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“Just a little off the top please.” — “Where else?!”

April 8, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Although science & the National Hot Rod Association will not admit it,
the most distinguishing mark of man is that he is the only creature capable of: disapproving of himself —

and since a modicum of rational reflection readily reveals that such a thing is not possible, it becomes all the more fascinating, viz:
man is the sole creature able to pretend that he disapproves of himself,

and the life he leads.

“Are we perfect? — certainly not.
Are we trying to hide it? — no.
Are we striving to reach perfection? — yes.
Are we idiots? — I suddenly grow weary of the questions.”

An ordinary man/mind deals with this undealable game by pulling a fast shuffle,
and handling it indirectly –
by expressing his most active disapproval for his fellow creatures,
and the lives they lead – which are but carbon copies of him and his —
but which will at least momentarily,
(as per tacit, commonly agreed on rules of the game),
shift the critical spotlight from him to someone else.

A routinely acceptable psychological explanation for this can be presented as fast as the words can be typed,
such as how men having a built in disapproval of themselves and their lives
spurs them constantly on to improve themselves and the lives they lead,
and indeed, the less civilized you are, which is to say:
the less your neurons to hormones ratio is weighted in favor of the former,
the less disapproval you feel for yourself and your life,
(missionaries and proselytizers of all stripes are continually faced with the
challenge of getting the more hormonally centered [the under civilized from their view] to realize [or at least pretend to] the error of their carefree ways,
and to recognize their innocent insouciance as a sin,
or at minimum, unacceptable social guffawism).
The collective progress of man, that is, the easier and longer makes he his life,
the greater appears to be his neurons’ influence in what he does,
at the expense of his hormones,
(the words, neurons and hormones herein being employed metaphorically,
in that the words mean what they normally mean but also more as well),
and irrepressibly issuing from this natural interaction between the two is:

man’s disapproval of himself and the life he leads.
This being a necessary facet of the ongoing expansion of civilization,
and a more survivable existence is an explanation that is as good as any –
— for man-the-collective —
but just because mad cow disease is the fad-of-the-month for the herd
does not preclude a disinterest therein by individual cows here & there.

While a routinely sustainable case could even be presented that individual men would not pursue the unsatisfying lives many say they lead, (a distinctly bothersome job), unless they disapproved of their present style of life,
(the neighborhood in which they reside, the car they drive, etc);
and that were not individual men endlessly disapproving of themselves and their life,
they would likely not put up with the conditions under which they seemingly must work to make improvement to their lives, and would quite possibly revert back to
the pre-converted state of those less civilized and more hormonally driven – still,
this sort of reasonably sounding exposition does not bar a few people
born with an anomalous neuron/hormone ratio from having a hunger for a
better explanation and understanding of the human game.

If you are not trying to get-ahead in life, (that is: gain wealth, power or reputation),
why put up with what a man must who does pursue such?!
In other words, for instance: if you have no interest whatsoever in tattoos,
why would you undergo the annoyance and inconvenience of
having them applied to you — in invisible ink? —
for that is precisely what a man who wants-to-see-what-going-on is doing
each and every time he passively tolerates what his natural born mind
runs out into consciousness and passes off as — thought-about-himself.
Or if you cannot drive, what classification of fool would you be to get up everyday
and go to a job you despise only for the sake of saving up enough money to
buy a new Jaguar? — (or closer to the nerve ending):
once you have lived on the planet for twenty or so years,
plenty of time to have realized that the thoughts that normally issue from your brain and everyone else’s, expert and layman alike,
do not begin to answer or even touch on what you want to know,
(which for a long time you do not know what it is),
what kind of idiot does it make you to be to continue entertaining these thoughts like a gracious host — a gracious host whose intelligence has fallen in the punch bowl;
what sort of mind continues to go over and over the statement:
“Two and two is not five. Two and two is not five. Two and two is not five”
before accepting it and moving on to something new?
How long will a man born with the potential eye for the secret, better-things-in-life tolerate — without deadly, get-out-of-town-scrutiny of
the endless disapproval of himself and the life he leads flowing automatically from what initially seems to be his own mind — that is:

disapproval of himself coming from himself.

It now becomes impossible to verbally describe beyond this point;
all that can be profitably said, hinted to the few with that CertainHunger is:

it is literally not possible for a man to disapprove of himself;
this in no manner can be proven, nor even directly shown to the mind,
but the few can be safely assured that if you will just repeat the words to yourself
with the guarantee that as irrational and impossible as they sound — they be so —
and you keep your inner head, curiously and openly cocked – it will finally hit you — the absolutely insanity and true impossibility of:

you being able to disapprove of you.

Everything of which an ordinary man/mind can be conscious and think about
denies this — outright — on-the-spot refutes it;
feels, by its own experience at the very instant it hears the idea, that it is not so,
for at that very moment the thing in a man’s brain that is clearly him thinking,
is thinking about the many ways in which he does disapprove of the things he does amidst the life he leads.
Put into words thus,
a normal mind reading them will naturally and predictably dismiss them totally;
from every ordinary person’s brain/mind issues disapproval for the person,
and the life they lead;
all it must do is stop for a second to reflect on it, and an ordinary person/mind instantly realizes it is so,
but if you have the extraordinary potential to see just a teeny bit further than
the collective of humanity, you will one day suddenly realize that
this idea is the one which is insane and impossible.
It cannot really be talked about, (in spite of the instant) —
it can only be privately realized by you-of-the-few — entirely in your own brain —
an entirely extraordinary and uncalculated event in
humanity’s normally printed dance card and mental table game.

No one to this-kind-of-activity-born can continually say to their self:

It is literally not possible for a person to disapprove of their self —
while of course as always when engaged in such totally off the scale guerrilla exploits, keeping the windows and doors of their minds wide open,
without eventually the indescribable reality responsible for the verbal shadow of
the sentence striking their mental residence with such unbelievable, joyful,
and liberating force as to finally blow off those useless shutters and doors for good.

Just keep repeating this question, over and over to yourself
as you keep a lookout with keen eye/I:

“How can I disapprove of me?!” —
and while the query would sound valid to the six billion ordinary people of this planet,
if the few persist in its inquiry,
one day its total impossibility — and what is revealed just behind it –
will drop an atomic funk bomb on your brain and you will then internally stroll from
the valley of foolishness concerning the lives which ordinary men & minds lead.

“Are we perfect? — certainly not.
Are we striving mightily to become perfect? — what do I look like – a fool?!”


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