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May 8, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

The mentally encapsulated father & son were engaged in their
normal private intercourse concerning, (as always),
that special subject of altering the very foundations of the operations which
make their conversations possible,
when the former said:

“Wanting to wake-up is like a disease — a virus;
regardless of what name you give the desire,
what has particularly acted on those of our peculiar bloodline throughout human history is like a brain fever;
non fatal, non contagious, undiagnosable, and untreatable by any standard means.

It was one of our ancestors who created and told the first myth;
one of ours who introduced the concept of gods,
and the notion that men could acquire super human powers,
but in no instance did they foresee that what they said would come to be taken literally.
After realizing that such was inevitable with the majority bloodlines of the planet,
one of our progenitors attempted to shift men’s attention from these allegorical tales which had become Religion and onto their own minds;
thus was born Philosophy.
It had an even sadder fate than did myths — in the sense that
it never caught on adequately with the public to the extent needed for it to replace,
(or even compete), with what had become Religion.

As you should understand by now,
none of our ancestors did any of this in an attempt to spread-their-views,
or share-their-insights;
they were talking to themselves aloud,
(not unlike our private conversations being periodically presented here on this publicly accessible internet site).
Our predecessor who invented the idea of god did not mention it to others to get them to believe in a god;
no, he was merely engaged in mentally trying to describe and picture to himself
what was going on in his brain, in the operation men call thinking,
and an extraordinary, unconfined power extrinsic to a man, (god as he called it),
was one of the images that arose in him,
and as men are wont to do — he talked about it.
He let loose an incorporeal concept into the community and his neighbors’ minds immediately bronzed it, and for their own personal purposes
turned it into something quite other than had been its use to him.

All our ancestor was trying to do was treat the brain fever in himself.

After that had occurred and was well established on the planet,
new generations of our family tree began to appear,
and someone who clearly recognized what had happened concerning the majority’s invention of Religion came along and turned his attention from the metaphorical myths his forefathers had created to represent and explain the mind,
directly onto the workings of his mind — the original source of all myths.
But again, (as men find near irresistible) — he told someone about it,
and quickly did the public adopt the notion and name it: Philosophy,
and by so doing, took it from the realm of instant activity,
and put it on a still, safe shelf, next to Religion.

Our ancestors realized soon on that they alone had this brain fever,
and that talking to their neighbors about the treatments they experimented with
was a waste of time,
but by then the whole arrangement that continues to day — was in place;

it was fated to be.

Throughout it all, the few of our special bloodline continued in their individual efforts to diagnose and then treat the disease they felt in their head,
and while the public, in their turning of previous speculative, symbolic diagnoses into Religion and Philosophy, focused their attention outward,
believing that the answers to everything man wants to know are outside of him,
our predecessors understood that the answer to everything is in the human brain,
and that getting to the place where it is would be the cure for their virus.

Even in the physical world, men realize that it is tough to be both the ill patient and the attending physician,
but in the realm of the intangible, the difficulty is incalculably increased.
Even when you are told what to look at,
the only thing that can do the looking is the thing to be looked at.
To most, the initial attempt of this seems to merely make worse the mental fever,
and commonly is it quickly abandoned;
it is much more tolerable to look elsewhere —
and by nature, thoughts find this approach totally rational.

Thus do those who genetically know better,
or who should be able to remember that their blood knows better,
study materials outside of themselves – outside of their own mind —
so as to achieve the new condition of mind.

Man’s natural born, normal, rational mind is constructed so that this makes
absolute, irrefutable sense, and is almost impossible to ever elude — even for our kind;
but when you finally see for yourself what the whole affair of,
‘being-asleep-and-wanting-to-wake-up-from-a-dream’ is,
the silliness of what you have previously thought about it is truly refreshing,
to say the least.

Yes my boy, it is not unfounded to call the urge that secretly calls to our family —
a disease — a fever in the brain,
but it is totally unbecoming, (not to mention, ridiculous),
to try and treat it anywhere other than at the site of the ill — in the brain.

The whole affair can seem as complicated as fourteen barrels of leaky hell —
because it is so simple;

it seems so far away because it is so close;

it seems to the mind to be about a whole bunch of other things only because
it is only about the mind.

‘Only-about-the-mind’…….some of our ancestors wanted to make that the family name.”


Later that day the son asked:
“Does what you have said about our family in general apply to all of them individually?”
“Not hardly.”