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May 13, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Man is born to learn —
the purpose of thought being, problem-solving,
man’s mind has an instinctive desire to learn.

This drive in man is unique in that all other creatures come forth possessing
all they need know,
or automatically pick up any necessary post natal pieces and that is the end of it;
no life form has any interest in any matter not pre printed in
their species’ genetic schematic;
only humans have an urge to learn that goes beyond the survival essentials.

The power of this interest is second only to those of man’s basic physical instincts,
and though ‘tis acknowledged, its influence is not by a tenth recognized.

From one quite genuine perspective: everything that goes on in a man’s thoughts when they are not involved in some activity related to his survival
is an expression of this desire to learn — everything;
everything from the magisterial to the most mundane:
from discussions of world events to family gossip;
from the reading of novels to the working of crossword puzzles.
Though not normally perceived in such a light, a head-on, look-see
will reveal, (to the few with ThatCertainHunger), that at the bottom of everything your thoughts engage in that lasts more than a few seconds is the desire to learn something,
no matter how meaningless, upon direct inspection, it may seem to be.

And there is the point of covering the topic in today’s News:
the mind has an instinctive desire to learn — which it pursues incessantly –
the question for the few is: what is yours pursuing?
You expend your mental life allowing the thoughts that magically appear in your mind to freely follow — what?

In the ordinary world, men who are considered intelligent are mentally interested in important affairs — which are the affairs that intelligent men deem to be important,
and by tacit common consensus, ideological conflicts between two nations
are more important than those between two football teams;
classical literature more important than comic books;
establishment theology more important than cultism;
opera more important than soap operas, and so on.

Life tells the collective mind of man, what is currently important,
and from there each man’s mind then receives this information as it is translated into the form it must be as dictated by his individual genetics;
ordinary men do not participate in deciding what is important to learn about;
not only do they have no say so in the matter,
they have no awareness that such is the situation —
they can for a moment — if forced to,
but man is constructed to not like being aware of it,
and to be able to instantly forget that he was — if for an instant he is made to be.

It can readily be said here that beyond survival techniques,
ordinary minds have no clue as to what it is important to learn about —
but this is one of the things you must come to on your own for it to have any potency;
it accomplishes nothing to tell the ordinary mind that
reading the Classics is more Important than playing video games,
or that studying Comparative Religion is more important than listening to rock music,
if a mind is wired for a preference for the formers, it simply hears such comments as
ill founded criticism, and all minds can deal with mere criticism:
such assaults are the breath of the routine mind, and are never taken seriously , that is: as potentially significant, by normal minds.

No, it takes a special person and specific effort to see clearly,
(which is always in strict privacy and total silence),
that your ordinary mind has no conception whatsoever of what is important
or not important, beyond physical survival,
and cannot be forced to permanently make this recognition.

The few have their own trap; their thoughts believing that what they want to learn, (how-to-achieve enlightenment, awakening, liberation, another state of consciousness), is important — in some manner obviously distinct from the illusionary,
“important matters” that so foolishly occupy everyone else’s minds —
and this may or not be valid — but your thoughts do not know whether it is or not.

Your thoughts have no more investigated this than have those of the most ordinary believers in things crude & supernatural;
those believing they are trying to learn things which are different from,
even superior to, the things which fill the thoughts of the rest of mankind —
and who have not investigated this assumption to its core –
have simply added on an additional snooze room to the original dream house
in which they were born.

These kinds of apparent attacks on how those with ThatCertainHunger
may be going about doing what they need to be doing, have quite limited use…..well,
they should be of limited use — for they should not have to be repeated, revised,
or expanded endlessly;
for they all amount to the same thing:
your thoughts do not know what they are doing in wanting to learn how to
achieve a new state of mind:
that is the only thing in the secret life of the few remotely resembling,
“deserved, (that is, useful) criticism” –
and if you can somehow gradually maneuver yourself around — just so —
and somehow trick yourself — just right —
your mind can suddenly not only see this, but simultaneously realize why it is so,
and why, under all ordinary conditions — the human mind cannot.

If you do not already have your own personal, non passionate recognition that everything ordinary humanity says is important, (beyond surviving),
is not important, then you have not actually even begun to feed TheHunger,
but if you have progressed, (what a cosmically humorous word, huh?!),
that far you now are able to enter that most fantasmical of private classrooms,
the one wherein your thoughts have the possibility of learning that,
beyond how to turn a tap, or bind a wound — they know nothing;
they know nothing about any of the many intangible matters which
ordinary humanity says, (is forced to say), are of supreme importance –
in some instances, more important than survival itself;
your thoughts know nothing about these affairs, as does no one else’s,
and your thoughts can never learn anything about them.

That is what the few long to learn — long before they realize it.
(Why not save yourself some sweat and realize it prematurely.)