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April 19, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX


All legitimate inquiries into any crime or mystery consist of two stages:
an investigation and a finding,
an arrangement which in the realm of human affairs normally goes a.t.p. — save one: The Case Of: Being Human;
in this one matter the accepted procedure is abandoned.

Even though he has never been sure whether a crime has actually been committed,
or ‘tis just a mystery to be solved,
no other case in history vies for man’s attention like this one.
For some reason men do not work on the case under color of its correct title,
but do so while calling this very activity by a multitude of disrelated sounding names,
but in their own way, every one spends their life working on the case;
discussing clues; exchanging data; swapping suspects;
debating investigatory techniques, and comparing ways of reporting findings.

What stands man’s activity on this specific case apart from all other
is that everyone continually reports their finding without completing their investigation,
something that would not be tolerated even in the sloppiest of police precincts,
or science labs;
yet in The Case Of: Being Human,
this skewed proceeding is not only accepted — but is not even noticed.

At every moment of every day on this planet, men are reporting the finding
of their investigation when they have made nothing remotely resembling
a full investigation of the instant case;
what they have done does not begin to even approach adequate – not even minimal
by standards customarily employed in all other inquiries into crimes & mysteries.
Men begin to report their findings regarding this case immediately after
hearing about it, and continue to do so regularly for the rest of their lives,
never noting their findings’ contradictions, redundancies, and monumental gaps.
If ‘twas not such a serious case, men’s performance in this matter could be taken as
a child’s game, or harmless sport,
but by their own admission, when queried about it directly,
The Case Of: Being Human is the most important one in every person’s life.

And in these, premature-to-say-the-least findings,
men never tag them as: provisional, preliminary, or incomplete;
all findings are presented as: conclusive, authoritative and binding,
even though the presenter may have voiced a different one just moments before
with the same tone of finality.

If detectives or researchers in any other area so acted
they would be quickly dismissed as clearly incompetent & driven from their profession,
but man cannot be hounded from his for any cause — including incompetence,
(which, due to him alone being both presenter and trier of facts,
can never be objectively established concerning the profession of being human),
and he displays no public recognition of the situation anyway —
so the discrepancy in this proceeding never itself becomes a subject of inquiry.

On the invisible walls of the courthouse-of-the-few is a notice:
“All findings regarding man are incomplete, and thus meaningless,”
but who but fools will take serious, findings presented in a case
before an investigation of the case has been completed?

Consider the normally un considered features surrounding this case:
why in it alone are findings tolerated which are based on but brief,
even non existent investigations? —
if not recognized in the findings of others, a man should easily be aware that
thus do his own normally presented findings stand,
and most fascinating and shunned of all — the big puzzler:
“What fact is there about The Case Of: Being Human that men do not what to face?”
for indeed this is the only reasonable conclusion to be drawn.

Lay the inarguable facts of the case on your mental table and consider:
all men confess that it is unquestionably the most important matter facing them: solving — The Case Of: Being Human,
with world wide, tacit agreement that arriving at a finding thereto
is the inescapable duty of every man — and:
even though it be carried on indirectly, under various guises —
every man in his own fashion devotes all of his free time throughout his life
to working on the case — and:
everyone immediately begins to report their finding regarding the case
while it is perfectly clear that no adequate investigation, if any, has taken place — and: every person involved pretends not to notice — so:
what rational clue can from these facts can be surmised other than:
there must be some feature of the case about Being Human that man does not
want to face, admit, or present as a part of any real, supported-by-evidence finding.

Men rather, immediately — jump-to-judgment – leaping up and down;
waving their arms and loudly shouting out their particular finding,
as though to distract themselves (and others) from the possibility that
they might look over at this certain feature of the case;
the constant babel & confusion produced by the relentless presentations of
ever changing, egocentric, conflicting findings
helps hold down untoward looking in unappetizing directions.

Those few whose work in this area in no wise conforms to the above,
eventually arrive at the realization that no finding
ever reported concerning The Case Of Man is meaningful, or based on any personal investigation by an individual man,
and that all of the publicly recognized, accepted findings
are basic feed for the collective herd, and offer no nourishment for
the individual bovine private eye.

The prima facie proof of a finding’s impuissance is its public presentation –
tell that to the thoughts that come into your own brain announcing their finding
concerning the nature of man.


The son of the father who filed the above story asked him:
“Why do your reports on such matters always seem to indicate that something is wrong thereabout
when you constantly tell me that there is nothing wrong going on in life?” and he replied:
“You still do not understand that, wrong is just another word for, entertaining,
and that entertaining — (in our family) — another word for informative.”