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© 2002: JAN COX
January 16, 2002. Dateline: Your silo.

Every accusation against man amounts to one thing:
his believing he knows that which he does not.

(Save theft), every condemnation man can or ever has leveled at
his fellow creatures, (that they are stupid, asleep, unenlightened),
all indirectly and unwittingly point to the one thing:
man’s believing that he knows things which he does not.

The only accusations non thinking creatures make always concerns theft:
theft of what one creature physically possesses, (food, territory, mate, or its life),
and the complaints are physically registered;
transiting the mere animal sphere: the accusations unique to man always concern something non physical he claims to possess — knowledge.
Without clearly realizing what he is involved in,
men constantly condemn one another under a variety of verbal indictments,
but they all boil down to but a single pimple:
men believing that they know things which they do not.

A man will peacefully accept that another man knows nothing about plumbing
as long as he admits it and does not attempt to pretend otherwise;
unpretentious ignorance is always acceptable everywhere,
but what men are unknowingly made to find verbally intolerable in one another
when they believe they sense same,
is a person insisting they have knowledge of a particular matter when,
to the accuser’s eyes — they clearly do not.
This however is a quite limited and forcefully subjective game
amongst the ordinary, and leads no one to new insights and discoveries;
the sport is confined to an endless cycle of:
accusations, defenses and counter accusations.

One man’s thoughts cause him to say that a second man’s professed political beliefs are foolish and without rational foundation;
that he does not know what he is talking about;
and he does this without him ever questioning the basis of his assured-felt accusation,
not that he would find one if he looked for it, any more than one could be discovered for the beliefs of the second man which he condemned.

Regarding matters in man’s non physical second reality,
experts exist only by pretending to know things they do not know,
and those who listen to these experts, know that they do not know,
but they pretend not to know that the experts do not know.

No two way pretending — no world of culture, entertainment & civilization.

For the few with that special itch,
this on going, routine human activity means nothing, proves nothing,
and leads to nothingville,
but unless you see it for what it is — you IS part of it.
It is a 360° scene which, if you look at it normally,
will stick to your eye/I-balls and make you blind.

It makes no difference to a RealRebel if other people claim/believe
they know why interest rates fluctuate; why wars start; the purpose of life;
why some people are so stupid; what happens after death;
an air conditioned man with his own outdoors fish to fumigate understands
that what other humans are made to say that they believe they know
about any and all matters which they can talk about but cannot physically touch
has no bearing whatsoever on his cookout & search for exotic food;
the onliest instance in which pretending-to-know-when-you-do-not
affects his existence is when it occurs in his own backyard.

If you truly want to remain ignorant, just keep noticing how ignorant
everyone around you is:
just keep mentioning how even experts and world leaders act like
they know what they are talking about, but that you know better;
they don’t fool you! They’re all a bunch of idiots and frauds! –
sure they are — but that IS man’s second reality;
from an immediately meaningful perspective: that whole world is a fraud;
who is going to keep such a world going other than frauds — willing frauds;
stop being one yourself and their existence will cease disturbing you.

In one sense, those who long for the awakening/enlightenment
are reacting to a feeling of theft;
that the routine conditions of man’s mental life have stolen from their mind,
its innocence;
its pristine-ignorance and original capacity for extraordinary joy,
and forced it to imitatively adopt a façade of claiming to know things
which it and you clearly do not know.

Being asleep and unenlightened is being — pretend-ignorant;
being awake is the real thing.