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© 2002: JAN COX
February 1, 2002. Where do you think?

One man says he has a “bad habit — BAD!”
and by, bad he says he means an incessant, uncontrollable one.

This bad habit he says is that he continues to just, “be himself — oh,
not my actual self, (whatever the hell that may be), but, you know,
be the non tangible self that to me and others, I seem to be.”

Least you feel sympathy for this man, remember:
in a closed universe, any potential that goes unused by one man
then becomes available for employ by others;
so: the less effort other people make to explode the operation
of their consciousness, the more possibility there is for you to do so.

…(By the way: you are not still just being yourself
and squandering such opportunities are you?

“Say Pa, is that the reason you never get upset at
other people’s sleep-walking through life?”
“It’s one.”)

A real snake handler never gets angry at the snakes that pass through his hands:
take a lesson.

Trying to wake up is all about thinking;
trying to wake up has nothing to do with thinking.

The consciousness of the human brain
is a thing — looking-for-a-life — looking for a way to exist:
consciousness finds it in — thoughts.

Not everyone is satisfied with consciousness’ find.

Trying-to-wake-up is all about thinking.
Waking-up has nothing to do with thinking.
“Pa — is the key word — nothing.”
“Sho nuff — as in: absolutely.”

Consciousness is the only known thing in this universe which clearly exists
and yet does not in-&-of itself exist;
it must be made manifestly extant by something in addition to itself: thoughts, (then men call consciousness: mind),
but the existence which consciousness wants is really this: awareness of itself:
that is why it harbors thoughts.

Talk without substance is what ordinary minds call — talk.

In the second reality of man’s mind you find all of the metaphors for life;
in the primary reality of the physical world you find the life that gives birth to
all metaphors.

Words without anything to back them up are routinely taken by ordinary minds as displays of intelligence.

Consciousness is like space;
mind is like galaxies, and thoughts like stars;
consciousness and empty space cannot be conscious of themselves
while empty, but with stars bouncing about inside them — they become somebody,
and via the ever presence of thoughts,
consciousness segues into mind and then you have, conscious man.

A few people however, are not completely satisfied with mind’s definition of
what being conscious is.
…..(Can you see their point? — does this make any sense to you?)

Meteorological News:
Every day is cloudy to minds whose existence depends on conditions.

No matter how deep may go thoughts — consciousness can go deeper;
no matter the complex explanations thoughts can offer for things –
consciousness can cut directly to their simple core.

“Pa, when the SecretDiggers go down in the mines,
why don’t they wear lights on their hats?”
“The intention of their search is their light.”

Regarding The Relationship Between Consciousness and Thoughts:
The difference between a man and a tree frog is that
the frog never thinks about any difference.

There is a curious planet whereon creatures down below can look up
and see nothing while those above can look down and see everything,
but what is really strange is that almost all the looking there is done by —
those down below.

…….(Can you make anything rational out of this?)

A son asked his father:
“Is there anything useful to be derived from ordinary forms of
“Yes, as a reminder that consciousness in its pristine state
has no substance and for that reason, adopts thought;
like an invisible man in a movie who must put on clothes to be seen
and make his presence known.

Also: all forms of non essential, pleasurable distractions
which men create and then seek out,
are for the sole purpose of filling up the natural emptiness of his
consciousness with something to have thoughts about:
this is the actual reward they receive from books, movies,
computer games, politics, religion and watching sports:
when engaged with such activities it is like:
but from consciousness’ perspective it is by such engagements
that the sensation of it being extant and aware of its existence
is maintained.

This, as easily noted, is enough for most men…”
“But not for us, huh Pa?!”

Question: Where did the above conversation come from?
a son and father? — some other two people? — any other two people?

Question # 2: Why would anyone be concerned with such matters?

Questions without substance are what ordinary minds call — questions.

As bewildering as it sounds:
‘Tis only the TrueInnerKnight who will ride off in search of a cure for an ill
that is unknown to him;
oh, at the onset he believes he has its correct diagnosis,
but if he wants to keep his standing he must eventually realize this error;
no one knows what the ill is which the few wish to correct,
and only the successful riders who finally come-to-know
can belly up to this reality.

Only the universe knows what it is doing,
and unless it has gotten outside of itself,
we can’t even be sure that it knows —
…..and a man has no way of knowing whether it ever has or not,
(unless he has gotten outside of his self).

You cannot completely leave TheCity of second reality,
but consciousness can make itself aware of what it is without the presence of thought in it which constructs TheCity.

There are two types of freedom:
the type ordinary men talk about — which is just talk,
and the other type — which no one can talk about.

One man did finally escape from Sing Sing —
but only by never mentioning the place again.

…..(If you get anything at all from this sentence,
then your own consciousness is trying to nudge you a hint.)

Eat a little bit,
eat too much;

eat a little bit,
you’ve eaten too much.

“Pa, how is it possible to leave a place or stop doing a thing
if you were never there and never did it?”
“Why you, young rascal! — are getting sharp as a sunbeam.”

Thoughts can never say where they have come from,
or reveal what they are up to because of the obvious fact that — naw,
it would be an insult to your intelligence to go on with this.

From Our Legal Desk: The Landlord-Tenant? — if so:
of what value is a vacant piece of property?
From Our Legal Desk: A Criminal Question:
Is cleaning out one’s locker a form of suicide?
And From Our Legal Desk: A Tort Query:
What is your status if, by removing something from another’s possession,
they benefit there from?

Fact: Thoughts have all the great metaphors.
Fact: Consciousness sans thoughts has something even better than metaphors —
better than every word ever thought by man.

“Pa, what is the something?……………..Pa?……………..Pa? — oh, I get it:
that question cannot be answered without making me go blind again.”

Consciousness is originally like a great open plain —
upon which next to nothing is happening — except in times of crisis;
out of tedium, using thoughts as make-believe bricks, consciousness constructs a city:
a place wherein, something is always going on.

This is how things stand in your brain;
keep getting doused or get out of the rain.

Thoughts are rain drops, and in TheCity — and the rain never stops.

“Gee, Pa — just what is it that you have that so intrigues me that other men don’t?”
“Better stories.”


Do not let the sun go down without you becoming clear about where all this talk is taking place,
and where you mistakenly believe it originates.
….(and if you do: turn in your FewCard.)

…and one more thing: the pleasure and usefulness of consciousness would immediately expand if you would deal in better stories with yourself —
(ones you have never heard before).

…and a man asked his twin: “Is there no end to this?!”
“To what?”

…and this email just in: “Contrary to what you say: I do not find the things you write about going on in my own head. Yours…”
Then why do you read them?
“Because I want them to.”