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(Dr. Jazz Tells All)
February 18, 2002. © 2002: JAN COX
(Cont. from 2/16-2/17)

In the life outside of you, and the one inside of you and every other man,
there are doers & story-tellers: kings & priests; warriors & philosophers:
peasants & poets: tyrants & elected officials, and —
hormones & neurons: the sources of all doing and story-telling.

When you fully recognize on your own that all of human existence
consists of either: doing or story-telling — and that that is all there is –
your consciousness will be freed of a crippling weight which
the rest of humanity is not even aware is there.

It may at first sound to your routine mind so simple as to be useless —
but for the few, the expedient utilization of this view can prove priceless.
A crisp, clear look reveals it to be verbally inescapable:
everything that man does,
from the grandiose to the mundane;
from the spiritual to the profane;
from the largest and seemingly most important,
to the tiniest and apparently least significant —
each and every activity of man can be seen to be either: doing or story-telling;
no matter where you look you can find nothing to which man devotes his attention that does not clearly fall into one of these two ad hoc categories.
This division includes no qualitative judgment on any of the human activities,
but simply presents a verbally accurate map of how things are.

It matters not whether you use the terms, doing & story-telling, or others,
but if you do not recognize that all of human existence consists of one or the other, what is really going on in life will remain hidden from you,
and you will continue to aimlessly mull about,
muttering along with all the other forced attendees
at the never ending cocktail party at Babel Towers.

For the use of the secret few with the SpeciallyHungryEyes,
it is not a functional oversimplification to say that all of your distracting idiocy has but a single cause: your failure to realize this strict division,
and your subsequent confusing of the two.
For those sincerely desirous of getting-to-the-bottom-of-things
nothing serves to distort your comprehension of what is going on in life more than does your thoughts’ invalid commingling of: doing & story-telling;
it may first strike you as fishy, but if you would force your mind to continually
take the time to place whatever it may be that catches its attention
into one of these two categories, your basic perception of life and of other people would be forced onto a more sound footing.

By survival instinct, it is suitable that certain doings of other men be resisted,
(assault, theft),
but to be free yourself — let other men be free to tell whatever stories they like,
for once you recognize — for yourself –
down into the gooiest marrow of your deepest neural bones —
that everything in the life of man is either: doing or story-telling,
you then get suddenly struck with the most obvious-of-obviousnesses–
that the stories men tell from their mind —
— no matter how erroneous & insane your mind may find them to be –
have no real impact on the life you actually lead.
II you are of nothing but ordinary-mind, their stories may certainly upset you,
but step even slightly aside that reactionary area of your consciousness,
and it is clear as can be that all of their outrageous ideas, beliefs, opinions,
and theories are nothing but harmless: story-telling,
and have can have no effect on your life unless you confuse them with doing.
No man’s stories have any pertinence to your life whatsoever
unless you are so drowsy and distracted in consciousness as to
confuse story-telling for doing-something,
and thereby allow the story-telling to effect you.

Life is observably arranged for men to make no such distinction between
doing and story-telling, and indeed, confusing the two can be seen as an
integral ingredient in the full array of what he calls, progress,
(both technological and cultural.;
It is clearly not intended that the consciousness of man-the-collective
be making constant mark of what is a doing-of-something,
and what is simply a story-telling-about-something
(except in immediate survival threatening situations).
A ceaseless, unnoticed intermingling of the two is as much a part of
man’s standard life as is his clothing,
which, for collective, civilized conditions are a necessity,
but for a recluse outside TheCity, an elective.
This possibility of choice never comes into play unless you first grasp the layout of
the only field available for the game,
and it is divided clearly into one area of doing,
and another area of nothing but story-telling.
The feature that most bamboozles is that the story-telling can be about doing —
and be so dramatic and passionate that it is all too easy — and natural —
for your thoughts to be totally swept up therein,
and for doing and story-telling about doing to become indistinguishably intertwined.

This is man’s most common form of confusion;
the other variety is more devilish and difficult to see,
it is: story-telling about other story-telling.

Compared to doing — which is always true,
(in the sense that it is the basis of survival, and is alone, essential),
story-telling about storytelling is like: lying-about-lying;
it is, (for the few with an actual pre death, non physical destination in mind),
like being constantly offered additional mis-directions every time you inquire about
the original wrong ones you were given –
and it does not simply come (unwittingly) from other men,
but from the thoughts life normally provides to your brain.

If you do not have your own firm recognition of the difference between
doing & story-telling, and are thus confused from the outset,
you can expect to be even further fooled by the story-telling about story-telling —
— things can only get worse: (you catch a cold — you can expect the flu).
No man would argue over any matter that he could not physically touch
did he not first confuse doing with storytelling,
and once he has, (which everyone does),
there is no turning back nor escape — not without totally extraordinary effort,
born from some innate desire in only a few.
There is no standard procedure for “talking-your-way-out-of-a-fairy-tale:”
regardless of what Hercules may say –
no matter what wondrous stories he might tell about his life –
he cannot extract himself from his imaginary existence,
and this is the precise position of your automatic thinking
vis a vis the world of essential reality — the world of doing.

Doing, as everyone knows, can be great fun, (eating, running, fucking, fighting),
doing is indeed the mother of all that is pleasurable,
but in man, story-telling too can be most engaging,
and recognizing its distinction in no wise prohibits this potential.
Story-telling is not wrong;
for the life of an ordinary man, it is indispensable,
and there is no need for him to have a consistent awareness of the
difference between it and actual doing.
In a routine existence, the two automatically intertwine and compliment one another
in such a seamless operation that men’s normal consciousness
never takes note thereof;
a civilized, sophisticated, cultured and normal man lives seventy odd years
engaged-in and surrounded-by two quite separate and distinct things:
doing and story-telling,
and never once, in any meaningful manner, realizes it.

To be-asleep — in all its glory — is to not recognize this;
to be unenlightened is to confuse story-telling with doing:
that is all there is to any of this —
that is all there is to everything.


From one plumb view: the whole, search-for-enlightenment thing is the supreme story-telling.

……Achtung, echt über goobers.