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February 4, 2002. In non stationary orbit.

(An extension of 2/2/02 and this on going story.)

Here is a mental excursion that might make clearer to you
what has been herein labeled man’s primary and secondary realities
and perhaps open your eyes to the normally un noted,
quite different roles they play in the lives of men,
and could even lead you to just the crack amidst it all
that you need to facilitate your GreatEscape from the routine maddening inner turmoil that the mundane accept as consciousness.

Imagine that you are an unseen alien with no hearing who is able to hover just above Earth and observe all that goes on here and then ponder:
How would you find man distinguished from any other creature? —
you can see his actions, but can hear nothing he says (nor understand his writing);
if you had to base your judgment solely on what you see him do,
with no knowledge of anything else about him,
would he even appear to be meaningfully different from any other animal?

You would see man and other creatures eat, drink, sleep and procreate,
and would understand these activities as essential to their survival,
but after these you would see man engaged in various activities singular to him (so-called, cultural ones)
and what would you — would could you imagine to be their purpose?
In the activities he alone pursues, you can see what he is doing,
but not hear what he is saying: what would you make of them?

Primary activities are performed in silence
while all second reality activities require speech:
eating, drinking, sleeping and sex need no comment by any creature,
while all of the activities unique to man make no sense to an outside observer without same – and here is the fault line for the few:
they indeed would make no sense to even him were it not for the accompanying explanatory speech and its species wide acceptance.

Physical reality speaks-for-itself,
man’s mentally derived, second reality must have man continually speaking for it,
not only to explain what it is doing and justify its existence,
but also just to maintain the appearance that it actually has one.

Beyond any initial pleasure you may experience in the mental picturing of this,
there is a practical employ:
forget the outside alien observer — you look at the overall, everyday life of man
as a silent movie and see what new perspectives you can find,
then turn the same un hearing eye on your own life and see what new reveals itself.

The few cannot engage in things which drive them privately to distraction,
and make them long for some unknown shift in the operation of their mind
without there being an accompanying commentary to the things running in their head;
you cannot be stupid, confused, asleep, unenlightened and captive without
you being able to hear what your brain is saying in consciousness;
it is second reality activities in which your consciousness inherently engages which annoy the few and motivates their interest in TheThing,
but for these activities to have any effect they must have accompanying words ostensibly explaining their purpose,
and you must hear the attempted explanations:
if you cannot hear the words related to the second reality activities
imprinted in your brain — they are meaningless:
they make no more sense to you than would men’s activities in a religious service,
or political rally to our deaf alien observer.

Look upon the non essential activities going on in your consciousness
with the sound turned off
and they become irrelevant.