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May 6, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Why the two world wide enjoinders: “Don’t lie,” and “Don’t stare”? Because:
you must think about what you are going to say to lie,
and staring at a speaker indicates you are thinking about what you are hearing.

Under normal conditions, humans do not think about what they are going to say
before they say it;
if you try to, you realize you do not know what you are going to say next;
that is demonstratively how it is intended to be,
and humans are obviously not supposed to take notice thereof,
witness the injunction against lying,
because that is the one unavoidable-to-notice instance wherein a human
must think about what they are about to say.

Ordinary people ordinarily never take notice of this easily verifiable fact;
those exceptional few who have historically adopted the verbal goal of
seeking to awaken-from-man’s-dream, or, achieve-enlightenment do notice it,
though not necessarily as directly as instantly put,
and have attempted to alter the situation in themselves through a variety of methods, whose actual purpose they have always seemed to but comprehend vaguely.

All of the disciplines the few pursue devoted to changing a person’s consciousness, and thus, fundamental understanding of everything,
teach the need to constantly remember some something-or-the-other;
a word; a symbol; one’s breath; one’s own existence —
which all entail an unspecified resistance to man’s normal state of
not thinking about how the process he accepts as, him-thinking — proceeds.

All struggles to awaken are attempts to lie.

Since, (as you can instantly prove to yourself — if you care to),
you never think about what you are going to say,
then even more surely, (as you should expect to have noted),
you do not think about what you will think next;
thinking just happens in man; automatically and impersonally,
and that is TheBigSecret the few unwittingly seek, and almost never face.

What a person who is trying to live their life while constantly holding in their mind
some word, image or sound should eventually learn from the effort is the above;
the only pragmatic potential to all such exercises is to finally bring a participant
face to face with the undeniable fact that this non stop, unenlightened thinking
with which he must continually contend — is not his,
and is not something over which any human has any control,
and the only real purpose of trying to always remember some particular thing
is to show you that in essence, it is not possible,
which, when you grasp the living reality of this for yourself,
also makes you aware of something much larger which does no good to speak of.
But realizing this for yourself is an astounding moment;
it is easy to describe it, and easy for your thinking to immediately say that it understands what is being said, but seeing it for yourself,
(which is truly discovering for yourself, even if you have already been told about it),
is the only thing of consequence.

Life clearly does not want men engaged in what they call, lying
because each instance requires that an otherwise ordinary human – stop —
unnaturally interrupt the normal flow of that totally mechanical activity they call talking, and make the effort to actually think about and plan what they are going to say.
Unnatural! Unlawful! Impermissible! Unthinkable!

There is no metaphysical morality involved in lying, merely men, while doing so,
running the risk of realizing what is going on in life.

Staring is the forbidden counterpart to this,
not vacant, dead staring, but staring that is alive and analytic.
Glazed-over-eyes staring;
looking-at-nothing staring;
lost-in-your-own-dreams staring is totally acceptable,
but the enjoinder, “Do not stare at people” means do not consciously look at,
and listen to them, and actually think about what you are witnessing:
this is the same type of no-no as lying,
wherein you look at and think about what you are going to say before you say,
and in active, eye/I-alive staring,
you are turning the same light onto what someone else is saying.

You are not supposed to actively listen to and purposefully think about
what other humans say and the process by which it becomes said —
not in any manner that would not automatically occur in you
were you not engaged in a consciously decided, non automatic attempt to do so.
A human is not supposed to think about what he is going to say next,
least he notice that he never has any idea what he will,
and he is not supposed to actively stare at other human beings when they speak
least he become aware that the speaker does not know what he is going to say next, and is in no wise responsible for what he is saying, (unless of course he is lying,
which would be the only exception to being an uncontrollable fount of
unintended folderol),
plus the active, analytical staring at another as they speak
always causes them a discomfort,
(the basis of which surely you can by now surmise).

If a man understood it alright, a perfectly fine method to tackle the problem of changing one’s consciousness and achieving an extraordinary understanding would be:

constant lying — because
it would require that you be constantly aware of what naturally goes on in your brain which humans call, thinking,
and you could supplement it with the method of:
always staring, (actively analyzing) — because
making such effort puts you right up against the totally mechanical,
and impersonal operation of thinking that normally goes on in you,
and affords you the unnatural opportunity to realize for yourself what is going on.