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No Fat — All Bone
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February 27, 2002. © 2002: JAN COX

The way to see is: Leave everyone be.

If there was one rule to gaining sight it would be: Leave everyone alone.

By nature man is social & seeks physical involvements with others,
and by instinct seeks to survive & physically responds to physical attacks from others;
being a conscious creature he also seeks mental involvements,
and mentally responds to mental attacks;
all of this makes up the normal collective life of common man.

The self sustaining, diner/dinner network of life on this planet entails
never ending physical entanglement between all creatures;
the unique life that is man’s further entails
endless mental entanglements with his own species.
The hungry must eat,
and physically, every creature finds its needed food naturally provided,
but men find no such automatic food source for their mental hunger,
so while animals live by eating one another physically,
minds, which have no physical existence,
live by eating what one another’s minds produce — thoughts.

You eat another’s thoughts by responding to them, and for ordinary appetites,
more nourishment is derived from rejecting them than agreeing with them:
(disagree — main course; agree — hors d’oeuvre).

What is deemed, intellectual progress depends entirely on men’s continual
mental entanglements and disagreements;
for the mental world to survive & thrive — ideas cannot be left be;
ideas left to themselves quickly perish.

Men by nature cannot leave one another alone — mentally;
they are instinctively driven to constantly pick at one another’s thoughts;
men are intended to respond to one another’s thoughts
as surely as does a cat to a swung string;
men’s ordinary mind simply cannot contain itself and will reflexively reach out
and take a swipe at almost any thought swung before it.
(In the realm of the mind,
if the lion and lamb do lay down together they will still be arguing;
The Land Of Thought, The Peaceable Kingdom is not — nor ever will be).

Men are combination — doers & story-tellers,
and if your aim is to be something more,
then if what someone else is doing is not physically infringing on your life –
leave them alone — specifically: leave their story-telling alone;
what another does can be of consequence to your life;
the stories they tell can only be if you respond to them —
if you are so ordinary as to mistake words for deeds — the seeming for the actual.

Leave everyone alone mentally —
let everyone be free to tell and believe what ever stories strike their fancy;
this will leave you finally free to see.