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February 11, 2002. The shortcut pass.

The trap is: resistance — not meaningful resistance to physical assault,
but meaningless resistance to things mental.

All religions claim there is a non productive force loose in the universe,
which is the cause of an endless struggle they identify as between
good and evil, and proffer stories of its origin,
which all say came from a lesser god’s attempt to overthrow the primary deity – but this is the sanitized version — certain not to enlighten.

The snare is: objection — inane objection.

Jehovah objects to Lucifer not because he is trying to overcome him,
but because he does not take him seriously enough –
Lucifer does not sufficiently resist what Jehovah has to say.

The tug of war seemingly played out in man is not between things good
and things evil in any meaningful sense, but rather is just a reflection of
the juxtaposition — in man — of the essentials of survival,
shoulder-to-shoulder with poseurs.

Allah did not kick Satan out of heaven because he was a threat,
but because he ignored – sometimes even giggled —
at the former’s ideas and pronouncements.
(It is hard to say with certainty which of the two inflames him most.)

The hormonal essentials of life dominate;
man’s recreational neural activity wants to: there is: “the great struggle;”
not between good and evil, but between a would-be, leader-of-the-pack,
and the wolves who will not treat him with the gravity he thinks he deserves.

A blow is always resisted by a sane man — thoughts, only by fools.
The opposite of good is not evil, but pretension — pompous pretension by neurons;
would be usurpers of power which, if it even takes notice,
the real power finds amusing — not threatening.

To be unenlightened and ordinary is to be in a place wherein
this dreamed-of coup is treated seriously,
and being-asleep is the sensation that comes from being trapped in
the middle of this meaningless melee.

Mental manifestations which the ordinary call, evil or ignorant,
and the mystics, unenlightened or sleeping, are neither —
the most that could be said from a fully informed view is that they are laughable.

To be sane and civilized is to vocally resist that which your thoughts find in error, either factually or morally:
factually covers the sane side, morally, the civilized;
the first may bear directly on your survival,
the second on your acceptance in the pack;
one is essential — the other social & symbolic.

The secret intelligence of those who know-what-is-going-on
is not in some supernatural ability to distinguish error from truth,
but in their not taking seriously in matters intangible, the notion of error.

You are not a fool by being a fool —
but from objecting to foolishness and treating it seriously.

(Far, far from routine MentalCityLife — and deep into Metaphorville):
God would pay no mind if someone laughed at him — or ignored him,
but Satan can’t stand it;
good would resist nothing — but evil must, everything;
hormones have nothing to prove —
neurons face a never ending scramble for respect.

At a level seldom reached by would-be travelers,
the struggle is not between: being asleep and being awake,
but between seriousness and foolishness,
and while it has been clearly well spelled, verbally above –
it is quite tricky to realize for yourself — which is which.


…no reason however, not to offer one additional hint:
anything that any thought in you says is serious — is ridiculous — not worth you resisting or objecting to — but if you do,
then you are ridiculous and living in a dream.