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March 25, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

The creation story you have never heard says that after Adam,
(the symbolism for man), was “thrown,”
(pushed is actually the better word – and by the actions of his own brain at that) –
out of the original state of untroubled paradise, and was outside the garden,
and the full realization of what had happened hit him –
he was so upset he jumped up and down, shouted, “Shit!” and fired off a pistol,
and what his few descendants ever since who undertake the thing called,
Struggling To Awaken are unwittingly doing is chasing after that still soaring bullet fired off by the first man who understood what having thought had done to man, hoping to get out in front of it and be struck by it.

Creatures born in overcoats never notice them —
okay, they notice them, but never question them —
okay, they question their condition, but never their existence.
To what end would a bear ponder the presence of its fur;
doing so could lead to a neurosis, and the stress thereof
cause its fur to fall out and threaten its survival.
In the dance of life: You wear the one what brung ya.

While no metaphors, or symbolism exist to convey the reality of the following,
here it is nonetheless.
What may be beneficial to a herd of elk may not be so to a particular individual;
but this cannot be — there can literally never be any circumstances which would affect a species collectively one way and some normal member thereof in another, much less opposite manner,
and the big, begging hint herein is the fact that while the few trying to wake up are living proof that such a situation does exist,
there is no satisfactory metaphorical picturization for it.
To what end do a few question the presence in their personal lives of what is the defining strength of mankind collectively?
Do they strive to cut off their nose to — what?! — spite their nose?!?! —
how’s about: to shock their noses into a super state of smelling.

On an automobile journey, the guy handling the map is ultimately not who matters, but rather the dude driving.
People who believe that their dreams have significance are probably stupid enough
to believe that their waking thoughts do too.

The one holding the map is nothing — the one driving, everything.

The circus horse hopping around the ring on his hind legs is not doing so in tempo to the trainer’s whip cracks, but vice versa.
Sound familiar to affairs under your own big top? Hummmmmmmm?

Had not Adam — a mental entity — left the old neural Elysium field in his brain
and gone to the land of thought,
humans would still be just hangin’ out — laying around in the grass laughin’ —
no money saved — teasin’ the baboons, and mostly just goofin’ off.
Ordinary men forced to go from their present lives to something like that
would soon consider suicide,
but the few, without fully realizing what they are involved in, are right now actively trying to
place themselves in the direct path of an ever flying invisible bullet which was fired off by
their true progenitor in that most starling of mortally experienced moments
when he was briefly aware of that original momentous shift in man’s brain from
non thinking to thinking.

Routine minds love to quote the notion: You can’t go home again – why?
Bitter sweet is better than no sweet,
plus the herd has no interest in hearing of possibilities that might result in a journey surprising similar to the one the proverb says is not possible.
An individual starling can go where the flock cannot.

Trying to: cut through the clutter; see through the smoke;
touch the core of life and get at least your mental dick out of the wringer
are all the one attempt to position yourself (your consciousness of course)
where that original fired off bullet of man’s momentary realization of what was happening to him in his going from a state of unspeaking consciousness
to one that talked,
so that its striking of your mind — fully head on — will revive in your head
that brief, original recognition of what long ago occurred in man’s brain –
— which is the only meaningful, non metaphorical history of man worth revisiting.

What a most extraordinary interest and potential adventure have a few been given — and such a shame (metaphorical sympathy) that it mostly goes squandered
(that is, not seen all the way through) — but hey,
as they say in Podunk: “Even if I never reach Rome, compared to where I am now, just getting to the Italian border will be an accomplishment” – which it will,
but the unsymbolizable fact secretly remains (constantly orbiting the inner earth) that there is a bullet — even beyond The Eternal City — which,
if you can get yourself in just the right position —
will strike you dead on in the chest and head,
and blow up everything you ever knew, suspected and expected.

Come on!, let’s hear it for the bullet! Yeaaaaaaaaaaa!
Now doubly so for: getting-yourself-in-the-proper-position-to-be-hit.