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April 12, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

(Continuation of 4/9-11/02)


The Floating City Of Junk, invisibly enveloping all of human life on Earth,
is entirely the creation of man’s personality;
coming as a result of personality having interests, rather than needs,
as is the case with his disposition.
The planet physically provides for all of its life’s needs, including man’s;
indeed, what men need was present — and had to be – even before he appeared,
(back again to the inseparability of a thing and its environment
which mind’s vocabulary cannot contain),
but the unique needs of his personality are to be found no where on this
widely diverse orb: not laying around on the ground; not under the soil;
not back in caves; not up in trees; not down in fjords;
what his personality needs did not exist before man arrived;

it awaited him to create it.
The proverb: “Hunger is the best cook” unwittingly comes from this,
yet is but a pale reflection of the full situation sponsoring it:
one in which the Hunger not only prompted the meal,
but had to conjure up — out of thin air — all of the victuals.

To survive, all disposition (the driver of man’s car) has to do is look —
all it needs is to be found already around;
personality on the other hand, to meet its needs (in the form of interests) must create — and for that, there is no where to look but to itself.
No other agency on this planet will assist man in this;
those things intended to meet his personality’s interests — he alone must invent,
(at least he has no kibitzers second guessing him over his shoulder).

The conditions on earth are such that personality and disposition
do not compete for the same resources;
disposition consumes only the physical ones,
while the sustenance of personality is entirely immaterial,
(an adjective despised by personality for its common connotation);
that which sustains personality is intangible,
a situation entirely foreign to all other forms of life on this planet.
Sic, did personality feel moved to invent a whole separate category of words such as: spiritual, metaphysical, supernatural, in an effort to lend legitimacy to
this bewildering concept.

Piece by piece; bit by bit; notion by notion; thought by thought
did man’s personality construct The Floating City Of Junk,
(or we could here say: Floating City Of Special Interests-Met).
This city, (which is actually a world unto itself), is a city:

of personality, for personality, and by personality,
(but as far as disposition is generally concerned,
personality’s Special City might as well be in some other universe).

The complete construction and entire upkeep falls to personality –
and up to the task it be, in fact, it and The City are one,
just as anything and its environment are the same thing;
man’s personality and The Floating City Of Junk & Interests-Met are inseparable;
when man’s mind is inThe City — it ceases to exist;
it totally loses itself to The City; gives itself over totally to The City —
merges, disappears;

The City and it are one:

Those with a quirk in their neural wiring,
which urges them to seek answers for questions normal men do not even consider,
are unknowingly faced with a situation just as improbable as that of
personality being able to survive on bodiless nourishment:
they must somehow,
from the already laid out schematic in the conscious areas of their brain,
create — conjure up — draw out — a new personality.

The one they and everyone else is born with cannot do what the few want;
the interests of another personality is already evident in them –
all that is needed is to flesh it out — entice it out
of the incomprehensible depths of the human brain.

This new personality sees right through The City Of Junk;
understands instantly its genesis, and wholly, its function;
it does not dislike The Junk City Of Mundane Interests-Met —
it is merely uninterested;
(the other personality of the refined few has other fish to flambant).

Ordinary people believe they are constantly, “Of two minds” –
simultaneously attracted and repelled by certain ideas,
but as always, dey don’t know de tenth of it;
those catching on to what is going on are dealing with three minds:

disposition, their original personality, and the new one,
and the more experienced they become, the more space does their
newly developed one take up in this triumvirate — at the expense of the old one.

The dust in your house will be with you always,
but the freshly arrived elephant now living there
can gain such girth
and occupy so much of the space
that there is not enough room left for him to even notice it anymore.

The trick to breaking free of elective illusions which have captured your thoughts,
and made your view of life distorted,
is indeed, most complex and laborious;
it entails recognizing the difference between illusions and not —
thereby causing your awareness of their elective nature.

You can live in Junk City if you like — and the personality you were born with — likes;
there is, from no perspective known in the universe, anything wrong with doing so,
it indeed is what men are supposed to be doing;
that is why their thoughts built The City —
— so that their thoughts would have a place to go.

The potential, new personality has another place to go —
a place no one in the entire universe knows about but you — (once you get there, of course).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Additional Items Regarding The Main Story Of Today & Yesterday

By disposition, men collect in herds — like cows;
by personality, they gather in flocks — like crows;
the key ingredient here is: imitation:
everyone being verbal & mental look-alikes, and eager-to-please cannibals.

* * *

One man mused: “My personality is digitally inclined
while my disposition remains analogue.”

* * *

Personality resides strictly in the head,
though its influence can extend throughout the person;
disposition is everywhere to begin with.

* * *

Personality requires updates — disposition only up keep.

* * *

Once a man gets past a certain point of consistent intensity in his efforts,
he ceases to cast a shadow;

only personality has a shadow — disposition has mass.

* * *

Men only think of personality as having some parts that are better than others;

no one has ever thinks about disposition thusly — it just IS.

There’ll be no humor in heaven
‘cause that’s not where personality’s headed.

“I don’t get it!”
“Well, laugh and no one’ll know.”