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May 17, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

A grand trick for those seeking to get to the bottom of things is:
never answer questions — but rather, ask them of the questioners.

Done correctly, it is done indifferently — not inattentively, but indifferently.
When someone asks you a question about you, you ask them why they want to know, in a completely impartial manner & tone,
and whatever be the reason they give, you then inquire as to its motivation,
and ceaselessly so on.

This procedure touches on every normally unnoted feature of human life that must be realized to ever see what is actually going on,
and is deliciously potent in that it turns one of mind’s most disorienting operations
back on itself,
(mental cannibalism is the few’s favorite sport………..[both as spectator and participant]).

It feels awkward at first doing, but if you are really cut out for this,
it will quickly become familiar to you, but above all remember:
your relentless asking of someone why they are asking you a particular question must be executed sans any show of emotion;
you cannot by tone, gesture or expression give the impression that
you have any preconceived idea as to why they are asking you the question,
or any preferential expectation regarding their reply;
your questioning of the questioner must be carried out almost as though
it were being done by a machine.
As soon as they answer your first question, (which is always in reply to their original question):
“Why do you ask?” or: “Why do you want to know?”
without hesitation and any sign of emotion, you ask them the next one.
You must effortlessly & non aggressively follow up each of their responses with
yet another question requiring them to come up with yet another justification for
their previous reply.
For the alert, prepared and keen eyed/I’d — the immediate pay off of this device can be: exhilarating squared, refreshing cubed and liberating to a power quite remarkable.

For the proper few: all you have to do is try it — and you’ll know.

But after the initial thrill and elation and a quite curious feeling of
suddenly being freed from some heretofore unrealized captivity,
and in the throes of a rib tickling sensation that you now know a secret
completely unknown to everyone else in the world,
the question should come to you:
“What is going on here?” because whatever the secret is that you now feel you know – — you do not know what it is.

Survey the scene: under regular conditions when one man asks another man
a question about himself — the man will answer the question,
indeed, questions asked a man about himself are always responded to
with enthusiasm and without hesitation,
and a man will normally continue to answer personal questions about himself
for as long as anyone will ask them, (you might say, the majority’s premier pastime),
so what irregular force have you put into play by not answering a question that someone asked you about yourself,
but rather you responded by asking the person who asked you the question,
the reason for their asking,
and continued to do so in response to each of their declarations of motivation —
and this simple little verbal situation that you willfully put into action,
caused this extraordinary experience in you?!? — “What is going on here?

Why should just covertly refusing to answer any questions about yourself instantly make you feel like you have lost fifty pounds and become a child again?
What does answering questions about yourself do to a person that
men do not ordinarily realize?
Whatever it is must be formidable —
in light of how refreshed and strangely excited I feel by not doing it?!” —
this is the question that should grip your mind like a badger on a mouseburger.

What unrecognized purpose is being served by men endlessly asking one another personal questions about themselves, and never failingly – with enthusiasm — answering them?
It is certainly not due to the extraordinary nature of your life,
or to how fascinating you are – and truth be told,
those who ask the question are not even really interested in you — so:

“What is going on here?”

Consider this: why are there always more foolish buyers than foolish sellers?

Oh yeah, after a while why not probe further and ask yourself:
”Why am I asking myself this — or any other question?”

(Always politely terminate the conversation when the other person shows signs of frustration, or what was profitable becomes costly.)