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March 6, 2002 © 2002: JAN COX

What is more exemplary of man’s uniqueness than his talking — and yet,
the full realization of his singular extraordinary potential has nothing to do with talking.

(The term, talking has a special, specific application to the lives of the few who seek to clear their heads
and stabilize their sight;
it does not mean the same thing to them as it does to everyone else,
and in truth, you must have had some personal journeys out of TheCity to grasp at all what is really meant by the term.)

All of CityLife depends on talking;
all arts and culture; all forms of mental fascination, car chasing & dozing;
no talking — no City;
no talking — no sleeping — no living in Bedlam.

Talking upsets the balance and disturbs the peace;
Godzilla and talking are incompatible;
Tokyo isn’t big enough for talking and being big-&-clear-headed.

Talking is a conveyance you ride around on in TheCity as you search for a way out,
but once out on the OpenPlains — away from the turmoil of town —
talking becomes irrelevant.

Talking is the means by which man mentally gets from here-to-there,
but not by talking do the few get to that SecretPlace.

Talking is consciousness operating at normal speed –
— which will never reach escape velocity.

Talking makes TheCity work,
but also keeps consciousness from full employment.

Talking is what got Adam into trouble in the first place and started man down this slope to CityLife — Hey, look, everyone else is cheering the fact — no they are not,
they are normal — they are just ignoring it.

Talking is what men do in public to get-along;
talking is what men do in private to hold together the City illusion of their self.

To be ordinary:
when you are not talking — be listening to someone else talking;
either one will do the job.

Talking causes man to restrict and focus consciousness:
great for CityLife — murder on the OpenPlains.

Talking is what you do when you are all bundled-up —
— so much so that it is impossible for you to go anywhere.

Talking can make you laugh and talking can make you cry,
but talking cannot bring you to understand laughing and crying.

Talking is the noise you make when dozing and distracted.

In the beginning talking is fun…………………………………………………..

Talking is something even the few do —– ‘til they know better.

If you could directly teach consciousness how to stop talking
this whole affair would be a lot easier, simpler, cheaper and less fattening.

Talking has a residual lethargic effect on consciousness as does alcohol on the liver.

Talking stirs up dust in consciousness that makes clear vision impossible.

Talking spawns abuse and criticism — it is natural — it is inevitable.

Were it not for talking, no moment but the instant one would exist;
no talking — no yesterday — no later on.

Talking keeps the fuel going to clumsiness, distraction, irritation, impatience, organ-transplant-rejection and all forms of unnatural ineptness.

Talking chases itself…………………and need it be noted — futilely.

Talking is what your brain does when you are not there –
— when you are not doing what you could be doing.

Talking is both searching and hiding — unintentional hiding – but hiding, nonetheless;
no form of talking encourages things to come out in the open.

Consider: Does talking take you away from you,
or does being away cause talking?

Talking alone indicts man — and it alone can explain why it is deserved;
hands drop things, but talking is why.

If you do not escape talking — you become talking –
— is that what you really want?

For the few, there is but one hangover to life – impermanency –
not the impermanency of life, but the impermanency of the astounding states that come with the extraordinary moments of understanding at times when
the talking stops.
Impermanency and talking go together naturally.

Talking is man at his height – and least.

Talking can try to explain things (Life) —– it can try.

With talking suppressed — the missing possibility is much easier to find.


“Pa — is all of this just another example of man being abused?”
“I’m sure that talking could explain it as being otherwise.”
“…………………….a funny thing, huh.”

If you feel you are working for someone else — then you are;
realizing the missing piece corrects this.

A clear headed man is thinking for two people.