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© 2002: JAN COX
January 30, 2002. In your boots.

One man talked one way aloud in public,
and another way in private to himself,
and while he could control what he said to others,
not so what he said to himself,
and this latter condition caused him much distress.

Then one day he suddenly realized the full reality of what has just been described,
and he was greatly perplexed,
for if he could so easily control what his mouth said aloud,
which originated in his mind,
then why could he not control what his mind said to him?
“It makes no sense?!” he thought:
“My audible voice — complete control;
my inner voice — no control.
What’s the point?!”

Every morning one man awakens — extremely excited –
anxious to see what new cosmically significant discovery
he will make that day —
and make each day he does,
……(and you might be interested to know that he never leaves his house).

Men are fascinated with the idea of lies –
since it implies the existence of their contrary.

“I shot a dream into the air,
and where it fell
was in my ass.”

No one can harm a RealWarrior but himself –
and even he can do so only while he sleeps and talks to himself.

“Pa, is that the real problem, ‘talking-to-yourself’?”
“Naw — listening.”

One man had a pet insect that could fly around so fast that
he could never catch it — but why did he want to since it already lived inside him?!

Human consciousness is the only entity in the universe that not only can
want what it does not have,
but can invent wants that it can never have! ………………………..and wallow in them.

Life keeps your plate filled with peas;
whether you eat them or not, life endlessly fills your plate with peas.

A few people bristle at the arrangement,
but there is nothing you can do about it except:
not eat them in public — and not digest them in private.

(A secret: most of them are indigestible any way.)

Those with no understanding of man’s mind —
are those who speak of his spirit.

If you have never been to Rio, tell everyone what you imagine about Oz.

Regardless of their protests to the contrary:
ordinary men generally enjoy the frantic rush and relentless
meaningless demands of City Life in the SecondReality
in that it reduces the possibility of them having sufficient free time to ever think about what CityLife & thinking are actually about.

Proverbial Wisdom Corrected:
If you do not initially — Cry wolf,
no one will ever listen to anything you have to say.

“Professor Gross, if this universe is not imploding — I do not want to be a part of it!”
“Well put, Doctor Jones — said like a true human.”

Men want to dicker with the image they have of their Self,
and how it is outwardly manifested.
Consciousness is like a suit you come with,
and everyone’s suit comes with a picture in the pocket,
that is the image you have of you.
All men want to change certain features of the picture;
photographs cannot be changed;
no one now remembers the functional reason for the injunction against:
Worshiping-graven-images — treating conjured concepts as real;
an intelligent, potential CityEscapee does not waste his energy entangled in
childish debates over the proper way to make changes in the inalterable —
changes in fact, even if they were possible,
would simply be alterations of inherited myths.

Only The Mayor (the front man) is concerned with his image,
The ÉminenceGris (the true power) cares not what the people think of him —
indeed he works best when they do not even think about him.

Something talks to everyone,
and most everyone then talks to somebody else;
to escape the meaningless din:
stop looking at the photo that came in the pocket of your suit,
and find how to treat the voice that talks to you
the way you treat the voice with which you talk to others.

Country Song Title Update: “My Mind Has A Mind Of Its Own.”

After all of the other would-be warriors have ridden off on fool’s errands,
the RealOne is left to search for the unknown curative to treat TheKing’s unknown ill,
and while initially the ill is really unknown,
as the GallantOne relentlessly prosecutes his charge,
the search itself begins to reveal its exact nature.

What an adventure! — one with a goal all attendees believe they know,
but a goal that actually only comes into existence for those who finally realize that
they have no idea what they are doing.

Brand New Country Song: “My Delusions Have Delusions Of Their Own.”

When out on ThePlains alone — away from TheCity,
one man would often hold up one finger — sometimes two —
and other times, three,
and although he was not fully clear what this signified,
he was certain that it was some sort of communiqué to himself.

One man asked TheExterminator:
“Would you say that: Mind is consciousness run amuck?” and he replied, no,
and the man continued:
“But I have heard that you are the very one who originally said that?!”
“Yes, but not to people who ask about it.”

Question: How — how dear readers — can you treat your own mind with
any less concern and respect than did TheExterminator this man?!

One man got out of TheCity and visited a place where
everything was completely different………………and yet, within this total differentness,
everything had the same relationship to everything else
just like it did back where he came from.

Sometimes you don’t really know “weird” — ’til you get out of town.

And Another New Song Title: “Life Has A Life Of Its Own.”

Physically/sexually: it takes two people to make a whole new person,
but mentally — well, that’s where it gets really interesting.

If you stand long enough at the edge of TheCity,
looking off — out-there — then back at TheCity,
while thinking about how you will ever get from here-to-there,
it will keep you from ever realizing that your looking is
the only means of travel that there is,
and that it is also what produces the mirage of there being an, out-there.

What a trip! There is no destination until you think about the journey,
and when you think just right about what thinking actually is,
the trip and destination are one.

“I wanted to go there — but could not —
— due to my thinking wanting to go there;
I wanted to go there — then understood thinking, and — Poof! — trip complete.


As he gazed longingly at the more attractive features of his pocket photograph of himself,
a man mused: “Ah — what will it take to ever — win-your-love?” and it replied:
“Shutting up would be a start.”

One man left home: went around the world: then came back,
and things seemed different — things seemed about the same;
that is what travel can do for you.

“Pa, then ultimately is the real problem: ‘listening-to-yourself-talking-to-yourself’?”
“Naw — paying attention to it.
If all the traveling doesn’t make you partially deaf — then it was a waste of time.”

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