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January 11, 2002.

Trying to reprogram your consciousness (wake-up, be enlightened)
is the supreme act of individualism:
the ultimate: one-against-the-many, in that
there is but one voice among the many in you which wants to,
(plus the minor feature that everyone else in the ordinary world
unwittingly resists your efforts by their natural indifference & inertia.)

This limns not a discouraging scene, but a factual one,
which when grasped gives a more objective picture of the actual
working conditions under which your enterprise must take place.

The desire for a differently operating consciousness is not world wide in you —
not all inclusive;
your gross anatomy has no knowledge-of, nor interest-in your goal;
it is confined entirely to your brain, and even there, to one specific area,
and even there to but one particular neural firing, one voice, one thought.

In the few harboring this non routine thought, its allure is so powerful
that it is felt to be a much more substantial entity than it in truth be;
its impact on them is so strong it is taken to be the sun in their mental solar system,
but it is in fact just one planet among what is theoretically
an unlimited number of such in one’s consciousness.
Based on the natural depth of the port in which the thought is docked in a person,
its influence in his life ranges from minimal to decisive;
some people can placate the thought-desire to reorganize consciousness
by reading about it;
others by listening to live lectures about it;
and many are satisfied with simply day dreaming about it;
the minds of a minuscule few however, are overwhelmed by it –
every other thought known to man — swept away by the one,
and it is these alone who profit from the full recognition of
the neural situation being herein noted today.

The history of those professing involvement in this matter
is for them to feel, believe, say & accept that this one thought,
whose sole interest is in radically altering the lives of all the other thoughts in them,
is some sort of mystical, metaphysical “calling” –
something quite distinct from the rest of their everyday consciousness,
(not a surprising reaction……perhaps at one time……like maybe: June 3, 5002 B.C.)

But this truly extraordinary urge to force one’s consciousness to arouse itself,
as it were, from a sluggish, fanciful dream world of thought
to a more accurate and informative state of unprejudiced awareness,
is so different from any other thought a man will ever have that its singularity gives it a patina of quantitative substance that demonstratively is not there;
the only thing that is there —
the only thing standing between you and abject ordinariness is that one thought —
the: “I want to wake up” thought.
You have not been called by the gods, nor selected by
The Great Secret Himalayan Brotherhood to achieve enlightenment;
it is not your duty — it is not your curse (humor relief),
it is just a thought whose potential was part of your inherent wiring,
and which got activated, but has always been, and will always be,
but one thought out of the many hordes which endless sweep across
the steppes of your mental geography,
and which, like any face in the crowd — must struggle for attention.

It is not hard to wake up because everything in life is arranged to oppose it
(although it is),
and the difficulty comes not from your personal weakness or stupidity
(though you may be both),
the problem is that you only have one thought out of all the others
which wants to change the very conditions in which all the others operate;
it is one-against-many,
it is indeed, one against a potentially limitless number,
and not a single one of your other thoughts has the interest;
some can lend a passive ear when the one thought is yacking about it,
but none of the others will ever join in the struggle,
neither will, nor can any of the thoughts of other people ever assist.

It is truly that one, solitary, separated thought in you,
which is interested in ThisThing,
and which we assume is what is reading these instant words,
against the rest of the universe:
both the universe out-there — and the one in-here — in your head.

The reality of the situation (or of any situation) is in no wise discouraging,
for that one: “I want to see what is really going on” thought
is so much smarter than all of your others — combined —
that it is almost laughable when you see it.
Once you get your own clear view of the matter,
it is like seeing a Little David up against a thousand Giants,
and realizing that they haven’t got a chance, (plus no suspicion of their position).

The intrinsic — extraordinary power of the one thought
is what causes its staggering impression on one’s consciousness initially,
and makes it seem to be more than what it is: one solitary thought,
but this mental wattage so overshadows even the combined strength of
every other thought humanity has ever had,
it is almost criminal to speak of the two in the same breath,
( that is of course, after you realize all of this for yourself).

The supreme and in fact — only possible act of real human individualism
is in the relentless, joyful pursuit of that one thought –
that one thought which, hammered sufficiently, will finally reveal the truth —
about thought.