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May 3, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Under routine conditions men take no note that in their second-reality:
digestion is everything — food, nothing:
ears, supreme — tongues, irrelevant.

In his physical, first-reality, it is the reverse; survival depends on it thus,
but in all intangible matters, (existing only in sight of the mind),
the Matter is immaterial — all that matters is what the mind makes of it.

In the first, physical reality, poison cannot with impunity be consumed,
ingesting same results in death;
while in the second, mentally constructed one, nothing is intrinsically toxic,
nor beneficial;
the outcome of all that is eaten, is arbitrated solely by digestion;
regardless of the idea a man allows introduced into his system,
his own digestion determines its ultimate effect.

With well founded expectation do men seek the nourishment-of-knowledge regarding their first-reality, the physical environment in which they live,
and therein: food is king, and individual digestion, beside the point;
the knowledge of how to start a fire exists apart from any man’s interpretation thereof, or belief there about,
but not so in that other realm in which men partially and necessarily reside;
the food-info there is as incorporeal and impossible to get your hands on & hold steady as is the realm itself.
All ideas that enter a man’s mind become whatever his mind says they are;
it is that simple, obvious, and should be — indisputable,
except under routine conditions, quite normal men & minds will readily ignore it,
or if it be noted — deny it.

The mind has come up with a single idea which it uses to support the totality of its, self-created, second-reality:
the notion that therein also exists: Objective Knowledge,
for if in that realm, just one such, stand-alone-fact exists —
the entire structure is sound and cannot be dismissed.
Via its presentation: a whole city-of-dreams is viable if it is built upon
one solid cornerstone.
Once a mind accepts this theory — everything after that is easy – and predictable.

Since the mind is aware that the entire second-reality, so much an integral part of
man’s life is solely its own creation, it had to devise an explanation for the appearance of this Objective Knowledge which, perforce, had to have origins outside itself;
it came up with two: God, and men-touched-by-God.
God: the notion of a living creature separate from man;
who created man, and with powers man does not possess,
(which are all the mind’s reflections of its own potential),
and who, being different from man, would be expected to have knowledge
unavailable to him — and coming from outside his insular second-reality it would be, from man’s perspective — objective knowledge.
By this method could the mind present an idea — say it came from God,
that is, that its source was something other than the human mind –
and thus pronounce it objective and omnipotent,
amidst an otherwise realm of chaos and uncertainty.

Its parallel approach, to counter men’s objections that they could not see this God,
and hear him actually deliver the knowledge,
was to have certain men say that this God had spoken to them individually
regarding the exceptional information:
thus was presented, a visible, even mortal, affirmation of the mind’s idea of:
Objective Knowledge existing within an entirely subjective realm,
and giving supernatural substance thereto.
To call it a stroke of genius would be to insult by too faint praise:
no words are adequate to describe what the mind accomplished by this one act —
the mind will not allow any such description to be possible,
but just consider what it did and continues to do:
it stepped into a reality of its own creation and announced that it had
received information from another reality outside of the one it is speaking from; remember: it is speaking from the reality that it alone created and maintains,
and from such a setting says — with a straight face — that it is not now speaking in second-reality, dream-speech, but is being objectively truthful when it says that
it has access to facts that are not a part-of, or limited-to the reality of man’s,
mental second-reality — the place from which the mind is making these statements.

Normal, sane and sophisticated minds would find the last paragraph incomprehensible – — that is what ordinary men’s ordinary minds would make them say.
They would say they do not understand what was just described;
that it is totally confusing; runs around in circles and makes them dizzy –
— and that it doesn’t prove anything! That’s right: its doesn’t prove anything –

but it exposes everything — to those who can hear it.

It is all in the hearing — not in the telling;
all in your digestion of what you hear — not in the words themselves.
There is no Objective Nourishment or Knowledge about man’s second-reality,
(except for the 11 you just now read),
and the rare, unnatural awareness of that is what produces in a few people
the experience called Awakening, Enlightenment, or Liberation.
A man’s seat of consciousness shifts in his brain so that his mental view of
man’s second-reality is now from a new perspective, and it is seen for what it clearly is; and it is suddenly as if the man has awakened from a dream;
stepped into the light from the dark; been set free from a confinement:
all of this being a strictly physical experience taking place in the brain;
it is not spiritual, supernatural, mystical or metaphysical in any way;
it is indeed extraordinary in human life, but purely of a physical, earthly reality.

It can certainly be great fun in the searching,
but you will never find any Objective Knowledge regarding the world in which
your search for The Truth & Enlightenment takes place;
you will never find it because it does not exist:
it does not exist because it cannot exist;
it can only exist by the mind making it up, placing it there and then saying it exists.

The description supra of the matter is not what is circular, confusing & disorienting — but rather the mind’s doing of what was just now noted —
— and it is almost impossible to realize;
by nature, the general population of the planet has no desire to realize it,
and by the nature of things, even the few who do are faced with a near impossible task;
somehow their individual mind has to trick, shove, cajole itself into
pulling the rug out from under itself.
The ultimate FactsToBeFaced which will set you free and answers all questions
are the facts about your mind;
the facts regarding the reality of the invented reality of the mind
wherein you have been searching for the facts.

As puzzling and disheartening as it can long seem —
finally realizing this will, for those able to pursue it to its end,
provide fun and excitement, the nature of which is
beyond an ordinary man’s ability to even imagine.