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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * April 24, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

One man continually discovered a fracas going on —
which he would step into and stop — in fact,
just his appearance brought it to a halt,
a fact which for a long time he did not appreciate.

In a galaxy far aweigh is a planet on which nothing is wrong — nothing.
No one has any complaints; no one ever looks to the future,
or says they wish things were this-way-or-that;
everyone there is perfectly at peace and satisfied, (and possibly dead).

Whoa! In no galaxy anywhere is there a planet with life
on which there is not constant griping and dissatisfaction! —
….and the universe says you should face the fact and get over it……..no it doesn’t;
the universe is not about to tell living creatures such a thing —
not after having gone to all the trouble of arranging everything so as
to put everyone on edge,
(bet cha in fact that to outsiders, this universe’s address is: 1450 The Edge.)

Hazy humans believe they talk about things — not so,
they talk about words, (unless the subject is food).

While everything that man knows is based on fact,
some facts are different than other facts —
and a man said to a mystic: “Most of what you say, my thoughts convince me to ignore, but the times when they can’t — what you say upsets me greatly.”

Facts be nimble,
facts be quick,
eating the wrong kind can make you sick! — and you not even know it.

Mucusy men think they think about things — incorrect-o;
their thoughts are about words — what d’you think they were about!.

The jagged nutcracker in the fruit basket of all who wish enlightenment is:
you cannot obtain what you think you already possess;
the hidden, anti-suicidal explosive in the sweets is:
if you know you are asleep,
and know you want to awaken,
you cannot discover what you think you already know.

“Is that really fair?”

“Is that your real hair?”

Perplexed people think they search through stuff — wrong,
they pile through words.

Trying to awaken is the only activity known to this universe — in which:
the effort is the closest thing there is to the accomplishment,
and those who confuse the two words live forever amidst a fracas.

The lazy dream of action — the busy, of rest;
the awakened, of being awake.

He with no idle business alone has the leisure to rise himself from the stupor.

All tales that stir men’s minds are stories once told by someone who
had been momentarily freed from the dream;

enjoy them whilst you can — enjoy them whilst they still mean something.

…..and a man said to a mystic:

“Most of what you say, my thoughts convince me to ignore, but…”
“Sir, you have already said that.”


When you realize What The Deal Is
not necessarily do you then know anything of interest to anyone else.

Only those struggling to know What The Deal Is
waste their time profitably.
…….(Pst! –don’t let your present mind hear about this or the fracas could intensify.)

“Hold ‘er steady as she goes, Bosun.”

“But she’s not going anywhere, Captain.”
“All the more reason to hold ‘er steady.”

Once you Know What The Deal Is
you can no longer be kept out of The Deal —
‘cause you now see through The Deal —
you realize there is no Deal:
men’s minds made the whole Deal up.

“Just look out there, Mate — nothing but clear skies, smooth seas, and
our own splendiferous mind.”

“If I could just tend my garden.”
“But you can.”
“No! — if I could JUST tend my garden.”

…….Otium cum goobers