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March 20, 2002 ©2002: JAN COX

In routine people, thoughts must take themselves seriously;
under ordinary conditions, thoughts have no choice —
they are supposed to take themselves seriously.
What thoughts do when engaged in their primary work of aiding in man’s survival
is serious — but most of their energy is not so spent;
and what they do the rest of the time cannot by any objective definition be considered serious;
but routine thoughts are not capable of an objective scrutiny of themselves,
and thus do, un analytically accept all of their thoughts as serious in spite of the ever present evidence to the contrary,
(Keep in sight the fact that herein thoughts’ problem solving efforts in aid of man’s survival,
which are always focused on something outside of man’s mind, are not what is being reported on,
but rather those thoughts his mind has about matters that exist only in his thoughts,
and are not literally essential.)

When men’s thoughts are on something such as a movie, which is clearly entertainment and not necessary for survival, mind will still take its thoughts about the movie seriously; film critics are afforded serious stature;
degrees in film study are awarded; men fall into film related fisticuffs due to the seriousness with which they take their thoughts thereabout,
(holding equally so with such subjects as politics, art, religion, morality, music, history, economics, fashion, psychology and even — truth & reality.)

Everyone knows that a man with strong thoughts/views on a particular subject,
no matter how far afield they may be from the prevailing norm,
will not have same changed by being told that his thoughts are ridiculous,
no, regardless of how they may appear to those outside of him,
the man is constructed such that the thoughts he has he will always take seriously.
What is not as equally realized (or faced) is that while every man is able to
identify what he sees as patent foolishness in the thoughts of others,
he cannot in himself;
it is not a moral weakness; it is not stupidity, nor bull headed vanity –
it is the way thought producing consciousness is wired and programmed
in ordinary men’s brains.
Your ordinary thoughts can readily deny, argue or ignore this,
but a brief objective look at the matter by any man capable of such
clearly shows the validity and species wide commonality of what is being noted.
Idiots and imbeciles take their thoughts seriously
as do presidents and prelates — what choice have they? — none,
not if you are to-the-collective-mind-born.

Absolutely and demonstratively contrary to accepted wisdom,
under routine conditions men cannot –change-their-minds, (that is),
simply put their mental hands on a particular thought common to them,
and extract it from their mind and fill the now empty spot with a new thought.
Ordinary people certainly talk under an illusion that says they can do exactly that, (though by necessity of reality, not speak of it in any detail),
but a man with exceptional inner-sight-born can instantly see otherwise,
when the matter is pointed out to him, as the instant herein .

Under ordinary conditions people with ordinary minds cannot come to an individual conclusion & understanding that some particular thought they have is foolish,
and should never have been taken seriously to begin with,
and then remove it from their consciousness, either leaving a blank space there,
or replacing it with a related thought that is truly serious.
If asked directly if they can do this, quite rational men will answer in the confident affirmative, but it would take a sharp, self-hired, private neural investigator
all of fifteen minutes to blow that canard of a case wide open.

If you really want to see what is going on in life you must first see that
what goes on in your thoughts is not to be taken seriously;
does not matter what — if a thought is not about getting food,
rest or shelter — then it is not serious;
your old, natural born mind and everyone around you may say that it is;
they may even say that the thought is more serious than those related to survival, (fidelity to a principle being more important than life itself, for instance,
[a principle being nothing but a thought about some non essential matter]),
and neither your original mind nor anyone else’s can ever be made to see this matter differently.
It is normal and necessary that ordinary people take all of their thoughts seriously; did they not, everything you see around you now that was not on this planet before man appeared would not be here;

civilization in toto would go byebye.

Even though it observably is how the universe wants things to be
in the life of collective humanity,
from an outsider’s strictly specialized view,
civilization could be said to be built on silliness — not on seriousness, but on outright, unconcealed silliness.
From this in-the-secret-pocket-perspective,
every cultural activity ever devised by man is a world wide pretending that

the silly is serious;
anyone who can freely glance upon religion, politics, liberal arts,
social sciences — social position, (on & on at your pleasure),
and not privately smile at their pompous pretentiousness and salient silliness
is certainly not to this kind of thing born.
Only the clear headed, wide eyed secret sleuth can see this objectively;
if even just reading about it here brings on in your mind,
overwhelming critical thought about the matter,
then you are made as silly as the silliness your laughs are condemning.

True, pure silliness, when seen by a true pure consciousness, calls for no criticism;
only that which is serious (thoughts about survival matters) is worthy of any critical consideration (“Is the way I am pursuing this essential activity the most efficient?”),
but what conceivable censure is called for regarding thoughts about silly matters? (“Should I be making my sacrifices to the gods in the morning or afternoon?”)

From the double dipped, silk slipped, seeker-of-the-bottom-of-things view,
every thought the human mind has about things which have no existence
outside the human mind are frivolous and totally not to be taken seriously
by the seeker of inordinate sight;
once you undertake your investigation from this ad hoc approach,
you will pretty quickly either see it is so — or you will not.

There is no doubt whatever that near a hundred per cent of people
do not have a consciousness capable of ever realizing this
(along with what was reported on here yesterday);
the thoughts inherent and natural to ordinary men simply do not have
the built in ability to distinguish between essential & serious thoughts,
and the ones, superfluous & silly, (not under anything less than
life threatening situations — at which times all non essential thoughts automatically stop anyway, so the problem therein never arises).

But a lone man — here & there — from time to time —
is born with a brain which has the potential to, (so to speak),
artificially create its own neural, life-threatening situations –in itself,
and by so doing, make all of the silly thoughts that populate his
and everyone’s original mind, stand off by themselves;
through conjuring up in his own consciousness, a mental do-or-die circumstance,
he is able to segregate the silly from the useful.

What would a clear headed man who understands what is going on be serious about, other than the few simple matters necessary to stay alive?
Six billion sane, intelligent and insightful (by their own mass definition) voices
will object and say that the life of a reflective, and fully civilized man
is filled with many other things, (thought things), nearly, if not equally as important as those necessary for mere physical survival —
……..and for them — that view is correct;
for the majority — the silly of thought must be taken seriously;
for the few — get a grip! — get serious!


P.S. what greater example of silly thoughts being taken seriously than when a man says, “I” — as in: “ I think so & so,” or: “I believe this or that.”