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March 11, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

STILL MORE REGARDING THE MIGHTY: What If? — the MissingPossibility

What if it could be accurately put into seven words,
and what if the reality of these few words would tie up all of the loose ends
that have bedeviled even the most perspiring thinkers, philosophers, mystics, psychologists, priests and all their ilk for all of history.

Without the MissingPossibility taken into account, the life of man seems jagged, disjointed, fragmented and at odds with itself,
(or put another way): life itself seems to be-on-edge,
but when the seven words are factored in, everything suddenly smoothes out, solidifies, stabilizes and falls perfectly into satisfying, fully explanatory place.

The cost of all fault finding is that it instantly restricts/truncates/ minimizes/limits/reduces your attention,
and those aware of the MissingPossibility know that you
(“you” being one incorrectly identified entity amongst an unrecognized number), sure don’t need this — but for reasons generally understood only partially.
Man’s criticism of life is actually something more universal going on —
for which he is just the local outlet —
this is why it is so common and pervasive.

An awareness of the MissingPossibility instantly vanishes every complaint,
and suspicion of other men’s stupidity.
Hint: sarcasm, criticism and hostility of any sort are all bars to realizing
the MissingPossibility.

What if by living your life listening to the thoughts talking in your head
about the kind of person you are,
you miss the opportunity of living as the kind of person you could be.

At every instant the physical environment is doing the best it can — the question is:
Are you mentally? — and the answer is, Yes —
but only those aware of the MissingPossibility realize it —
a strictly private, un shareable realization that changes everything.

When CityMinds attempt to play optimist they are wont to say that
every day may bring something unexpected, fresh and profitable,
but they think in terms of something new that may happen to you,
whereas the few understand it in terms of there always being something new
for you to understand,
and the MissingPossibility is the newest of all new, the freshest of the fresh,
and the mother of everything the human mind is not programmed to expect.

Men have constantly running through their minds an endless stream of contingency plans – apparently on their own behalf, for their own benefit —
but what if something else is going on.

What is the distinction between the noise the universe makes and anything you say?
Take a foolish man’s comments as same as the wise;
when you hear a rooster crow — you hear a diva sing;
and when you hear a diva sing — you hear the stars vocalize.

The MissingPossibility is both simple, but subtle-&-astounding;
if the many were offered the seven word idea they would see nothing significant; ordinary minds would either just dismiss the possibility,
or if not, would metaphorize it into oblivion.

You have to come upon the Missing Possibility on your own, for yourself,
there is simply no other way;
it is something too mentally squirrelly and challenging to be conveyed;
it is not merely at the edge of possibility — itis the edge:
the extreme edge of reality itself.

The MissingPossibility is the furthest forward point of life’s leading edge,
a spot so remote that when seen, it instantly consumes itself and
everything else you have ever thought.

What if the reason it is so hard to wake-up is because it is not you that is asleep?

Only a man aware of the MissingPossibility can properly say to himself:
“It cannot be any better than it is at this very moment.”

What if the reason it is so hard to wake-up is because it is not you that is asleep?


There were once two earthly mortals who talked constantly – well actually, one of them did most of the talking and the other one just listened –
but they were such inseparable companions that the one who just listened felt himself an equal participant with the talker in their relationship — well,
turns out the talker wasn’t from here……………..no, let’s be more precise: the talker is not here.