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March 18, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

While physicists still scratch around in the microscopic world for the missing piece in the great cosmic puzzle, men ignore the mortal sized one in their everyday thoughts and conversations that would tie everything together in the psychological world: Am, as in: “I am the type of person who…” (am often disguised as: don’t, can’t & won’t).

While common as air, am is noticed even less,
and though everyone knows its definition, no one understands it;
men recognize what the word represents,
but not the significance of what it represents.

Consider men’s basic, self defining comments:
“I am a Christian” “I am a father” “I am a Democrat”
“I am a doctor” “I am a German” “I am a programmer” “I am not gullible”
“I am not a fool” “I am an honest man” “I am a person deserving of respect” and so on;
note that none save man describe their nature; no plants, no animals,
no elements, no physical world events;
a snake does not broadcast his characteristics;
he does not say: “Don’t Tread On Me!” — a man put such words in his mouth as a metaphor for his own, Am (in the form of: “I don’t put up with that shit!”),
nor does an elephant have to say: “I am so large, strong and fearless that you had best give way when I appear” neither need a hurricane nor cancer
issue advance warning about the nature of what they am,
nor must fire caution: “I am hot,” or granite: “I am hard” —
only humans feel the need to make constant declarations of what they are,
both publicly and privately to themselves.

If an oak suddenly said to a passing human: “I am the kind of tree who gets quite large and sturdy and I don’t take much crap from squirrels, moss or smaller trees, and you would never catch me voting Republican, reading The Times, or going to the opera”
the man would judge the tree deranged, or more likely conclude that he had
slipped into Looney Tune Land for in the real and sane world —
things other than human beings do not state what they are;
what they are silently speaks for itself:
a pine tree does not have to say: “I am green” nor water: “I am wet”;
only humans move about, leading the lives they actually live while issuing endless statements about what their words say they really are:
“Yes, what you just saw me do or heard me say may seem foolish,
but let me assure you — I am not a fool!” Okay.

Why do ordinary humans observably feel the urgent need to continually
say what they individually are?
Why do men’s most commonly uttered sentences all begin with: “I am”
(in one form or the other): “I am tolerant”– “I am intelligent” — “I am a man of integrity” — “I am the kind of person who believes that truth and goodness will triumph” —
“I am a firm believer that it is: Every man for himself”?
Anyone not already fatally blinded by their own thoughts’ such insistences
can readily note how disconnected such declarations are from the lives
the declarers actually lead and the people their actions clearly show them to be,
but think them not fools, for when you do so,
the moron bell is then back tolling for thee, sweet prune prince.

As surely as humans are destined to cough are they instinctively designed to broadcast throughout their lives, defining statements of precisely the type of
human being they personally find themselves to be.
Consider that basic, generally unnoticed, much less examined apparent
operational reality, that men discover themselves to be like this or that;
does a tiger somewhere in the world one day suddenly think/say:
“You know, I’ve just realized: I am aggressive as hell!
I’ve got a really short fuse. I believe I will mention this to everyone I meet.”
Based on their lack of comment thereon, skunks know how they smell,
so why does man alone in all of creation issue endless statements purporting to tell,
in ever shifting detail, just what kind of creature he individually is?
Can a polecat hide its aroma, or a tiger its aggressiveness?
In the rest of life does not information that must be communicated get communicated? Do not gazelles get the message to avoid tigers without the latter having to send them a press release describing the kind of cat they are?
And do not cakes know instinctively to come in out of the rain?

For whose benefit is a man urged to make these life long, running declarations ostensibly telling everyone exactly the kind of person he is?
Is it to warn others? To impress others with his characteristics?
Or is something more in play? You got it! — something more, (of course
that was pretty easy since something more is always at work than civilians perceive).
Ask yourself: out of everyone in the whole wide world,
when the sun’s coming up; the beer’s run out and even the ugly girls have left —
— whose words about you impress you most?
Then ask yourself: whose words are these that I hear in my head describing me?
Only a man who is what he is can say what he is,
every man is only what he is but most men do not realize this,
thus do ordinary men rattle on all their lives attempting to say what they are;
only a man who is what he is and knows what being what you are is
could in fact, say what he is — but such a man does not say.

Everything a man does not understand — he gives voice to;
what you do not say describes what you understand.


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