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April 3, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

(Somewhat continued from 4/2/02)

There is this certain IT — that if you ever see it,
nothing in your non physical life will ever be the same.

It can be described from several perspectives, using various terms,
but they all amount to the same thing — the IT.
Once realized, IT explains everything, and blows permanently the britches off the sweet ass of man’s second reality, revealing clearly the nature of all things mental and non essential.
IT is always here; it does not hide — it does not have to hide to keep from being seen, for it is the thing responsible for your mental seeing & looking.
Why not join in the singing of the school’s fight song:

“It — It — It!

Oh my god, shit!
Where have I been all my life,
how could I’ve been so blind!”
. …….(Feeling more aggressive already, huh.)

Something easily open to immediate observation that ordinary men,
and their ordinary minds never notice, but which bears directly on IT,
is the fact that your thoughts and state-of-consciousness,
(the neural operation responsible for your thoughts),
are not the same when you are alone as they are when you are with other people,
and that ordinary men and ordinary minds do not normally like the state of their consciousness and thoughts — when alone — compared to them in company —
and leave us repeat: this is right around the door to IT.

Those historically seeking an understanding of life and man
not normally on the public table, (which would require a new state of consciousness),
are born with an inchoate awareness of this,
ergo their continuing belief-do-dah-suspicion that living a solitary life
probably offers the maximally conducive conditions to achieving this
desired new state of consciousness and thought:
the compromise practice of which being most commonly the collective monastic setting in which participants, while not having to live in literal
isolation, do so as much as possible — in a verbal & social sense –
by honoring a code of silence and keeping to themselves as much as possible
under the circumstances.

Like all good compromises — what can you say about it?! — one thing:

compromise equals inadequate understanding;
thought says it always does the best it can under the prevailing conditions,
but what it never mentions is that it is responsible for the conditions in which
it must operate.
Compromise may put a maternal smile on a monk’s mother’s face
as he enters the monastery,
but he who truly wants to clean-out-his-room
so he can finally see what the floor looks like
should not himself find anything agreeable about compromise —
— not after its synonymity with ignorance has been pointed out.

If being alone offers some advantage in efforts to alter your consciousness & thought, then being alone with a group of other people who want to be alone
is not the most efficient, (and dare it be noted), most intelligent way to go about it.
But to be fair, no one realizes the fullness of this initially;
it requires some time, some energy, some something else (?!?)
for a man to personally discover the plain fact in his own brain that
his thoughts and overall state of consciousness are different when he is alone
than when another person is present,
which, (as white bread as it may sound on a computer screen),
when individually — suddenly realized — is an astounding moment for the realizer.

First off: how could something this obvious in every human being’s head
go totally unnoticed?! — and then,
(once you have sufficient experience in this GreatInvestigation),
you know that this fact of something being so plainly so
that you have personally uncovered,
which the rest of normal humanity has never noticed
always precedes the realization of its practical use in your on going secret inquiry.
On this you can count: anything you mentally discover on your own —
which everyone else seems oblivious to —
will always add horsepower to your special search engine.

To optimally employ your knowledge of the above does not necessitate a
life of isolation; your awareness of the situation is your needed separation;
your own clear recognition of the fact that – automatically –
the very nature of your thoughts and the actual tenor of your consciousness
instantly change when another person enters a room
in which you were previously alone;
(the super alert might also note that it all changes upon just hearing another person
pull into the driveway of the house in which you are alone).

(You might also notice that everyday, normal people obviously do not like
that state of thought and consciousness natural to men when they are alone;
note the popularity of cell phones, TV, DVD’s, radio, reading:
all hybrid substitutes to compensate for the lack of there being another actual human being present to change the unsatisfying state,
[even funkier is prayer; an activity whose goal, unwittingly ,is to expand consciousness,
but which has just the opposite effect].
Seeing plainly for yourself, what has herein been verbally teased into the open is the only thing that will work —
“But damn!” muttered Captain Carstairs,
“Is it not always thus with this damn IT thing!” )

What else you may gain from this awareness is left to your own efforts,
but for the real few, be not mistaken:
just being uncompromisingly aware that human thought and consciousness
is in one state when by itself,
and instantly goes into a completely different state when another human being joins it,
is a lesson whose aftermath you cannot imagine — but only experience.

You need no mystical community or monastery — that one simple fact
contains in it and behind it, all the schooling a proper man needs to uncover the IT.


Oh yeah, there is another relevant facet to the above:
your thoughts and state of consciousness are not the same when you are silent
as they are when you are talking;
the incomplete innate hint of this in those who conceived of
the semi-solitary life of the monastery
is what accounts for them habitually adding the rule of silence;
such people have attempted to explain its purpose from a variety of constricted views, but all look right past the reality beneath the actual urge that drives their actions.
The simple fact, readily available for inspection in your own head, is that:
your thoughts and consciousness are in one state when you are not talking,
and instantly in a totally different state once you start.
Again, to the weak eyed/I’d reading these words, their minds may say:
“Even if true — so what?! — that’s of no importance” — and as always:
only the few benefit from plain, simple confrontations with things as they are;
while it is the normal, but necessary adornments, trinkets and distractions
the mind naturally imposes on the reality it perceives-cum-creates
that keep routine men able to tolerate the meaningless ramblings of their
ordinary mind,
they also prevent them from ever seeing directly what is going on in life.

For routine minds: dreaming and man’s ordinary state of consciousness & thought
is non stop mental Mardi Gras, and hell! — everyone enjoys a good time,
but there is fun not generally known to the mass of revelers that comes from
seeing behind the carnival masks of mankind’s everyday existence;
it turns out that the most beautiful girl at the ball – the super sharp Cinderella
whose foot fits the magic shoe you’ve been carrying all these years,

— is at the end of your own leg.
And suddenly looking down, and pointing in the direction of his own
physical foundation, a man exclaimed: “My gawd! — There it is! —
That’s IT.”

Mens sana in sano goobers.