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April 26, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

The reality of the caste idea is that genetically, every cell, every organ, every living thing is born into a specific responsibility. One man was born doing a certain job; at no time had he not been doing the job; he had no perception of himself not doing the job; doing the job was as much a natural part of his life as being alive was.

Everyone around him was also born doing their job — which superficially, each appeared different, but in truth were all the same job the man was doing, and they too, being born doing their job,
had no distinct awareness of themselves doing the job — it was just a normal part of their lives.

Something happened to the man though – he somehow became aware of him doing the job; at first not clearly — but as soon as his suspicion came to life — it was strong enough to change the course of his life.

Futilely he tried to make others see the job they were all doing, and quickly realized that he was alone in his knowledge; so it became his private sport: secretly watching himself and everyone else doing a job that none were aware they were doing but him. At first he felt scorn and condescension toward them for not recognizing
the situation they were in, but soon realized that this directly interfered with his observing them, which had become an important part of his life.

The focus of his study eventually turned from others to exclusively himself – an activity which, once he became concentrated thereon, proved to be very curious. Here he was: both the examiner and also the thing being examined, which under certain conditions can be most un curious, such as a runner studying the actions of his legs,
or a painter the movements of his brush wielding hand, but the job
in question here is not performed physically so what was it that the man was watching when he was watching himself do the job?
April 26, 2002
Twenty years he spent on this puzzler, and while he was in no wise intellectually deficient, once it was resolved to him, the answer was childishly simple, but until the very moment of realization, two decades he wandered in solitary bewilderment.

While the answer to: “What was the job the man was watching himself do?” is indeed simple, it is forbidden to most men — which disturbs them not at all — since as was noted, they admit no awareness of even doing the job, but after his personal resolution of the private quandary, the situation as he now perceived it — became even curiouser.

Question Number Two: (So pondered the man): “If this is me watching me doing the job, then who is that doing the job?”
(Twenty years down — odin knows how many to go.) But somewhere in the midst of the succeeding year clusters, embroiled in his study, something gradually snuck up on him: again a reality as obvious and uncomplicated as dirt, but a realization that until fully grasped was as elusive and unseen as the wind: whenever he would look at himself — whoever that himself was who was doing the job, that whoever-self doing the job would stop — doing the job.

Gradually — for a long time gradually — extremely gradually did the full impact of what he was observing — of what he was a participant in — hit him! — and when it did its effect was a caribbean combination of elation, liberation, and total astonishment! — with the bit of info at the heart of the concoction causing him to secretly stagger at odd times for the rest of his life.

The man dropped off the local radar screen, and now sits under a palm — on the beach – quietly humming the song: “Caste Your Job To The Wind.”


…….credo quia goobers.