, inner reality based), is the setting,
the less tolerance there is for individuals having both more physical fun than does
the ordinary person, or in somehow doing so in the privacy of their own mind.
The majority controlling crazy behavior is expected and necessary;
trying to control thinking which they collectively find disturbing is,
from the few’s minority view — crazy itself.
But the group actually has little to worry about in this last regard
in that while others are always harvesting, processing and making available heroin,
or distilling alcoholic libations,
or ready to make their own bodies sexually available for pleasure
outside the community’s sanctioned conditions,
the kind of extraordinary, over-the-top mental fun sought by the few has no dealers,
or bootleggers , nor any legitimate suppliers either; they have ample pseudo ones; professed weed peddlers whose provision proves to be oregano;
keepers of The Secret Knowledge which turns out to be a meaningless variation of
the already well known, “Abracadabra!” or, “God is all,”
(or mere gibberish, which in truth is closer to something with potential).

As far as history reveals, all groups have condemned thinking,
that was contrary to what had become their collective inner reality norm,
(which usually fell under the heading of, “spiritual practices’);
a community which had come to embrace an overall inner reality based on Religion/God X, deemed any thinking to the contrary as blasphemy, witchcraft, occultism, and engaged in by those whose minds have been possessed by demons,
and of course some other group whose collective inner reality was based on these opposing ideas saw followers of Religion X in the same terms.
What the few want, (although few of them ever get around to realizing it),
is no where in such skirmishes;
their actual dog is not in any of ordinary humanity’s fights;
the pleasure that will finally satiate their special hunger is not to be had
in either side of any ordinary human, mental controversy;
the disallowable fun they really need and are unknowingly after is some where else, and for most, their life long problem is — where?!?!

In the outer reality, it is not permissible, or at least, proper,
for people to have too much individual fun, (can get you put in jail, or repudiated),
so too is it, (but not seen as such), in man’s inner reality;
if the community does allow alcohol, it has a collective judgment of when
an individual has over indulged,
and though not discussed in such terms, likewise does every group,
(including the group of humanity as a whole),
have an unrealized notion regarding man’s inner reality wherein an individual can too much engage in certain kinds of thinking which, though not understood by the majority, clearly gives the participant some sort of neural pleasure unknown to them,
and thus must be dangerous and proscribed, (either that or they’re just jealous).

Speaking with allegory deep in cheek:
as drunks are in jail for having too much physical fun,
so too are the few in a kind of prison for their mere attempt to,
(of course did they not make the attempt they would never know that they were);
if you were born with that hunger to get to the bottom of everything –
you were born in prison, sweet cakes, and you might as well get over it fast.
The ancient idea of an individual being able to, in his inner world of reality,
move to a new extraordinary land and achieve some non standard state of mind
is as old as the history of everything else regarding man,
it has just been hidden in a multitude of misleading verbal categories,
(again, on your own, you might pursue why this be so),
but the hunger for a better understanding of life, and men of themselves,
is in everyone, but only in a few is it sufficiently strong to become actionable,
and this seems to so annoy the majority that collectively and predictably,
they have coined the catchall dismissive term, mysticism
to marginalize this hunger which, in themselves, goes constructively ignored.
(As it turns out, the majority’s adopted derisive attitude toward the few is generally supported by
their overall poor mental clarity,
almost as though life permits a few men to be born with the urgent desire to fly,
but also makes them intellectually incapable of grasping the laws of aerodynamics,
[anyone who cannot appreciate life’s own over-the-top sense of humor toward man should look ashamed,
and go to your room[).

But the innate hunger of the few is decidedly and demonstratively well grounded; there is indeed inner reality, mental fun to be had that makes
the best coke in the world seem no more exciting than its soft drink name sake;
isolated instances of men experiencing same are in fact so extraordinary that extraordinary terms have been coined in an attempt to describe them
compared to the fun normally had in that inner realm:
awakening-from-a-dream —
going-from-the-dark-into-the-light —
being-liberated-from-captivity, et alia,
but as per present arrangements,
life has obviously decided that this particular activity is far too much fun for
the majority to have or to publicly encourage;
the reality of that anomalous occurrence in the brain, called by some,
Enlightenment,Awakening is without question more neural pleasure than
men in general are intended to ever experience,
and what might be called the ultimate aftermath of such experiences,
(does not the experiencer stop with same),
is the indescribable fun of finally seeing what is really going on behind
all of man’s mental smoke & verbal mirrors.

Inconsequentially based on whatever was the description and terms that
got you started on the big search,
if your thinking is that you want to, wake up — what you really want is
to have more mental fun than ordinary citizens are allowed to have;
if your position is that you are seeking, enlightenment –
your actual desire is to experience neural pleasure normally prohibited.

Thus the final finding: it is against some universal law to be high,
act crazy, (prefer your own personal inner reality),
or be awake to what is really going on.

In that as always, life is behind everything that goes on in life,
(and who says that the great, secret information that would free men’s minds is too deeply hidden),
life does not cause collective man to ban the consumption of green marshmallows,
and at the same time lead some into the illicit production thereof;
life allowed you show up on this planet with that hunger,
but it did not make arrangements for it to be readily fed;
there is no black market in green marshmallows –
you have to finally recognize the reality of what the hunger is in you,
and only then can you begin to cook up what you need to eat.

For the few, it is the most fun they will ever have, and indeed,
the only kind that will finally satisfy the-few-within-the-few,
but you ultimately have to grow your own, which for the specialized few turns out to be the non episodic, never-ending, indescribable fun.


6:05 pm, EST, 5/27/02: the following email came in:
“Dear Sir: Reading today’s news moved me to ask if you could not go into greater detail on the day’s topic, and give more specific examples like you did when you began writing these so that I might get their point easier and not have to struggle so hard with it myself. Could you not do that?”