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December 31, 2001.

Everybody drives a noisy car;
everybody is driven around in in a noisy car.

The one crucial thing for the full-realization,
and also the one thing which is almost impossible for thought to grasp is this:
Nothing matters or means anything
except what you physically do or physically happens to you.

Men make themselves out to be both
more complicated and more simplistic than they actually are.

Nothing that you ever think means anything
only what you do and what happens to you:
what you think can sometimes lead to you doing something,
or to something happening to you,
but most most most of the time it does not;
99.97% of everything you will ever think will amount to nothing,
and will lead to nothing happening,
but getting thought itself to face this, approaches the impossible.

Machinery does not commit hara-kiri,
only samurai shadows.

This near absolute reign which thought has over itself is so disorienting that
it is like having a relative who you know is a crook and not to be trusted,
but when he visits, his personality is so powerful that he totally overwhelms you,
and at the time makes you completely forget his fraudulent nature.

From one view: those who, by their nature think less, are less asleep,
(that is): they more readily do just one thing at a time.

Thought having no native comprehension of itself — it constructs fantasies & fables, peopled with gods & goblins to represent itself and the incorporeal life it leads
in an attempt to understand itself,
and there being no ready counteraction to this — thought has now forgotten that
it is all self created fiction and its original purpose:
an arrangement that suits well the civilizing of collective man,
but whose lack of realization gives a few the sensation that they are missing something,
and that their facilities for mental perception are not being fully utilized.

The persistent minority assertion that mankind collectively lives in a state not
entirely consistent with reality is not without cause — but it lacks accuracy;
men do not live in a distorted version of reality — they think in one;
a situation again salubrious to mans mental ability to plan & execute alterations of
the physical world to his improved accommodation,
but antipodal to this mental facility getting a non distorted view of itself.

Thought by nature looks through funny-glasses,
so as to see not simply what is, but what could be;
this natural characteristic plays havoc in the heads of a few.

It is simple:
When you are home — you are home,
and when you are not — you are not,
but thoughts permanent presence as your vociferous house guest
makes the fact most difficult to keep in mind.

Everything but the life physically lived is a mind sport.
Good deeds?
Everything — everything including this conversation.

When young and hormones hot —
in thought do men invent for themselves, a purpose to their life;
when old, spite takes over.

Not understanding what is going on is mistaking film for something with mass.