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December 24, 2001.

In his thoughts, a man lives a thousand lives, but in actuality, he lives only one:
the one an observer would see him live;
but just this visible one is not the ordained life of ordinary men;
they are destined to live a thousand unseen lives,
all but one of them, imaginary and without meaning,
save for the insensible significance passively granted it by
unawares, day time dreamers.

At night, with eyes shut tight — asleep and dreaming,
you & the brain know that the scenes you see yourself in are dreams,
but in day tide, with eyes open wide, the brain commonly ignores that
the scenes of you that it shows itself, are dreams, and have no substance.
Lacking the presence of some overriding physical stimulus,
thought, in the daylight hours, customarily fails to make real time,
exact distinctions between things it remembers has occurred & imagines could occur, and the life you are actually living at the ever-present times of
these ceaseless day time dreams.

The brain, being the tricky devil it is,
(what with it being both the magician and the audience),
is subject to yet an additional layer of self deception,
(or at least a routine pretending to be),
in that if the above is noted to a normal man he will readily agree that such
sometimes goes on in his mind,
but lacking its pathological over indulgence, he shrugs away its significance;
mans common collective attitude: Everybody day dreams — so what?!
It doesn’t mean anything as long as you don’t let them interfere with your real life –
the overlooked legerdemain herein being that,
from their private, internal perspective,
an ordinary persons real life IS in large part made up of day time dreams.
Even this more extreme fact, (when pointed out), a few people recognize,
but even they & their brain,
(it being subject to more or less standard construction dictates),
will instantly forget it a split second after having just acknowledged it.

That operation within the brain which produces what men call thought,
and day dreams is observably incapable of both day dreaming about you
and being simultaneously aware that it is doing so;
if your brain is showing & watching imaginary scenes of you,
and you suddenly make yourself aware of this — the scenes cease:
this is an undeniable fact, readily apparent to anyone who wants to look.
In bed at night asleep, if a dream your brain is producing becomes intolerable,
it will remind itself that it is just a dream,
and will cause itself to awaken for a moment to stop its running,
but no such thing occurs in the upright, daylight hours;
if the day dreams the brain creates in a mans mind become unbearable
he goes crazy (as his peers pronounce it);
if the brain of an ordinary man starts to show day dreams so disturbing to him that
they begin to detrimentally interfere with his actual living of his life,
it will not remind itself that they are just imaginary,
and awaken itself and thus the man from the nightmarish situation.
This of course is an anomalous occurrence;
most people are not, (by their community’s judgment), crazy,
but their life, from their private, internal perspective of themselves,
consists just as much of dreams as does that of one judged insane,
the only difference being the degree to which
their individual dreams contrast with physical reality.

And here appears another slippery juncture in the neural magician/audiences conspiratorial slight of hand,
for if you tell a man that to a substantial extent he lives in a world of dreams,
he and his brain will immediately reject the idea,
reaching out perhaps to touch a nearby object — or himself, or even you
while verbally noting the he is not at that moment in some dream world,
but is clearly aware-of and awake-to the reality around him;
completely aware of the object he touched,
and totally awake to the existence of both you and himself,
so it is inaccurate to say that men live in a dream realm
men do not live physically in a dream world — detached from reality —
or they could not survive,
they live amidst dreams only mentally,
and the mere fact that this does not normally interfere with their survival
tells an air conditioned person the actual value of the dreams — zero;
the only importance of these, off-the-meter-brain-produced-dreams
is whatever that same, I’ve-got-nothing-better-to-do-brain says they have,
(the magician finishes the trick looks smugly to the audience [himself],
and asks: How’d I do — with, [need it be noted?], a predictable response).

No, humans do not LIVE in a world of dreams,
but they THINK in one, and thought being (in its off duty hours)
the extraordinarily lax operation that it is,
there is no normal self-check function in place;
when the brains thinking is not engaged in survival essential matters,
to which it automatically gives its complete & intense attention,
it does not keep close watch on what it allows thought to do;
it simply does not require that its thinking be directly tied to physical reality as with important matters, but rather lets thoughts run wild without any particular real time distinctions being made between scenes of its host human in situations purely fantastic and what is possible — and is actually going on in the hosts physically led life.

When a man gets up and takes his brain out of bed in the morning
it forgets to stop dreaming,
but its dreams have no effect on the life the man leads that day
they only impact themselves;
it is dreams dreaming of themselves
which ordinary men take as them being themselves — internally.

A man will point to his body and say:
Although this is my body — this is not the real me;
the real me is in here — and he points to his head —
to the day time dream scenes of his body, his speech, his charismatic presence
which his brain relentlessly provides to him for his viewing entertainment.

To be awake is simply to recognize entertainment when you see it
and not confuse it for anything else………………………………..like for you.