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May 24, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX



The oldest — and still working stratagem despots use to keep control of a people
is to constantly wave before them the threat of attack —
from which he alone can protect them;
likewise does life’s collective mind, acting as your savior,
continually hold other people’s disagreeable ideas before your mind to hold it in line.

Tyrants will tell a people that they are in imminent and on going danger from
this or that neighboring kingdom, and even invent entirely fictitious ones
who no one has ever seen, but who he alleges are always just over the horizon,
and a perpetual threat, held in check only by their fear of him.
(Even apparently more civilized, republican types of political/social arrangements employ this time proven approach, but under different colours;
life does not discard that which works.)

The thoughts (actually, day dreams for the most part),
which have been magically appearing in your head for as long as you can remember are tyrants life has put on your mental throne,
and their principal technique for maintaining control is to continually present to you, other people’s thoughts (which you have been urged to read and otherwise heed),
and then have you repelled by them, (a subtle form of fear),
at which instant your own life-provided, mass produced, inborn thoughts
will condemn the outsiders —
finding them treacherous to the truth and blasphemous to all proper beliefs.
By your original, life-controlled thoughts rejecting other people’s thoughts as threats,
they reaffirm their own propriety and rightful authority in your head.

Such an oppressor holds control of your consciousness —
— without a shot being fired, or any blood shed.


A leader (as opposed to a tyrant) has but one thing to offer a people – hope;
in time of actual attack: hope for security;
in all other times: hope for the future.
A leader does not provide wealth and wherewithal for a people –
only they can do that,
all a leader can give to a people is hope;
to inspire them ever onward in their endeavors.

The few on TheGreatChase who seek to replace the
life-provided, mental tyrant currently wielding predominate control of their thinking
with a personally benevolent leader,
will do themselves well to take today’s news as a forearming of
what to expect from such a shift.
A quite honest portrayal of your mental kingdom is that of a multitude of seemingly diverse people (thoughts/ideas) who have one thing in common: none of them have any interest whatsoever in TheChase,
and getting-to-the-bottom-of-things (aka: enlightenment & waking-up) — none —
(which is easily verified, though few of the few ever take such specific note),
then somewhere down in the ever busy midst of your chaotic kingdom
is this solitary figure — your leader — which is literally one thought you have:
the idea that you are being held back by the inanity and insipidity of
all the other thoughts in your mind which are not this one.
(Those interested in this kind of thing incessantly make it into a much more
metaphysically sounding situation than this,
but the instant description is about as validly basic as can be had.)

The few expect more from this leader than he can do:
by his mere presence, he offers hope that the presumed goal actually exists,
and by your increasingly frequent visits with him,
(that is, via his more frequent appearances in your mind amidst all the routine hurly burly),
he gives encouragement for whatever profitable tricks & methods you may be presently employing in pursuit of the goal,
but more than this, he cannot give.
And sensing this, most of the few turn to another person for assistance —
a teacher, a guru — an external leader,
ignoring the fact that the other person who will ostensibly lead them to the goal,
is their self dependent on the one-thought-leader in their own mind
which provides them with nothing other than hope and encouragement,
(although once a man decides he can lead others his leader-thought takes on an additional trait: derangement),
so an alert man profits the more quickly he realizes that the desire to
escape from common man’s collective condition wherein, to him,
is uncomfortably blended daydreams and outer reality,
is based on observably nothing more than a solitary thought that some times
appears in his mind and dismisses all of the other thoughts which populate that world:

that is all it is, but by god — that is enough.

But that one thought — the want to awake and escape the routine
blended world of dreams & reality in which mankind normally operates —
can do nothing more than offer you hope;
that is why it has been herein noted that it is necessary for the few to
try to think about their aim more than anything else in the world:

it won’t do any good — but it is necessary.

To understand this is to realize the literal nature of leadership and followship,
and where you are now as opposed to where that one thought says you could be.
If you have the one thought — you have your only real leader,
but in the end he provides nothing but hope and encouragement:
if there is anything that can actually be done —
somehow — you , down there in the pits everyday with all those common, boorish, and smelly thoughts who have no interest in anything other than eating, farting,
and day dreaming — you have to do it.
(‘Course then the question is: “What ‘me’ do I have to depend on but that one idea that I want to, ‘wake-up’?!” —
a question apparently with no answer —
which eventually makes the few of the few aware of the answer — to everything.)


A man-who-knows, in a land of everyday people, would deal with them via the:
P & I approach — being pleasant & insincere.
In whatever matters it was necessary for him to socially intercourse with ordinary people he would never disagree with what they said,
nor show disapproval for what they did (assuming as always it did him no harm),
nor in any manner be critical;
he would always present to the rest of the world — a pleasant face,
and in all of his dealings with them, be entirely insincere:
not secretly un-pleasant, hostile or cynical — just insincere:
once you realize for yourself, what-is-going-on,
you need not be told to be insincere — it then comes naturally,
but until that day, the alert and anxious ChaserOfTheChase would go ahead,
and presently adopt what will eventually become his wont anyway:
act to the world always: pleasantly & insincerely,
(and must it be noted that you are miserably failing if anyone ever suspects that you are other than, pleasant & sincere?!
[although it can be usefully marked that among themselves, ordinary people have no idea-of — or interest-in —
a question of their peers’ sincerity or apparent pleasantness;
to be normal and civilized is to pretend to be so — and to seem to accept others’ pretense;
only a man of non ordinary understanding willfully fakes that which everyone else by their nature fakes.

To be awake in a land of sleepers does not preclude you forgetting how to snore]).

Now shift this scene from one concerning you and other people
to a setting in your own consciousness,
and where above the reference was to other people,
substitute the picture of your thoughts –
— the endless thoughts that unbidden and automatically appear in your mind,
and perceive of affecting toward them a posture of: pleasantness & insincerity:
of not agreeing or disagreeing with them;
not wrangling over anything they say:
merely presenting a pleasant countenance,
and treating them with total insincerity.
A man seeking to flee the land of bobcats will never do so if he keeps stopping to
fight with them while trying to get them to see the error of their ways —
hell, man! — wake up!
Bobcats on their home turf have no errors-to-their-ways — no creature does —
— it is not possible,
and all of the distorted, dreamy-eyed, inane thoughts you have,
(which are all of the thoughts you have — save the one interested in ThisKindaThing),
cannot be defeated nor converted;
in their natural setting — they do what is proper for them; they do what they must do –
and all you can do is finally realize this and — Bang! — you’re free,
(you and that poor old solitary, I-wanna-wake-up thought who has
faithfully stuck with you all these years).

So — if you want to — here is what you can do:
ignore the vacuous threats of mental oppressors;

accept the encouragement of the thought that hungers for freedom,
(and learn to repay it and nourish it through your own efforts),
and treat all of non physical reality — pleasantly & insincerely.