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March 15, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

Being a medium for thought makes you two creatures:
the one who leads the life you live and the one who looks thereon and
comments thereabout;
the one who observes and comments stands amidst the one who
leads your life much as a fisherman stands in the middle of a rushing river;
your thinking you is totally surrounded and relentlessly buffeted by
ever running, ever changing near chaotic and quite noisy conditions
which continually challenge its balance and threaten to knock it off its feet,
and carry it away,
(not physically: that would be a health matter with the other you).

The you who leads the life you actually live is not conscious of its world as a place of constant, unpredictable change, nay,
such to it is an anomaly — an indication of illness;
while felt and seen from a view divorced from your commenting you,
the world of the you who actually leads the life you live is relatively calm,
quiet and repetitious, (and as always, not the concern here).

From the most simplistic perspective: everyone else’s commenting self
is the roaring river in which your counterpart stands;
what other peoples’ thinking selves have to say about life are the intangible conditions that continually threaten to tip over your thinking self;
fablistically: aristotle amidst barbarians, jesus amongst pharisees,
all examples of one wise man surrounded by fools:
that is how the ordinary commenting self of every routine thinking man
sees its position in the overall mental world of man:
“I have important, useful observations to share, but am encircled-by,
and drowned-out by the foolish, invalid ones of lesser men,”
and while this keeps the mortal coffee perking, it is but the basest of perception, for while it is true that everyone’s commenting self stands right in the middle of the rushing river of what everyone else’s commenting selves have to say,
if you wish to ever get dried off and up on the bank for a better view of what is really going on, you must turn your mental eyes in a different direction;
you must make the tricky, frustrating effort for it to eventually dawn on you that, (in spite of its irrationality when put in words), the relentless, raging
river in which your observing/thinking/commenting self stands — is itself.

At bedrock, your commenting self is standing on the self that
actually leads the life you live, but that you in you makes no comments,
(other than the occasional stomach growl),
so what the commenting you seems to be standing amidst of
is the comments your observing/thinking you is making about
the silent you that is leading the life you actually live.
In words it certainly at first sounds confusing, if not improbable-come-impossible, but for the few with that CertainHunger, a feasible amount of open headed investigation of the matter will soon subtly suggest to you otherwise.

Next Step

There are no problems without two people;
all problems are inside you;
ChasingTheThing is not a problem solver, but an exposer of what problems are.

You clearly cannot have any dispute, argument, misunderstanding,
or strictly human problem of any sort without two people;
a single man cannot sustain an argument —
there must be another person to support a mental position opposing his,
and all problems unique to man, (not those concerning territory, food and sex),
are mental disputes:
the comments of one man’s thinking self conflicts with the observations of another man’s commenting self;
all strictly human problems are entirely about the differences in observations,
and comments each man’s thought-medium-self makes – but now:
the few with TheHunger, determination (and bit of luck)
who faithfully prosecute the above noted inquiry, soon realize that these
everyday discrepancies and disputes amongst ordinary men’s commenting selves
are irrelevant to their personal endeavor, and thus they turn all of their investigatory skills on their self — specifically on that self in their head which observes and comments on the life they lead.

These observations result in a never ceasing stream of critical comments about the life the observer is leading, and right there is — THE Human Problem –
but wait up! — there can be no problem without two people –
and there is not two of you in you — yeah, but there can sure seem to be —
in fact, does not what had been noted in the above show it to be so?!

No non physical problem exists outside of any man;
all human problems exist only inside of humans;
all problems require the presence of two people;
no human has two people inside of them.

There was once a planet on which a movie was continually shown,
and on a screen so large that it was constantly in everyone’s sight;
it is so all pervasive that most of the people there have come to accept the film as an actual part of their actual lives;
“Look — a train wreck” — two things, no?! –
a train wreck and the comment thereabout;
“I don’t feel so good” — two things, no?! –
the not-so-good feeling and the comment thereon;
“I don’t think so” says a man’s thoughts in reaction to another man’s;
“I don’t approve of that thought I just had” says one man silently to himself.

One guy theorizes that man might be victim of a cosmic hoax,
while his brother pondered the possibility that something else less nefarious seeming could be going on of which man is not normally aware — and in particular,
a CertainPossibility that would clear up all problems, answer all questions,
and make the illusion of two in you merge nicely into the reality of one.

To be-asleep and captive of TheCity
is to feel always on the verge of being overwhelmed and swept away by you;
the feeling is not imaginary, but is based on U.S. Steel Reality,
but the girders you are given at birth are not the only building materials available to a persistent, quiet man.

When you are out of the dream and out of TheCity — you are one person,
and one person is silent — who does he have to talk to — or listen to?!