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December 28, 2001.

All over the world, throughout history, in an effort that seems honest,
understandable & admirable,
people have pondered what it is that drives the life of man,
but then duplicitously, ignorantly & self deceptively have they named it,
(Chi, Prana, Tao, God),
and then proceeded to talk about it as though they actually know what it is:
exactly the kind of specious mental activity which keeps man needlessly disoriented — in that he is so in a world that is itself make believe: one of his own minds contrivance.

Beyond dispute, the one question whose answer would explain
everything that man finds confusing or inexplicable,
covering all areas from religion to politics, and morality to veracity is:
What force energizes life? —
all other philosophical puzzlers are sub sets of this one;
every question human thought has ever raised is contained herein;
it is simply the mother of all wonderings.

But something of this stature deserves better.

From the viewing level of ordinary minds, men verbally committed to
describing & explaining the Vital Force are seen as engaged in a mighty,
meaningful and decorous work,
while from a different, non standard, unnecessary perspective,
what they are doing is so baseless and self deceptive as to be objectively shameful — (if we lived in a different universe.
And readers and would-be see-ers & movers are once again reminded that
nothing is wrong with the standard goings on in this universe —
and even if there is, its native populace [man]
has no way of ever realizing it;
the purpose of these daily writings is to address the matters which
the routine population take most seriously
from a perspective which life does not normally present to the mortal mind,
and it does not mean, nor even hint that it is the correct view
as opposed to the common one — not hardly;
but for the few determined to satisfy that certain-hunger,
such a personal, unorthodox mental approach is absolutely necessary).

So — from this private, minority, comparative perspective:
all descriptions and explanations of the energy that vitalizes life are patent idiocy,
and the more assured and assertive are the words thereabout
the greater their foolishness.

In these daily comments thus far, the mind & thought has been the central topic — but thought does not drive man’s life
indeed the un studied, wide ranging acceptance that it does, (or can),
is at the core of all mans uncertainties:
need it be noted that man suffers no physical uncertainties —
only ones which appear in verbal form in his brains thoughts
which gives part rise to the semi flaccid assertion of thought being the vital force.

But anyone with the-hunger sufficiently intent to be reading such as this
can readily look into this matter, totally within themselves,
and though it be tricky, slippery and evasive,
thoughts position relative to what drives life,
and causes you to live the particular one you do — can be grasped,
and in so doing will its claim to Chi-dom be exploded.

What men think does not make them live the life they lead;
ordinary thought cannot be told this,
it will, in a manner quite intellectually seeming, reject it by reflex,
but failure to realize better is the source of all men’s complaints regarding
all other mens periodical — irrationality:
thought declares than humans would not engage in any form of behavior that
it sees as self destructive — if people would only heed the logic of thought.

They thus acknowledge that there is something else vying with thought
for the title of: Director of man,
which the psycho/socio/biologically inclined proffer to be the conflict between
mans animal nature and his human consciousness,
and which the religiously wound step forward to re name and identify as
God struggling with his anti god,
but none of them know what they are talking about in this matter;
from one valid view — they don’t have the slightest clue;
their verbal musings could just as well concern conditions in some other universe.

While thought does not energize life,
neither does the next common guess — instinct;
the word in its fullest connotations explains no more than does the word, thought,
and then to say that behind them both stands the specter of Prana, Chi, Tao,
God, or the X-Force, and that that is what gives life to everything,
is to say that even though the first train did not stop at the station to pick you up,
there is another on the way which will,
and only the man who has delivered himself far out of town
can look back and see that the impression of the tracks going some where,
was but a dream.

Human thought wants to know what is going on;
it wants to know what is going on with any matter that catches its attention —
that is thoughts job,
and the more is thought a programmed ingredient in a mans life,
the stronger will be his belief that thought can eventually know
what is going on regarding everything —
from mans religiosity to the origin of the universe,
and it is not part of thoughts job description to doubt this.
But there is one thing thought (and thus man) can never know,
and it is not the pseudo-humble, insightfully-appearing,
self-effacing admission by some that perhaps man will never fully know:
“the nature of God, or: what existed before the Big Bang et al:
these are but meaningless defensive mutterings minds may make
when momentarily maneuvered into a verbal corner;
all-in-all, day-in-&-day-out,
mens thought has no abiding belief in it having any fixed limits,
indeed having such would hamper its rightful operations,
and this is the trading floor which supports men dealing in hopes, dreams and opinions, and each offering his as fact.

From an out of town, up on a mountain, looking back, bushwhacker’s view,
not only is there one specific thing thought will never know
there is nothing that thought knows even now.
Stomachs can only speculate on the nature of man,
and man on the essence of life,
and while nothing is certain in Vegas, church or the track, you can count on this:
Anyone who tells you the name of the force driving life is a fool;
no one knows or can know,
and it is not ignorance to make such an admission — anything but,
(although to ordinary minds it doesn’t seem very exciting*).


*wake up to what’s really going on…………………….then take up bungee jumping if you require additional excitement.