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That Which The Masses In Your Mind Must Endure, You Can However, Individually Cure
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * February 25, 2002. © 2002: JAN COX

All pleasures available to man come in two distinct flavors:
ones which require physical contact with the thing being enjoyed,
(the essential ones: eating, sex),
and others whose pleasure does not depend on tactual contact with
the subject of attention (movies, reading, conversation, prayer);
the pleasure is in the mind — not in something physically experienced.

Men are not wired to recognize this clearly obvious distinction,
but are indeed viciously encouraged to ignore it,
an arrangement, (as with all arrangements),
that demonstratively serves man’s collective needs well,
but does nothing to lead an individual mind into the valley of: Well I’ll be damned.

Every thing men do is either for survival or entertainment, both being pleasurable,
and every activity in which they engage either requires that
they be in physical contact with something outside themselves, or it does not;
these two pleasures (from a minority view) could not be more disparate –
while from the majority, more entangled and misread.
Incautiously confusing the two does ordinary minds no harm, (since ‘tis their norm),
but for the few born chaffing at the glass-walled confines of routine consciousness,
the failure to recognize the situation full-monty is most unfortunate.

As starkly simple as this matter may first sound it is one of those secret rava avis whose penetrating consideration can cause a man,
inherently inclined, and experientially primed, to finally go: over-the-edge;
around-the-bend; through-the-cracks, and under-the-radar,
to suddenly break through that invisible wall that stands between your ordinary condition of consciousness and that dreamed-of something else,
which in unwitting fact is what drives all of men’s pursuits of the non tactual pleasures.

A constant consideration of this concept:
All of men’s pleasures are of two distinct varieties:
they either require physical contact with something, or they do not –
can alone — carried far enough and deep enough —
suddenly thrust a suitable person through that frustrating, unseen wall
present in human consciousness.

The implications, ramifications and enlightening consequences of
seeing-to-the-bottom of this matter for yourself
can in no fashion be adequately verbalized;
the realization its pursuit can bring about is far, far beyond what
the words of the concept may seem to convey.
A private discovery of the separate duality of pleasures,
one requiring physical contact and one not,
can ultimately blow your constricted head apart,
and what you suddenly see amidst the dissipating rubble
explains why you could never clearly see before.

When you fully understand for yourself —
a matter which cannot even begin to be described —
that everything man does either requires physical contact with something, or does not, your view of life will never again suffer from the distortion caused by
trying to see through the invisible wall in consciousness.

On the literal surface of what has been noted it may seem unlikely that the
pursuit of this concept could bring about such results — but then again:
what could be more unlikely than a man privately gaining such a comprehensive understanding of life that there is no longer anything he can say about it.

The secret: Third Pleasure:
though you cannot physically touch it — you are entirely encased in it.


Just remember: The essentials, you must make physical contact with — all others, not.