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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * May 20, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Another most potent tool for the few is to never say/think what something is not — but what it could be.

Nothing is accomplished by registering your notice that for instance:
religion does not fulfill its own stated goals;
government does not really serve its subjects;
financial advisors are the ones who profit from their own advice, and so on,
for nothing in man’s mentally created, second reality is or can be what it purports to be;
in that wondrous realm everything is intrinsically not what men say it is,
so you pointing it out while posing yourself wrapped in a blanket of
insightful-indignation is tardy by just a bit — read, six thousand years.

The human mind is constructed such that each new man who comes along
rediscovers the holes in the second reality and believes himself the first;
this is how that realm sustains itself and grows,
by someone pointing out one of its everywhere tears and then attempting to
make a repair by making up a new feature of that world
which is simply another tear not yet pointed out as such by some new comer.

This distinguishes the first reality from man’s exclusive second one:
in the first, everything is what it is, while in the second,
everything is not what men say it is;
fire is hot and will burn no matter what any human says about it,
while one human’s professed concern for the welfare of another is not ever
what it is said to be.
Things with a physical reality are what they are and no amount of talk or thought will change their status,
while all those things important to the lives of ordinary men —
which have no reality other than in word & thought —
are by nature not what men say & think they are,
and are subject to instantly changing interpretations of what they are
from one person to the next.
That is how it is; neither green and round with polka dots,
nor red and square with stripes; it is just how it is.

Also included in, how-it-is
is mind’s incapacity to look upon how it is for more than .387 of a second.

If you are truly one of the few, you do more than waste your time
noting what things are not, (to make a crude but not so crude allegory):
it is like everyone is in the ocean, out beyond their swimming ability, and in fact,
are in a continual, unrealized state of drowning,
and you making mental or verbal note thereof keeps you forever drowning also.
Telling another man that he is mentally wrong makes & keeps you wrong;
with both him and you — it is a completely irrelevant wrong,
that is, such vacuous fallaciousness has no impact on the life you actually live,
but if your aim is to see clearly,
being immersed in such wrong renders you constructively sightless.

The practical turning of this species wide phenomenon is in never saying to yourself or others what some element of man’s second, cultural reality is not, but rather by subjecting every idea you hear which strikes you as sufficiently important to consider, to the question: “What if?” –
what if the purposes of religion, government, art, etc,
and the specific example before me now,
are not what they are commonly accepted to be, (which they never can be),
then what other end could they be serving?
What if men’s world wide describing and worshiping of a supernatural deity
is not at all what they say it is, but, for instance:
it could be man’s mind reflecting on its own nature and potential:
all of the details of all his theologies and mythologies will still fit precisely;
whenever men say the word, God, in your thinking substitute the word, mind,
and it all still not only hangs together, but finally makes perfect sense.

This is but one example; there are as many as there are words in
all the world’s languages.
Next time you hear/read a statement saying that such-&-such a person or institution represents such-&-such an important feature of man’s life,
and a thought instantly pops in your mind that screams: “Balderdash!”
and noting that it is no-such-thing,
simply leave that thought be –
turn, by your own willful intrusion and decision,
your mind away from that useless, predictable reaction and proactively ask yourself: What if? —
ponder what could be going on behind the obviously defective declaration;
never say to a person or idea that they are wrong, but rather dive headlong into an immediate investigation of what is actually going on behind the apparent screen,
for be assured, (just as you have always suspected) — something is,
(which is the reason this was written and you are reading it).

If you are truly to-this-thing-born, this approach will quickly become your standard —
which will not only cure you of all imaginary stress and ridiculous outrage,
but will introduce you to a whole other world of human thought known to but a few.