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© 2002: JAN COX
January 28, 2001. Your unused launch pad.

The Question Of The Day:
What is the one human activity wherein there is no gray area?
Originality: you are either original or you are not.
…(and several readers immediately emailed to say that they had already thought of that.)

Definition Of The Day:
The Second Reality (Culture & Civilization):
where being argumentative is taken for being creative.

One man was home some times — then he wasn’t —
then he was — then he wasn’t, and on like that.
(The title of this story is too disturbing to reveal,
plus it is too well known to require more explicit details,
and as to the name of the man……well,
you of all people surely don’t want to get into that.)

The tricky part of consciousness is that you have no inner home without it,
and when you do — you cannot stay there.
In and out! — In and out! —
No wonder the screen door is coming off the hinges…………bout like many people.

If a planet has an atmosphere,
this will create the sensation of there being creatures,
and if a creature does not in some way, create his own personal
sensation of a self, the atmosphere will do it for him,
and it will thus not be truly his.
(In the above, those of uncertain mental footing may make the following substitutions: for a planet, put, “a creature”;
for atmosphere, put, “consciousness”;
for creatures, put, “you,” and leave everything else the same.)

One man’s first-thing-in-the-morning slogan:
“If you do not wake up either singing or laughing — you do not wake up.”
Consciousness not fully aroused & stabilized is a turabull burden to bear!
…..unless of course you don’t understand what we’re talking about –
…..then for you, it doesn’t matter.

“That’s the great thing about life in the second reality, ain’t it Pa? –
if something doesn’t matter to you — it doesn’t matter.”
“Yep — without that the whole thing couldn’t work –
…well, that and not realizing that.”
“Dang Pa — it shore is neat to be a human!”
“Yeah — especially one that doesn’t know any better.”

There is a big ballroom where you either dance – or your feet will dance for you,
and for every million on the floor, seldom is even one aware of what is going on.

If ignorance is not the ”best policy,” it is certainly the most efficient,
(once in place, it requires no maintenance).

The reason it seems so difficult to ever escape from a house of mirrors is that
there is no such structure;
when reflections are recognized for the illusions they are,
the nature of mirrors is realized:
un stabilized thought searches for release;
un stabilized thought creates the only snares from which men seek release.

You know you are amongst the ordinary when whining passes for introspection.

“Oh look Dwayne — its a quiz:
Who worries most about death: the young or the stupid? –
and who can’t carry your books home from school: the old or the educated?
…..Dwayne — Dwayne! are you listening……?”
Rule: The formulation of the question determines the quality of the answer.
Fact: There is no such thing as a, quality answer — get over it,
or else stay in man’s sham mental schools where from there is
never graduation.

Consciousness comes with a two piece puzzle which everyone spends the rest of their life taking apart and putting back together incessantly — without ever realizing it.

The external world provides man’s physical stimuli
while mind must produce its own excitement;
the threshold in most men is low enough that criticizing other people’s forms sufficiently generates theirs.
“Yes, I enjoy originality….as long as it is not overly original,
(if you know what I mean).”

Fact: It is not men who resist facing up to what is really going on — no,
it is the puzzle-thing in them;

In some galaxies, factories are forbidden to manufacture toys which
self destruct.

One man had a three piece puzzle.

Routine consciousness: Life seen via comment.

A routine sense of self: Consciousness working by comment.

Fact: You either do it, or consciousness will do it for you.

One man had a three piece puzzle;
the third piece courtesy of Verdi via Webber & Fields.


…..and what a laugh it is: you either do it or consciousness will do it for you.