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January 4, 2002.

The nature of man is to resist — this is his singularity.

At the animal level: prey do not resist predators;
the weak do not resist the strong; the timid the aggressive,
and none resist the conditions of their environment,
their nature and physiology equip them for survival therein;
only man, in his unique realm — resists.
He resists the nature of his fellow creatures;
he resists the nature of his environment,
and he resists the nature of himself personally;
any one of these would mark man exceptional,
but the latter moves his game into an entirely new league.

All that is observable on this planet and in this universe can be seen clearly
as an all inclusive, interlocked, intricate collection of parts working together complimentary;
pushing, pulling; merging, dividing, and everything from
electrons to quasars to elephants has a permanent discernible nature by which
it fits peacefully into its pertinent surroundings, (even if its nature be violent).

Put simplistically: life is like a gigantic living machine in which all parts are
perfectly fitted to perform their particular function — except —
(from man’s view) — man.
He does not speak of this matter in this direct manner,
but indirectly is it the ever main course in his conversational meals.

Easy to realize is that most all of human speech and writing is some form of complaint: about physical conditions; about other people, or about oneself.
This is no attack on man nor a mere accusation;
an honest listen & look readily reveals this to be so:
cock ear or eye from Presidents to Popes; from Homer to Hollywood,
and to all of everyday idle chatter and social conversation;
you will not commonly find two sentences in a row bereft of a complaint.

A complaint is a resistance — a resistance to: how-things-are;
this is what distinguishes man from everything else in this universe,
for we speak not of the automatic retreat of a slug from sunshine,
or an electron’s repulsion of a proton;
man alone, from an outsider’s soundless perspective, resists things which
have no observable existence, nor any discernible pertinence.
If man strayed into another reality and was arrested and put in a line up,
he would be identified by the fact that he: resists the irrelevant;
he spends a large part of his life engaged in: unnecessary resistance.

Obviously it is necessary or life would not have him doing it,
but what is required of humanity collectively is not so of an individual
who does not want it to be, and who can understand what is going on.

The resistance unique to man is what makes possible the unique physical conditions he makes for himself in which to live,
but it also causes him unregistered confusion in that
life has him calling it one thing when it is clearly and easily seen as another.
His resistance to actual, physical things is what facilitates his ability to
rearrange the environment to suit him, rather than, as with other creatures,
the other way around,
but the resistance of interest to the few is that which manifests itself toward nothing:
a resistance to things which have no actual substance;
ordinary men are either not programmed with an interest in this distinction,
or else are not equipped with the ability to realize it;

only the few come with both.

Men historically (for example) have resisted gods alien to them;
empires have fallen there over, and contemporaneously do they still seriously insist that their proper resistance to false gods is an acceptable basis for war — but:
if an observer from another universe were here and was shown two men of differing religions (or political parties, schools of philosophy) engaged in related activity, (bowing, praying, reading from their particular holy scripture), and was told that they considered themselves mortal enemies and were combatants in armed conflict, but he could only see them, and not hear them — it would be incomprehensible.

When men resist in situations of significance,
the basis is physically visible, no words are needed,
but when men are embroiled in the secondary resistance unique to them,
it makes no sense with out an accompanying verbal explanation,
(and even then it makes sense only to those involved).

Man alone demonstratively has thoughts,
ergo a manipulatable vocabulary of sounds,
and it is his resistance to these intangible symbols solely that
establishes his universal uniqueness.
A follower of God X does not resist another man’s God Y –
he resists the words, “God Y”
(same with all political, philosophical, economic, artistic factions):
whatever it is about another man or group that you resist,
but cannot actually put your hands on is — useless resistance,
(known privately amongst a few as: insanity, [a little joke no doubt]).

If you are one of the few,
longing for something better to do — (than what everybody else is doing),
you need realize for yourself this plain reality:
that an astoundingly large part of ordinary men’s lives is taken up with talking about, writing about and thinking about resistance to what
other men are talking, writing and apparently thinking about, and it has absolutely no consequence to the life you lead, unless you go along with them,
and pretend that it does……………………………………same as they are coerced into doing.

The only thing to resist is death — all other resistance is bullshit,
or as some like to call it: a-necessary-component-to-a-civilized-life,
and indeed, they are correct,
it is the few’s minority view that is uncalled for.
Yeah, you should probably go on and resist error & evil where you find it;
it’ll give you something to pass the time during the upcoming, longgg and boringgg
70 odd years; 26,000 odd days; 38,000,000 odd minutes —
— plus it’s the world’s most commonly played game;
if you don’t play — what are ya gonna do?

A man resisting anything human — other than physical assault — is a fool;
that is the top to bottom of it if you want to ever see what-is-going-on;
we could discuss it forever……………………….but you’d still just resist it.


……oh, almost forgot: one guy defines it thus for himself: “Anything I hear about that I immediately resist — I instantly ignore.”