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Jan’s Posted Daily Fresh Real News

january 14, 2002. Dateline: 2,698 and counting.

To son, father said: “Can you believe that it is already Monday again?’
and son thought: “Hell, I can’t believe I am still me again” —
but did not say it……it was not necessary……not between them.

“So, my lad, what can you make of these two post weekend news flashes fresh off
The Few’s Select Wire Service:
Having thoughts make men feel that there is more to them than there is — and:
Trying to wake-up is the attempt to make something out of nothing;
are the two related? — antipodal? — unconnected?”
They pulled up a glass of juice, toasted a new day,
and commenced the neural roasting.

“How can a thing feel that it is more than it is?
All the sensations of living things are validated by experience
so how can a sentient thing even have feelings about itself
which it has never experienced……which would have to be the case involving
it feeling that there is more to it than there is;
it would be as impossible as a snake feeling it had legs;
how could it even succumb to such an illusion without first having had
some experience with what legs are;
even the best of dreamers cannot dream scenes, no matter how fanciful,
which are not composed of things they have actually experienced,
and still — men do this routinely;
it is an inseparable component of their normal life,
and yet of it — none take note, (because of the fact that:
that which does it is also the only one who could take note thereof).

The way the presence of thought in man causes him to feel that he is more than he is, is so all encompassing that he is blind to it;
not realizing it is part of what he is:
he independently recognizes it no more than can a lemon its yellowness,
nor can an acre lot with eyes to see outward comprehend that its own personal reality is limited to its own boundary lines.

Having thoughts make men feel that there is more to them than there is,
and no thought they will normally ever have will apprise them of this;
no ordinary thought is capable of realizing it –
such would be, to such thoughts – counterproductive;
if you have Cinderella doing your laundry
what would be the benefit in exposing her fictional condition?!

The thoughts normally passing through normal people’s minds
cause them all to live with a never analyzed, overall sensation that
there is more to them than there is, and normally with no way of realizing it;
thus have they not even a scintilla of interest in the matter.
When thought is certain — it is certain of its certainty;
that is how it can turn manipulations of symbols of the physical world
into profitable action,
while its playing with symbols representing nothing but itself lead to nothing but distracting dreams.
No planet, no matter its intelligence, confined to this universe can know its true size, having nothing xenolithic by which to compare itself.

Thought is sure that it knows what it says and feels itself to know,
but thought does not know what it knows —
and normally has access to nothing outside itself which could
make it so aware.
A tree born into solitude can feel itself to be seven feet tall; forty feet tall;
the tallest tree in the world — or any height imaginable:
that is thought’s position; useful for everyday existence –
a dangling shoelace for anything else.”

The son started to reach for a danish,
and father reminded him of the family’s dietary restriction regarding modifiers.
“Having thought always present in your consciousness gives you normally
the unavoidable feeling of being more than you are,
a sensation, which when useful — is useful,
which when not — is why we had to bury your uncle olaf so early on.
Thought, in our family photos, adds at least ten pounds of fat –
— and at the worst possible location.

Having thought makes all people feel that they are more than they are,
and with our kin this, ‘feeling-that-you-are-more-than-you-are’ thing
translates into making them feel that they are asleep; in the dark; confused & stupid –
all feelings which everyone else calls by other names,
and accepts as their normal mental condition.

What men tell you about their lives, tells you nothing —
only the life they live does;
people cannot tell the truth about their life — only the life they lead can,
and the one you lead inside can be seen only by you,
and it cannot be seen by any of the thoughts which normally comprise it.

From today’s expedient perspective,
the historic struggle for awakening, enlightenment, liberation,
is a rebellion against the sensation that there is more to you than there is,
but the thoughts which make you feel this way are what makes man unique,
and what makes the few fret and fume,
but who can fight Hercules? – how can you fire Cinderella?

Obviously, to our kind — you can’t;
there is no way to lose that ten pounds of illusionary fat
other than by leaving town for a while; traverse the universe,
then come back around from the other side of town,
slipping up on your old fatty self before it/you has time to realize what is going on.
Stealth! surprise! unfairness! – those are the keys to success, my lad,
now spread that jam and let’s get down!”

“But Papa, what about the second headline:
‘Trying to awaken is the attempt to make something out of nothing’?” –
“Hey boy — weren’t you listening?!”