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Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

April 1, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX


No one knows precisely what is bugging someone else
since they themselves do not know.
More accurately: No one can say what is bugging someone else
since they themselves cannot say what is bugging them.

More accurately still : Everyone knows — but no one can say.

Words: grasps at reality.


The only thing about man worth talking about — he can’t talk about;
he can’t talk about it because he doesn’t know what it is.
Oh, most people say they do — but they’re just pretending.

Words: echoes of reality.


“You know what I want: Seeing the facts in a mirror — that’s what I want!

………..I say that since that’s what I seem destined to do anyway.”

Words: shadows of reality.


“Hey — angry one!”
“How can you be mad if you’re not mad at someone?”
“Don’t ask.”
“Really — I want to know.”
“Well, I’m mad at myself.”
“How can you be mad at yourself? That doesn’t make sense.”
“Okay — I’m mad at life.”
“How can you be mad at life? Life is not a person or a thing?!?”
“All right — I’m mad at being able to be mad without having a target for my anger.”
“Jeeze — I’m not getting any of this?!?”
“I told you not to ask.”

……………………………………………………….“That you did.”

One Guy’s Private Conversation……really PRIVATE!…..(like with himself.)

“You know what I like best about you.”
“You’re not really interested, are you?!”
“Not really.”
“AH! — and that’s what I like best about you!”

There is no better shtik than bitching: it will fit in a blue collar bar, or at a faculty tea;
in the halls of congress, and in a confessional booth;
the shtik of bitching plays well in every venue;
it is a proven winner, time and time again all over the world.

ChasingTheThing involves — inside yourself — all of the following:
running with the ball; trying to tackle the runner, and all the while
stiff armin’ everybody involved;

bouncing up and down; trying to push the jumper off balance, and all the while
trying to keep your distance from both of ‘em;
(and also):
talkin’ and listenin’ and all the while — tryin’ to ignore ‘em both.

The Original: “Habit is a kind of — second nature.”
The Improvement: Habit, (if not of the survival instincts) is a kind of idiocy.

“Pa pa – is it really fair to call a man in a coma an idiot?”
“What?! — he’s going to object?!”

Everyone is well aware that there is something persistent but quite subtle
bugging everybody,
and everyone in their own way,
(based on their own genetic temperament and particular neural wiring),
tries to say what is,
but everyone clearly feels the inadequacy of their attempts;
for whatever it is is so subtle that all efforts to put it in words,
(save of the rudest sort under the crudest of circumstances), are never satisfying, neither to the speaker nor those spoken to.

By no means can any man satisfactorily explain — in words — to anyone
what it is that throughout his life is bugging him.
No matter how wealthy, powerful or well known he may become,
the bugging never ceases;
wide involvement in second reality human activities can help suppress
a person’s awareness of the bugging, (which is precisely that realm’s appeal),
but nothing there will stop it.
Like being really caught up in a movie will not cure the cold you have,
but being so involved can make you more or less forget about it for an hour or so;
expand the movie to sports, religion, politics, social position,
and extend the hour to a lifetime,
and you have most people’s formula for dealing with the thing bugging everybody.

A lot of people will say they know what it is,
(most commonly couched in terms of sin or psychological guilt),
but everyone’s brain (which is the outlet for such professions),
knows that it does not actually know:
that organ’s motto is: “You take your best shot,
and when you’re pushed against a wall — and you gotta believe something –
you go with what you’ve got under the circumstances,
and say you believe whatever works at the moment.” —
— and a winning approach it is.

But for the few of the planet who cannot get over their inborn solid suspicion that something else is possible besides simply, going-with-what-is-readily-available-and-seems-to-satisfy-everyone-else,
the bugging-of-man must be investigated in much greater depth and detail,
(the conclusive act thereof being possible within the span of a second —
…….‘cept it takes a forty year running start to make that ultimate one second leap —
but hey! — what else you got to do besides trying to get rich, famous and
laid like carpet in the Astrodome.)

So — how ‘bout it:

There is truly but one thing about man that is really worth ever talking about,
and it cannot be directly talked about,
and not for reasons mystical, spiritual or otherwise spooky,
but because no one knows what TheThing is.

Being Awake, Enlightened & Liberated is nothing much more than just realizing this:
not saying that you realize it; not saying that you do not realize it;
not discussing it, not debating it, not still searching for it,
but realizing as plainly and unquestionably as you do if you look at your hand and realize the hand is yours:
just as clearly as that, you realize that no ordinary human being knows what is
bugging them.

You see,
the way things are arranged in the herd is that everyone else knows
what is bugging men and the related, purpose-of-life,
while an awakened man is an idiot and knows none of that;
he only knows one thing, (covered in the above paragraph).

So —
this concludes today’s News — our date is at an end — so!
are all you normal contestants ready to resume — Playing That Game?………………