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March 13, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

If you have thoughts — you want to understand what is going on in life,
and if you are ordinary — you soon believe you do;
this is how it is but these people sure do miss out on a lot of fun and excitement.

The purpose of blood is to nourish cells,
the purpose of insulin is to control glucose,
the purpose of thoughts is to understand what is going on in life;
creatures without thoughts simply react to life — men too react,
but they also want to understand the relationship between life,
and their reactions thereto.

In physical survival matters the relationships explain themselves;
there is an instinctive need, and it is either satisfied or not;
there is nothing to understand about hunger and eating;
you are hungry, you eat, you are no longer hungry,
case for the moment, closed,
but thoughts want more.
When they are not engaged in survival related activity they seek to understand
the other features of life — which are?…………………………………………………….well,
here enters the unseen rub (from a minority view of a select few).
Men clearly understand what is going on in life on the physical survival level:
you get hungry and must eat; you get tired and must rest;
you must find an environment in which you can survive, and generically,
you must, via sex, see that the human species continues,
but everyone understands all of this instinctively, right from the womb,
and nothing of consequence is to later be said thereabout.
But thoughts want more — thoughts themselves come with their own
instinctive characteristics, and wanting to understand what is going on in life
beyond the mere automatic survival level is their most salient — but –
there is that unacknowledged hang nail — the question of:
Exactly what else is there to life other than physically surviving?
and men filled with ordinary thoughts have immediate responses:
“Being a good person, a good citizen;
being a liberal, a conservative;
being a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist;
being respected, being wealthy, being educated,”
all of these and more are collectively embraced by man as being matters of deep significance that reach far beyond the mere feeding of his physical body.

But these matters of significance that you cannot touch,
that you cannot eat, you cannot fuck, you cannot sleep on or hide under –
where did they come from?
Was there a special branch of mental/spiritual explorers who sailed off
and discovered them in previously unknown territories,
or were there metaphysical scientists who in their laboratories
uncovered them?
A fact as basic in the mind as quarks are in atoms, and equally as impossible for ordinary eyes to see is that all of the matters men’s thoughts say are of relevance beyond his physical existence
are matters that came from and exist only in his thoughts.
In the realm of mind, this is as fundamental as is the law of gravity in the physical,
but just as invisible — at least to routine men’s routine thoughts.

An ordinary, civilized, educated, sophisticated and sane man’s thoughts,
when presented head on with this childishly obvious and simple fact
will instinctively turn away, and refuse to look thereon;
ordinary thoughts are not born to such an act anymore than
feet are born to ever see their own soles.

Thoughts are born with the hunger to understand what is going on in life –
first off physically, to aid man to survive;
in their free time after that, thoughts try to understand more than simply
what is needed to survive, and finding nothing — they make up something.

Making up something is: Man Civilized; man-beyond-being-a-mere-beast.
This is the situation into which men are born,
and it being the only existence they know,
there is no meaningful basis on which to conclude it to be in error or otherwise —
— it is simply the situation as it is.

No man’s natural-born, standard-issue thoughts can ever be made to realize that
the world unique to them is solely created by them;
men’s ordinary thoughts come with the built-in belief that the matters that constitute their world originate from outside that world,
(the primary use of the concept of God, and also of, Truth),
and things are arranged so that soon on in life, a person’s thoughts will accept
some series or pattern of thoughts they find already in existence outside of them,
and that will become the “understanding” their thoughts have of what is going on in life.
Thus some men’s thoughts understand that what is going on in life to be
a Buddhist thing, or a get-rich-&-famous thing, or a Socialist something-or-other,
and their different understandings keep things lively.

But there is an understanding of what is going on that that is completely beyond
the grasp of any man’s ordinary thoughts, no matter his sincerity or intelligence,
and for the few, (with-the-hunger-for-it-born),
it is more fun than eating, more relaxing than napping,
and more satisfying than any form of wealth or fame, and it is:
The understanding of what wanting-to-understand is:
the full, uncensored, unedited, personally discovered understanding of
all aspects of your thoughts’ innate desire to understand, what-is-going-on.

A surprise awaits you;
something you cannot be told,
and it is just outside of everything above noted;
it is a SomethingLeftOutOf everyone’s original thoughts which
go out in search for the understanding of what is going on in life,
and specifically concerning what goes on in man’s mind;
a really neat surprise.


…..oh yeah, and it makes everything in the entire universe instantly make sense and fall into place.