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April 15, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

There is something about everybody that they do not want to look at, (directly):
it is like a species wide shell & pea con game wherein the mark (humanity)
is continually trying to point to which of the three shells being shuffled around
on the table covers the elusive pea;
all humans freely point to one or more features of themselves that they admit they
do not want to look at,
but what it really is is not under any of the shells they will note.

Something about the construction of man keeps him from looking directly at the something in man that no one wants to look at,
and instead has him pointing to herds of stalking horses, multitudes of cover stories,
all of which seem plausible and the majority accepts.
Its most common form concerns physical aspects:
men say that they do not want to look at how: short they are; fat they are;
poor they are: overall, unattractive they are,
and spend much of their time and resources attempting to correct such:
hobbies and harmless distractions all — but the pea is not there.

The something about all men that no one wants to look at (directly),
which is known and being specifically referred to herein,
is not anything physically visible.

Ordinary man’s participation in this game of misdirection also gets more subtle, wherein he will point to non physical, psychological/spiritual features of himself
which he admits he does not want to look at: his temper; his timidity;
his overall unattractive personality:
again, amusing pastimes, but not correct spotting-of-the-pea.

The something about man that no one wants to look at, (directly),
is not anything personally psychological.
The something is a common feature in all men:
it is the same thing in everybody.

All of ordinary men’s activities beyond those required to merely stay alive
are devoted to, (the serious ones): improving-themselves,
(losing weight; saving for cosmetic surgery;
acquiring accessories needed to rise socially; eradicating psychological quirks:
all transparent, bitings-of-your-lip-right-now-until-it-hurts-just-a-little-bit,
to keep from thinking about the root canal next Tuesday),
or else, entertaining-themselves: (watching movies, sports events;
playing video games; reading books; attending lectures, socially conversing),
but all of these along with the ostensible self-improvements are nothing but
covers for and excuses for not looking directly at what it is about everyone
that no one wants to look at.

All of the activities in which men engage other than those necessary for survival are just things to do to keep his mind off of the one something about him
that he does not want to look at,
and least you leap to a leperous illation,
let it be noted that the something is not pathological;
it is not a disfigurement, (physical or psychological),
whose horror is such that sane men simply cannot bring themselves to face it;

the something is a normal feature of a perfectly normal human being,
the only aspect of it peculiar is that men are built to not want to look directly at it.

……….Actually there are two other quirks to it:
if it described to men they (1): cannot refute it, and (2): have no interest in it:
that is how normal men are made to stay normal;
one unwritten Law Of Routine Life clearly is: “Don’t look for trouble!” –
do not do more than is necessary; elephants need not learn to fly;
their trunks naturally reach high enough into trees to obtain their needed nourishment, and with homo sapientes: there is no call for them to look at features of themselves which, (1): they do not have to look at, and (2): they do not want to look at,

(the old one-two
will always get you through).

The something about everybody that no one wants to look at, (directly),
everybody does want to know about — again, just not directly.
As they are in a gym, on the stair climber, trying to drop weight, or:
in a boardroom, making a presentation, attempting to climb the corporate stairs;
as they are reading, talking, watching a movie, or just day dreaming,
they are reflecting everyone’s desire to know about the something about man
that no one wants to look at,
but their attention in such activities has been diverted away from the something;
they say they are searching the horizon for Manhattan,
but they are looking in the direction of Brooklyn —
nothing wrong with looking at Brooklyn, but if your goal is: unnaturally accurate sight,
you cannot live a life of lying to yourself about where you are looking têtê-à-têtê
to what you say you are looking for.

Anywhere that everyone else on this planet is looking — is not the place,
so, in an eye blink, you have narrowed the scope considerably;
also, anywhere your own inner eyes/I’s have already looked is no good,
as one guy recently mused:
“In the struggle to SeeTheThing — no system works — yet anything can be useful”–
the key is, “useful” — useful is, disposable —
expedient perhaps, but not permanent, which is ordinary mind’s conception of something that works: it of itself brings about permanent-change,
a mental deception arising from the very core of the something about man which
no one wants to look at.
Look at no outside set of directions to see the something — if the directions
direct your looking away from yourself, and more specifically:
away from the thing that does the looking.
No matter where you look other than there — you waste your time —
it can be useful — if you remember that, momentarily-useful is all that
any looking away from your looking-thing can be,

and that that ultimate visual target is — the looking-thing itself.

If this be so, (which it be), why would you look anywhere else?
Pass some time watching tv or reading if you like — just be aware of what it is:
it is something to do to keep from looking at the something about man
that everyone wants to know about, but not badly enough to look at it directly.
If you are to not-to-ordinariness-born,
you have to find out how you can personally look at it:
this is not a drudgery — for the few, it is the height of fun & excitement;
the whole rest of the world is always talking about “that great Manhattan skyline”
when you see quite clearly they are looking at Brooklyn,
which is the first step in being able to eventually turn your own eyes/I’s in the unidentified direction that has been persistently calling to you since childhood.
Once you have this part down of recognizing and no longing caring that
everyone is normally wired & programmed to look anywhere but directly at the something which everyone wants to know about but no one wants to look at,
the next crucial step is possible:
you realize beyond any doubt what the something is that you should be looking at;
knowing this does not immediately make you able to accomplish it,
but even just finally realizing what it is
is more fun than the rest of humanity can even fantasize.

It is not just that ordinary people do not want to look directly at the something,
the something itself does not want to be looked at;
these last ten words do not really describe the situation,
and the only ones that would
could only be understood by some one who has looked at the something head on —
so go with these for the moment, until you have looked at it directly for yourself,
and then you will understand why this term was herein employed:
“The something itself does not want to be looked at”
and while admittedly not unconditionally accurate,
it is still deadly true enough to be a death defying clue,
(ask yourself: “Why does it even appear that the something itself does not want to
be looked at?!” ………..pursuing this can be quite useful).

Let it be known and remembered by the few determined to:
that anywhere you look — other than directly at the something — is a waste of time;
it may be enjoyable, and you may feel it is valuable,
which would mean that it could be for you — temporarily-useful,
but if you are not trying to look directly at the something that
no ordinary person wants to look at,
you are not optimally employing your ability to look.
As the rest of the world skips along singing:

“Look away,
look away,
look away,
to pixie land” —
there is another place that is always with you which men never look at;
it is infinitely informative,
breathtakingly outrageous,
makes all of existence instantly clear,

and is more fun apparently than life intends most men to have.