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© 2002: JAN COX
February 6, 2002.

In the physical reality, everyone is glad they are them and delighted to be alive;
only in the second reality do these matters come into question.
In the physical reality does joie de vivre or insouciance reign;
only in the second can you find heartbreak and disappointment.

To clarified consciousness, the normal audio of thought is like
the soothing sounds of metal barrels filled with nuts & bolts
falling forever from atop tall buildings onto double hard concrete.

“Pa, is that why at the beach
you only see the few holding their own heads up to their ears?”

A brain that will not resist its own unfavorable tendencies
is not worthy to be called a human brain.

Metaphorically speaking: hormones are to primary, physical reality
as neurons are to man’s second reality;
the first two: silent, salient and essential;
the second two: obstreperous, insidious,
and as significant as you say they are.
Man’s connection to physical reality and his own hormones is patently indispensable while his second reality and the non vital operations of his brain’s consciousness from which it proceeds is necessary only to establish and live a normal human life, but once it has been put into its initial proper place, a man can (should he so desire)
move on to other areas.

How You Can Tell That You Are Part Of The Neural Herd-Of-Others:
you feel that: “Without others — I am nothing.”

A life of no relentless mental movement is a life routinely spent.

Proverb Correction: Lay down with dogs — get up with dogs.

Hormones and physical reality both have an intrinsic feedback loop
that regulates their activity;
neurons and the second reality they construct have no such;
this is why ‘tis noted that man’s imagination can, run-wild —
and while mountains and gastric juices are the same old thing every day,
art, fashion and style are forever, on-the-move.

The hungry who find-the-food are those who move freely between the two realities and their physiological counterparts – never confusing one of them for the other.

“Pa, is that why in our family no one is ever said to have, mental-problems?”

Who but the extraordinarily dense blames a bucket for bad well water? –
and who but a silly child believes that buckets can talk.

Earth, physical realty & hormones are the supreme ventriloquist,
and routine men the stupefied audience.

“Son — how-you-feel is — what-you-think.”
“So why do you constantly talk about thinking instead of feeling?”
“What can you say about it?!”
and the full ramifications of this six word rhetorical question
gradually proved of immense eye/I-opening benefit to the boy.

All second reality thought is consciousness’ attempt to trace its roots.

Hormones come from no where and go no where,
but act as a travel agent for others.

The claim: “You are what you eat”
is neurons’ crude attempt to gain some advantage over hormones.
Feel free to call your grandmother collect with the astounding news
on the day that greek gods no longer look like falafels and the mental muses themselves realize that for all the years they admitted they did –
they did not mean it or understand why it seemed that way.

A man saying that he, knows-something
is to his understanding-it
as a dictionary is to The Rubaiyat.

A gazelle consumed by a lion becomes lion;
neurons under the complete control of hormones
never have the experience of actually being — thinking cells;
they are slaves — incapable of any action not dictated by their master.

“Pa — how do you ever escape from a fully closed system?”
“You don’t — you — wise up.”

There is a normally unused area in the brain from which perspective,
the neurons there have such an extraordinary view
that questions of freedom vs confinement are forgotten;
when you can actually see–
it doesn’t matter where you are standing at the time.

……(A Tip: it cannot be however, any where in the second reality).

Hormones can see things as they are but cannot speak,
and if you rely on them totally for your neural fuel, a curious thing happens:
they will give neurons a voice — but blind them to plain reality.

“Pa, if we are what we eat, what would happen if your neurons consumed your hormones in the area of the brain that produces consciousness:
if you had thought eat feeling? What would that do?”
“Thought is already force-fed feeling, so the trick would be to get thought to eat feeling willfully — gobbling it up before it could be forced on it.
Now that, my boy, would be a slight-of-cells worthy to be called, magic.”

It is only the few with fully distilled consciousness
who ever privately yell to themselves: “Who the hell am I working for any way?!” —

— treating themselves to a thoroughly refreshing laugh
from their hormones on up to the land of erstwhile make-believe.

To those whose eyes get opened —
unquestionably, the funniest thing in the whole universe is:
what they used to think/feel that they were.

……(like: asleep & intelligent.)