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April 22, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

(Note: While everything reported on in these daily writings is based entirely on facts, some facts are a different kind of facts than other facts.)

The following is from the only known interview with the infamous,
(or anti infamous, as per your personal peccadillo) — SlamBangMan:
he who devoted the first half of his life to the many respected, gentle, controlled and genteel methods for achieving an enhanced state of consciousness, for years he:
attempted to stop-thought, to remember-himself, to be eternally-mindful,
to live-only-in-the-present-moment;
he sat motionless and quietly meditated with others;
he fasted, prayed and softly chanted secret mantras in darkened rooms alone;
he humbly performed charitable services;
he visited all the acclaimed gurus, and with great deliberation and concentration,
circled the world’s many mystical locations,
and throughout it all, both days and nights, he meticulously studied all of the voluminous metaphysical texts — and then one day – threw it all over;
abandoned all pretense of consciously directed calm and willful deliberation:
he became – The SlamBangMan.

Those around the planet engaged in the noted activities to achieve a new
consciousness had been aware of his previous efforts and were shocked by his
sudden change;
we pick up their interview with him as he says:

“The area of the brain involved in speech adjoins that connected to the hands,
hence man’s involuntary gestures as he speaks;
this juxtaposition is at the hidden heart of the few’s want to, wake-up, as they call it:
to change, expand, shift — somehow move their own thought-based consciousness
from where it normally and presently is in their brain to some place else;
and it is due to this abutment of speech, (which is but thought made whole),
to the actions of hands
that has caused men, without their realizing why,
to invent the numerous disciplines, methods and rituals they have
which their words say are dedicated to accomplishing this neural rearrangement.

Throughout time — all over the world, the brains of those interested in effecting this internal alteration are told by the brains of others,
(primarily by the written word from those now dead),
that the basic requirement is — calm the mind;
either actually stop thought, or else concentrate it on a single, unchanging point, (such as a particular word, image or effort such as trying to remember-yourself, or remember-the-presence-of-Vishnu, etc),
and along with it go the recommended milieus of: sitting motionless in meditation,
or engaging in actions such as dancing, circling shrines, fingering beads,
spinning wheels, which are to be done with an intense degree of concentrated attention to only the instant activity.
These and all others, (not leaving out reading either), have arisen,
without men’s knowledge,
from the physiological fact that the area of the brain involved in speech
is right next to the area involved with the movements of the hands,
(and of course that words are essential for the operation of thought).

Even though most accurately said: mankind’s diversity covers a spectrum of graduations from dark to light; short to tall; loud to quiet; jittery to placid,
always do the extremes in any area reveal themselves as major players
in the overall game;
thus by objective observation is it clear that men are generally, genetically given to be, (in the instinctive way they live their lives),
either primarily a hand person or a word person;
they certainly overlap, (as they must in everyone),
but for the extremely pressing aims of the few amongst the ordinary,
it is most revealing to hold up this paradigm in your mind and look through it
at your mind and at your interest in changing the operation thereof.

All of the time honored traditions to achieve
The Enlightenment, The Awakening, The Liberation of consciousness
indirectly say that if a person could control — absolutely — their mental attention
they would have the goal,
and they all, (without understanding what they are doing),
encourage activity which separates hands from speech — and primarily so,
the internal speech taking place in one’s brain,
and unwitting acknowledge that the hands’ activities subtract and distract
from that of speech/thought, (“hands,’” as you surely surmise,
herein being employed metaphorically, for not only do the two areas in the brain involved with speech and the hands adjoin, the overall behavioral connection between men’s physiques and their mentation likewise lie abreast).

Movement of the hands interferes with mental concentration,
and mental concentration interferes with the hands, (save as always,
except when the two are involved in a survival related/problem solving activity);
when you are chopping wood it is hard to remember-yourself,
and if you are moving around as you try to be Mindful,
you tend to bump into things,

(O great muse of Metaphor –
praise be that when need be
thy assumeth the mantle of Symbol!
[the mind always having an escape hatch,
from any trap of its own devising]),”

…..from the notes, apparently the interviewer here attempted to say something,
but was overridden by The SlamBangMan’s juggernaut.
(“Paging Dr. Joe Cose: code red — mixed with some yellow!”)

“Monks, and other visibly identifiable participants in activities to awaken new consciousness are known to be, and unthinkingly expected to be,
calm, deliberate and concentrated in all they do from their mundane everyday chores
to the exercise of their complex disciplines and rituals,
and those who have any grasp of what they are involved in
are attempting to create such conditions internally,
(no one who thinks of their self as being asleep and in need of an entirely new state of consciousness would feel their self to be so if their thoughts would but cease their endless, useless churning,
though few of them have brains favorable to seeing the situation in such stark terms),
and trying to be as mentally calm and focused as is possible is certainly the most efficient and accessible step to get started on the grand adventure,
but how many times must a man see his right hand make an outward sweeping motion when ever he says the words: “…well, it’s clearly obvious that…” before he realizes that his hands know as much about what is going on in life as does that area of his brain presently speaking —
— that is why the two work in such concert — and with no rehearsals!

There is a quite small spot in the brains of the few
that is out of harmony with the larger area normally involved with speech
that disputes what the latter has to say, and in the beginning unavoidably conceives of its best course of resistance to be in becoming more deliberate in its actions-come-speech than its larger counterpart to compensate for its lesser stature:
simply put again: that part of the brain in the few which wants the part of the brain normally controlling consciousness to be replaced by it,
perceives, not wrongly, that it should,
in comparison to how ordinary consciousness works —
struggle to hold, control and willfully focus its energy of attention as the means to achieve its desired goal, (although success therein would be the goal),
but few of the few who ever undertake the great neural expedition
ever pursue it far enough to get in front of the wave and be able to look back
over the shoulder and realize exactly what the wave and getting in front of it IS,
and they remain locked into the dream-effort of:

the soaring albatross calming for good — the restless seas.

The brain’s image of the seeker after the strayed ox is that of a deliberate, concentrated, not unduly talkative man — but all talkative is unduly,
and all talkative is unavoidable when you attempt to be untalkative,
just as any concentration is lost when you concentrate on being concentrated –
and as brilliant as the thinking part of my brain be,
and able to correctly perceive of this situation as it is –
it still was never able to make the awareness a never absent feature of its operation, and thus did I turn for help to the adjoining area in my brain
involved with the movements of my hands rather than the movements of my
and thus did I finally become — The SlamBangMan.

My hands had nothing to say about mental concentration or control of thought,
and my hands knew nothing of, “being asleep, captive and unenlightened” –
the terms, “thoughtful life” and, “reflective action” were not in their dictionary,
and the very idea of there being some metaphysical, purpose to life —
something special to be accomplished — made no sense to them.
But from these clod-knockered, dunder-headed know-nothings of fingers & thumbs,
one day suddenly sprang a whole universe of heretofore unrecognized reality,
just as plain, solid and undeniable as the dirt beneath your feet.

“Life is not calm, genteel, and deliberate,” (noted my hands) –
“Most stuff is partially broken or not working properly at any given moment —
that’s what life IS,
and only that area of the brain right next to me sees it otherwise, or we should say — believes it should be — can be otherwise.
Us hands — we just go about doing, hand-things —
a life, (from the perspective of the speech area in the brain next to my controlling one),
that is completely void of deliberate planning or reflection of any sort;
from its view, a haphazard, knock-about, slap-dash, slam-bang existence;

and from that — my hands’ approach to living life —
a wholly unified, entirely fresh picture of what it is to live,
viciously sunk its teeth into my brain,
ripping the seat from my mental, modest trousers and exposing the rude ass of
the better balanced – SlamBangMan —

….and of course no such interview as this ever took place since no one will ever be aware that I have become him.”