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December 19, 2001.

Man has been called: blind, asleep & in-the-dark;
many enjoy making such accusations, and many more enjoy hearing them,
but what is the underlying reality that incites this verbal invective?

It comes about because of a certain condition natural to man
which can be easily described and momentarily recognized by all,
but whose significance few human brains are wired capable of realizing,
via the ability to hold a constant awareness thereof,
and it is the fact that men have two sets of eyes/Is:
two sources of sight:
two methods by which they look at life and themselves:
they have their physical eyes, visible on their face
which take in the world outside of them,
and they have their invisible, mental eyes inside their head
which take in the world inside their brain.

The importance of mans outer vision is obvious,
sight being his primary survival sense,
and normally is his inner vision accorded equal status,
but it receives same by avoiding close scrutiny of its overall operations.

Mans visible eyes look at the world;
his inner ones look at thought:
simple enough, and evident.
But there is something going on in the latter activity that although
clearly observable, has never been part of humanity’s established comprehension,
an absence which alone has been the eternal source of the various condemnatory descriptions of him being: blind, asleep & in-the-dark.
The feature is the inner eyes incessant self-absorption.

(Reminder: as already noted, the heart of todays News seems simple
on the surface, but even the few have extreme and usually extended
trouble getting its intricate & oh so subtle gordian threads
untangled in their own minds, [due to the fact that the threads
are their own thoughts fumbling with de k-not];
so be alert, on guard, and not overly anxious to jump on quickly conclusions and mash all the life out of the frogs.)

Mans visible eyes have an important task:
his constant orientation in the physical world;
his inner eyes do also — WHEN they are aiding his outer ones in this job,
which they do by the manipulation of abstract symbols representing the physical world to profitably process information thereabout which neither his visible sight
nor any other of his physical senses can do.
That alone is inner sights serious work.

Just as mans visible eyes can do their serious work,
(such as looking out for tornadoes & telemarketers),
they can also (when not so involved) engage in frivolousness,
and simply entertain themselves by looking at a sunset, or a movie;
mans inner eyes, when not assisting his outer ones in survival pertinent matters, entertain themselves by looking AT themselves — no, no!
stronger than that: by staring at themselves:
to while away the time, the inner eyes become so absorbed with thoughts,
the very things at which they are inherently programmed to look,
and which are always of significance when they concern matters related to survival,
that the eyes merge with that at which they are looking;
the inner eyes become one with the thoughts they are watching;
the eyes themselves disappear into the thoughts,
and thus has man, by some, been called: blind, asleep & out-of-touch,
and as per supra, not without foundation.

When mans inner eyes are not engaged in looking at thoughts which are
assisting his outer ones in some matter pertinent to survival,
the thoughts which will automatically then appear,
and to which they are automatically drawn
are always thoughts about themselves;
thoughts about the inner eyes — thoughts about thoughts,
no matter what description is used — they all tell the same story,
and one whose simple plot is totally beyond inner eyes ability to grasp,
in that the story always being told is a fiction of mirrors;
a story teller whose only existence is through the stories it tells.

But the feature of this blindness of supreme practical significance for the few
is in the inner eyes normal ignoring of the readily observable fact that
if they are not looking at something of physical importance, (as dictated by instinct),
they are looking at themselves — totally
and totally herein means that they lose any presence;
the eyes are lost, sunk, drowned in thoughts about themselves:
they are rendered blind, unseeing, unknowing by absorption in themselves.

This is natural to man, and the majority feel nothing amiss,
indeed, most enjoy it immensely:
it is mens favorite pastime — thinking-about-themselves,
and as true today as it was yesterday and in 2001 B.C. is that
nothing can be concluded to be wrong with the situation
since it is the prevailing situation,
but for the mental outlaws trying to get out of Dodge far enough to be able to
look back at the place and get a full swallow of what it actually is,
there is a kind of wrongness present in the fact that the situation does not normally make clear its incestuous nature;
the inner eyes do not have an innate intelligence to recognize when they are
looking-at — staring-at — only themselves,
while calling it something else — anything else.

The inner eyes of most men are not born with the ability to realize
that most of their time is spent so absorbed in staring at themselves that
for most of a mans life — they constructively have no existence of their own.
A man can be walking toward a parked car,
his outer eyes look at the car — see the car,
while his inner eyes are staring at a thought which is delightfully picturing him
driving such a car, an act in fact (which as everyone knows)
can overwhelm his outer attention to the degree that he can walk right into the car.
Make scrupulous note that his inner eyes were not actually watching
thoughts of the car — but of themselves — the man —
“the man” being the mans inner eyes’ pictures of himself.
This is how off duty inner eyes fool you & themselves by positing and accepting that they think about things — things other than themselves, about cars — but not so —
they think & stare only at thoughts about YOU — as cars might relate to you (them — the inner eyes being your standard sense of a self);
the inner eyes claim they look at thoughts concerning other people,
but only other people who have some relationship to you/them.

As long as your inner eyes look only at thoughts about you,
the eyes are blind — they can see nothing but you,
and will thus never be able to see that for which the few so hunger,
and which will instantly answer all of your questions,
make your lips hurt from grin burns,
and your socks roll up & down like greased window shades.

Unless you catch on to the above — you do not think;
you & everyone else think that you do, but if you are not thinking about something that physically exists in the world outside of you,
you will not normally be actually thinking,
for you will be thinking about things that do not exist,
the primary example being your inner eyes staring at thoughts about themselves,
which instantly wipes them from the realm of reality;

thus by thinking about yourself — do you erase yourself.