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April 10, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

In a place infrequently visited is a guy called the:

There Is Always More To It man,
whose only interest has been in getting-to-the-bottom-of-things mentally,
and whose approach to doing so has come down to this single phrase:
There Is Always More To It.

Those few who find they have been born,
ingenerate devotees of getting-to-the-bottom-of-all-this-stuff,
inherently conceive of its goal as a bit of normally unknown information;
a radical fact at the bottom of everything which will conclusively explain everything.
Few of the original few get far beyond this starting line since nothing is more natural
tothe mind than the perception that the answer to a question is an answer;
that what will explain everything will be a piece of explanatory information.
This is how the human mind naturally and normally operates under natural and normal conditions, and thereby producing the outstanding results you witness
in the physical world all around you every day,
but surprisingly outside rational expectations lies
what is actually at the bottom of all things mentally,
and the one ultimate answer to all human questions (to wit):

There Is Always More To It.

This phrase falls not favorably on the early ears of novice seekers –
and why should it?! — what the hell specifically does it tell you?! —
you want answers — not someone telling you that even when you discover an initially satisfying answer: There Is Always More To It.
It portends a scenario of trying to reach Point X — and when you apparently do,
you are told that, No, the Real Point X — the one you want is on further on,
and when you get to another seeming, proper destination,
are again informed that the actual Point X is even beyond that one, ad infiniti-teedium.

“Well — Phooey on that!” say many when presented with such a path,
and thus do few ever go visit the: There Is Always More To It man.
He obviously understands the approach’s brutality and limited appeal
as evidenced by his never having it expanded into a multi media,
info-commercial-friendly, complex course of life long study (in 4 easy payments);
he clearly realizes that his method cannot be directly taught,
that for it to ever become a useful tool in a person’s investigation of all things mental, they must come upon it for themselves,
which they can only do by never ceasing their inquiry into this curious case;
by refusing to stop at any point — even when they may feel they have surely reached the final one: their mind becomes settled compared to what it has been for many years, but mere aging will accomplish that, (my mentally liver-spotted friends).

A way of ChasingTheThing that has no superior is the:
There Is Always More To It approach — (it can eat the lunches of all others),
but minds with inadequate, independent experience in the expedition
are scarce prepared by their natural neural talents to pick up on it,
and realize not only its singular potency, but to unknowingly recognize an aroma
about it that says it is a door to a kitchen — THE door — slap-dab in front of the kitchen wherein all things mental are being cooked.

If for some accidental reason, you were born, one of the few,

(and to know what’s going on, is the only thing that’ll do),
write this down in your notebook:
every time you conclusively say that:
“Such-&-such is the cause of that!” – “This is the answer to that!” –
you are playing a fool (well, you are listening to one & taking him seriously,
thereby becoming his inseparable partner in foolishness).
About physical matters outside itself, man’s mind can reach
demonstratively supported conclusions that this particular material,
or action of a material causes a specific event to occur,
but all such claims are testable and capable of being verified or not,
but there is no crucible even remotely resembling this concerning the other matters the mind ponders — matters which exist only in man’s mind,
thus, regardless of how much support may be forthcoming from surrounding minds,
any conclusive statement a man thinks or says about these matters
is like the silly attempt to put a period at the end of cloud.

The unrealized use of formalized Systems/Schools devoted to
changing a man’s consciousness so that his mind can get-to-the-bottom-of-things
is that they provide an illusion needed initially by those with the hunger for it:
a picture that — promises-the-possibility-of-finality,
in that if you study the School’s history/heroes/ /teachings/rituals, etc
long and seriously enough —
a day will arrive when you will finally be fully knowledgeable and expert in
all of its many facets —
which will be the day when you will finally understand everything.
This is simply how the human mind normally works;
to undertake a project — the mind must perceive a mentally comprehensible,
(which is to say, verbalizable), goal,
(let us call the goal by its ancient & honorable title: to Wake-up:
to arouse one’s mind from man’s routine dream),
and the mind must find what seems to be an appropriate vehicle or method
to reach the goal — thus the mind creates the various Schools For Awakening
with their overwhelming multitude of texts, impossible disciplines, and arcane rituals,
and then having these, men & their minds see the obviously direct path
to the goal of Waking-up the mind and seeing to the bottom of things
as being a dutiful follower of such a School and its teachings.
“I will become a student of System C, and when I know everything there
is to know about System C and what it knows — I will then know all:
I will know everything that I want to know” —
which sounds nothing but true and rational — but which is not:
the day never comes when you know everything that System C has to teach,
for your very study of its ideas have, without you realizing it, added to it and always will (The Floating City Of Junk, for readers who have already forgotten yesterday’s News).

It is the kind of wild-duck-dream on which ordinary minds depend;
the mind must have impossible, totally illusionary goals or no sane human
would get up every morning and go to a regimentalized job — for mere money.
All truly civilized, non-mystically-inclined human beings are chasing illusionary goals — civilization is based on it, (obviously: no problem here),
but also do the few commence their GreatUndertaking by pursuing the incorrect end:
their mind naturally tells them to become a student of
this or that school of enlightenment/awakening/liberation,
and initially, there is no alternative,
but it is, to say the least — uncomely
to see a forty year old man sitting in a third grade classroom;
only the minds of undergraduate students believe there is: An Answer – A Fact beyond which there is no other:
such minds have not actually even gotten started in the real study – which is the mind, or they could not still think that.

No matter how it certainly and sanely appears otherwise:
a man who sincerely studies School M or System C for the purpose of,
(whatever the particular school may call it):
Waking up, achieving Enlightenment, becoming Liberated,
is not at the molecular, mental level so motivated:

his mind, his consciousness is not actually hungry for Awakening, or Enlightenment — but hungry to comprehend itself,
and no amount of studying a map of anything
will tell you anything about the thing studying the map —
which is precisely — not randomly and scattered — what the minds of the few desire.

And if you ever get foot on this straight shot to goal — and stop! –
— you have blown the whole thing.

Even though technically, the phrase — There Is Always More To It —
does not totally spell out the matter,
the matter is just right beyond it — and indeed-deed-e-o,

the universe’s biggest, most blatant HINT is standing right there in front of your face, hip deep in the matter itself.

Consider: if it is true, (which it is), that no matter what you discover
in your pursuit of that SpecialGoal — There Is Always More To It —
what normally, humanly-unrealized, simple and obvious fact
is being waved in your mind’s face — by the human mind?!

So — while there is more to it than merely realizing that:
There Is Always More To It –
you will never know what it is until you realize that.

….(And from the Amen-bench came the pleasing sound: “Neat-o.”)

“Take off just a bit around the edges.” — “Edges? — what edges?!”

Even J.B. has the insight to say: “Take me to the bridge”
rather than going thru the facade of shooting for the coda.

Why not visit he of the: There Is Always More To It fame…………..he is near by…………..he is in your brain.