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© 2002: JAN COX
February 13, 2002. In the pocket.

For today’s purpose, a cartography of consciousness would designate
the area in which ordinary thoughts appear as: The Temperamental Mind:
an activity of the brain effected by one’s genetic disposition as much as
is one’s digestion or aggression;
and it is the same neural area in which is imprinted the plans for man’s second reality.

While this mapping is unique,
common behavior, readily observable in man, supports its premise.
The brain is programmed to say that its consciousness and thinking are separated from the rest of the body’s physiological activities,
(or at least should and can be), and no amount of attempted dis persuasion
will cause a routinely wired brain to perceive it otherwise.

The Temperamental Mind is the only form of mind known to ordinary men;
it comes with its own inherent proclivities and prejudicial characteristics,
which consciousness no more realizes than would a born blind man
that he is blind — or purple.
A person of acidic temperament will have both a stomach and mind to match,
and the products of such a mind will perforce be, caustic;
men of angry temperament write angry books;
those of timid disposition sing songs of timidity,
and the ordinary thoughts for which all men are a medium are directly colored by
their innate temperament, and thus too is the second, cultural reality
that man constructs from plans imprinted in his temperamental mind.

What the few who are interested in TheThing are never told is that
the Temperamental Mind can not be altered:
this function of everyone’s consciousness,
which normally constitutes the entirety of their mental life,
is as set and permanent as is your body type, insulin output,
adrenal response, respiratory strength, thyroidal activity, and digestive quirks.
Those armored with the idea of moving from a state of dreamy,
distorted consciousness to one of awakening and clarity
are certainly disaffected with the consciousness they find in control when
they once hear of another possibility;
those who want-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-things find the thoughts that
presently appear in their mind to be unacceptable, much less enlightening,
and no matter what ostensible method they initially adopt to achieve the goal,
it will always be based on the premise that your present mind is asleep (or deluded), and that the aim is to awaken it from its deluded sleep;
in essence: to change what your genetic fixed, temperamental mind is:
this cannot be done any more than can a man change his height,
or his stomach’s attitude toward anchovies.

Those seeking enlightenment naturally assume that what will occur will be an enlightening of their temperamental mind —
and no such thing will ever happen; no such thing is possible;
your temperamental mind can no more be altered than can your individual,
instinctive reaction to physical threats.

Those without the proper experience believe that a man, once awake,
never again has sleeping thoughts — not accurate:
he does not, but his temperamental mind still does — and always will.
What the few call the, sleeping-state-of-consciousness
is the natural and inalterable state of the temperamental mind,
and waking up to what is really going on does not change that part of
the brain’s consciousness;
what enlightenment does do is activate part of the brain that is not normally
involved in consciousness;
it is this new operation that is: awake, enlightened & liberated –
your original consciousness, (the temperamental mind)
has not changed in the process.
What is different in such a person is that they now have another part of their brain consciously active to counteract the old one;
they have an alternative to dreamy consciousness available — and others do not;
all that ordinary men can do is grouse about what goes on in their mind –
that is their only alternative.


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