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Friday, December 14, 2001.

People who have high blood, or who are direct-intolerant
should NOT collect the next three days news,
and on Sunday — read them in rapid succession.

There are only two things you can do in life,
and not realizing this constitutes: being asleep, unenlightened and
chained to an invisible wall.
Believing there are more than these two is the way Normal for man,
but is not the way to understanding.

As they stood in the world’s greatest library,
father extended his arms out as a gesture of complete encompassment,
and said to son:
Every word man has ever written about mysticism, religion, philosophy,
and the idea of him altering his consciousness is the result of his brain being unable to think AND think about thinking at the same time.”

In Re Delusions.

There is but one delusion from which all others flow:
that the thoughts which pass through your head, (and you take as your own),
have any actual effect on the life you end up living.

And this leads one man to ponder: “So! —
the force which makes you have the thoughts you do
is the same force which makes you live the life you do……….oh!………so, (okay then),
there is another delusion that is the real source of all other delusions, to wit:
that whatever it is that drives your dreams is different from
whatever it is that drives your life. Now! — that does it.”

There is a Mighty Wire — in fact,
it is the mightiest wire in the entire universe — and yet,
(just as with lesser wires),
it can accommodate the passage of only one electron at a time.

A man says: There is something which I think of as, TheSecret —
and I think to myself that I, ‘know it —
and yet there is no way to know for certain that I do,
for it may be TheSecret knowing ME which causes me to think this;
but what I DO know for certain is that: something has changed my life completely,
and I understand clearly that it is something of which mankind generally
has no awareness;
thus me thinking of it as a Secret is not completely ill conceived,
but it is still less than totally accurate.

Only those who know TheSecret know at all what it is,
and as it turns out to encompass all contexts,
it cannot be described within any.

Some times after doing something unprofitable & unintended,
one man would curse himself:
You dumb muthafucker! You stupid son of a bitch!
then one day unexpectedly threatened in response:
“If I was there now — you wouldn’t talk to me like that! “

A Topic Reconsidered and Figured.

You experience two consciousnesses: one that feels, and one that thinks,
and remind yourself not to confuse the two since one of them is in
constant, direct touch with reality, while the other one is…….well, just let us say:
in a somewhat different relationship to things.

A person who can tell you what is wrong does not know what is wrong
— since nothing IS wrong — he is wrong in his assessment.

Thoughts tell man that there are things which he simply must know,
(It is imperative that we/you be aware of what is going on politically in Obscurastan.), but it is thoughts alone in man which assert that the acquisition of other thoughts
is necessary.

Big Boys Version: …but it is the irrelevant thoughts alone in man
which assert that the acquisition of other irrelevant thoughts is necessary.

There are but two things mind can realize: what it knows and what it does not know, and not keeping the division between them distinct in your awareness
is the cause of all confusion & annoyance.

Once you see, what-is-going-on, you then understand that it actually could be that either your view is correct and everyone else’s wrong, or — vice versa;
and that either way — it would make no difference.

……………(Entirely too neat to be mere happenstance, wouldn’t you say.)

In the world of ideas: if it were not for log-rolling,
no ones log would ever GET rolled.

If life wanted everyone on Earth to be consciously creative,
it would have put a species here other than
routine men with routine minds.

In the realm of thinking: if it were not for mutual log-rolling,
ordinary men could not even pretend they HAVE any logs.

All mental certainty is just UNcertainty — congealed.

One man mused:
By becoming a recluse I have cut myself off from the whining in the world;
now if I could just cut off that in my head.

There is a thinking-star that is actually only the framework of a star —
and an extremely nebulous one at that — as a matter of actual fact:
its entire sense of having an existence comes only from it having a memory.

One man so reflected:
Ordinary people consider the idea of there being a knowable secret
at the heart of their life as peculiar,
whereas them not realizing it strikes me as extremely odd.

The memory of an awakened mind is special in that
it does not remember anything about other people,
nor anything its host has ever done.

And finally: A Previous Story Revisited & Expanded.

As he watched tv/a movie/read a book, a man thought:
Who writes this tripe? — then thought: Who watches this tripe? — then realized: The same people! —
and suddenly the secret revealed itself more fully to him as he realized that
the same scene he had just gone through had been playing in his own head
for his entire life.

Thus did he tap off the excessive ashes and awaken from his tripe dream.


…..Thoughts say: The things I think & talk about in the second reality are all things I created — so!
if I say they are serious — serious they are.

Anybody got a problem with that! — and all the mortal cows replied: Not us.