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April 5, 2002 ©2002: JAN COX

On this one planet was a thing that some people did not like what it did,
and when ever they would look directly at it — it would stop doing it.

Everyone there was affected by what the thing did,
but only a few did not like what it did,
and their dislike was a real big deal in their lives.

By some reports, what the thing did was necessary for life on that world,
but the few found no conclusive proof that the way it normally did what it did
was the only way it could operate.

Finding no support in the majority, the few who did not like the way the thing did what it did would huddle together, discuss, debate and theorize about the matter;
a whole little subculture sprouted from their activities: a literature, a history — complete with heroes — and numerous “Organizations” titularly devoted to
the few finding relief from their dislike of what the thing did.

The natural, rational approach was to try to change the way the thing did what it did, but after six kiltreons, (three thousand Earth years), of effort —
no success, which, (and you may find this surprising),
has not at all deterred continuing generations of the few from trying — but:
you should not be flummoxed by this rhythmic flogging of a suspiciously unresponsive activity — for what other choice had they? —
they are born into a world in which the thing is already
fully engaged in doing what it does;
they do not like what it does — and, perhaps it should be noted,
the thing has no Complaint Desk or Customer Service Department
with whom you can speak to someone connected to the thing:

it is unreachable.
In fact, its presence and effect is so all pervasive in their lives that it is almost impossible for the creatures to separate it in their mind from their lives;
like the inability to peel one piece of paper from another
to which it is too tightly glued:
that is the relationship between the inhabitants and what the thing does.

So — no other feasible approach presenting itself to their minds,
the few who do not like what the thing does,
continue fruitlessly to make it stop — make it change its ways.

(The latest deep space telescopes we are sending out are revealing more and more clearly that everything in the universe has a hobby.)


…..oh yeah; a myth among a few of the few there says a guy once showed up
who went through all of the predictable stages of trying to
change the way the thing did what it did,
but rather than eventually settling in with the rest of his metaphorical kin,
and like them, accepting the situation — while
pretending in talk that they still expected success, “any-day-now” –
he wandered off somewhere that neither they, nor the records of their ancestors had knowledge of.
The story goes on to say that after a time, completely cut off from them,
out entirely on his own,
he discovered another approach to dealing with not liking the way
the thing did what it did
which did not suffer from that well known problem inherent in their
standard approach — the problem of it not working.

The only problem with his other approach and this whole story is that
they never knew about him going off and finding it, and its benefits. etc.

Another person cannot find it for you; hardly anybody can find it for their self;
another person cannot tell you what it is;
everyone is presently too involved in listening to their self.

…..(If this was more of a sophomoric, smart ass screed-come-satire, today’s news would end with this line:

And there the thing sits — laughing at man.)


…..but do not take it personally:
doing so is the only thing that could make the thing make sport of you.


…..one more:
dislike for the way the thing does what it does is fueled solely by: taking it seriously and taking it personally:
this is the real cause in the few for all forms of blindness and idiocy.